GFOS develops, distributes and implements integrated solutions, supporting companies throughout the value creation chain, from the development to the delivery of their products, or to the performance of their services. Hennerkes, Kirchdorfer & Lorz specialise in the consultation of business in all matters of legal and tax.
Kelm Mattern Steffen & Partner provides comprehensive advice to internetstores through all phases of our economic growth, with their support paving the way for success. As one of the leading independent Corporate Finance groups in Europe, Altium has supported their customers in all areas of the Corporate Finance for over 20 years.
Motor Presse Stuttgart is Germany's largest publisher for active sports and sports lifestyle. Next to the big publications in cycling, Motor Presse Stuttgart publishes the largest rock climbing magazine in Germany, Klettermagazine (Climbing Magazine). German based Webtrekk has been delivering cutting-edge enterprise web analytics solutions since being founded in 2003. Executive search firm cribb recruits for board and management positions with a digital focus. The publication portfolio is supplemented by extensive Book publishing with more that 1000 titles available. Tanks to a successful advertising relationship with Delius Klassing internetstores has found greater reach into the cycling community and special interest groups.
Headquartered in Hamburg (Germany), e-velopment is a leading German software company developing multi-channel retail ERP and fulfillment software for mail-order and eCommerce companies. FACT-Finder is the european market leader for searching, navigation and merchandising in online shops.
SoQuero GmbH is an online marketing agency specialized in data feed marketing, search and social media. Web Traffic Tools words in a metal toolbox to illustrate helpful instructions and advice for boosting visitors, frequency, search optimization and reputation for your website online presence. Our motivated employees work in our headquarters and in our regional locations, for our customers and with our customers. As a specialist for Windows and Linux Networks, Adminservice24 services all the IT needs of small to mid sized business. Hennerkes, Kirchdorfer & Lorz has provided dependable advise and guidance during our significant growth and internetstores looks forward to a long and prosperous partnership. This valuable resource built on professional experience and current market knowledge helps internetstores orientate ourselves in the right direction. This has included M&A consultation and Fundraising, and the execution of share trade and launch of IPOs. The systematic approach to delivery means a greater success rate of the package reaching the customer. Today they publish Motor Presse Stuttgart worldwide with more than 150 different publications in the areas of Motor, Lifestyle, Sport and Leisure.

Webtrekk’s clients include some of the most successful enterprises in Europe including internetstores.
Clients are leading digital businesses and traditional firms that embrace the digital transformation process. Over the years the areas of Watersport, Automotive, and Cycling has emerged into mainstream interests with Delius Klasing publishing news, product reviews and editorial along the way. The software – named 360e – is an industry-specific complete Solution for ERP, CRM, Master Data, Fulfillment Logistics and Data Warehouse. The fault tolerant conversion engine works language independant and is present in more than 800 international webshops. With the SQ Feed Engine SoQuero is a leading technology provider for individualized data feed marketing.
Each requirement is analyzed individually, each project is managed responsibly, and each problem is solved in a constructive manner. Always on hand for tech support and solutions, the guys from Adminservice24 have sailed internetstores through tough technical times, and allowed business to run as usual during major upgrades or technical problems. With a network of 17,000 Branches and Shipping points, around 2,500 packstations and 1000 Package Depots, DHL remains an integral partner to the satisfaction of our customers.
KMS has a particular skill with young successful businesses driven by entrepreneurial spirit making KMS and internetstores a likely match.
Webtrekk specialize in fulfilling the individual needs and requirements of their customers, including raw data web analytics solutions.
Having successfully served this sector since 1998, cribb knows what drives the market and the personalities that shape it.
The list of publications include “BIKE” the first mountain bike magazine in Germany, Europe's largest road bike publication “Tour”, and a host of other prints including TREKKINGBIKE, FREERIDE, MOUNTAINBIKE Rider Magazine, and SPOKE. The 360e modules for logistics were used for the whole logistics in the internetstores headquarter since February 2013. The SQ Feed Engine allows online shops to easily edit data feeds and distribute them to more than 600 online sales channels. All processes from the goods receipt to the storage management up to the return processing are enabled by 360e. According to industry experts and users the lift in conversion is close to 25% shortly after implementations. Listing success can be tracked down to product level and campaigns can be optimized for each sales channel.
Long term partnership – as a reliable service partner, we will contribute to the success of internetstores.

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