This Director of Marketing resume sample portrays an MBA with international marketing experience in the medical and pharmaceutical industry. The headline opening style followed by the defining areas of expertise can be a very effective way to open a resume. The resume headline and points of interest are followed by an executive summary paragraph that highlights specific marketing experience in medical device, life science and consumer healthcare products. As with a Marketing Director or other high-level executives, the professional experience section outlines the scope of work for each job position in a paragraph format followed by additional contributions or accomplishments. Marketing Executive Resume ExampleExecutive Marketing Resume Sample for professional with experienced as Director of Business Development.

The example below provides a good reference for any professional in high level business development or marketing positions. This headline develops the focus of the individuala€™s experience and target position immediately. In a fashion similar to the headline section, this summary is followed by a set of very specific bullet points that define areas of specialized expertise. Following, he provides his areas of emphasis that include product management, global market strategy and brand management. A general experience area could be brand management whereas a specific experience area might be social media development or channel management.

What will make you unique are your accomplishments and contributions to each company you worked for.
Much can be said about using this design for an executive because it provides such a powerful outline of skills and experience very efficiently only using the top third of the page. The candidate demonstrates how they implement marketing campaigns, increase market share, improved gross sales and increased profits.

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