It is estimated that there are 50 million blogs in existence, with a new one being created every second.
The teacher posts prompts for writing and students post their work as comments. Link a class with another class in another country to share work and discussion. Kidblog This service is designed for setting up private blogs for your pupils, which can be shared with classmates or with parents, through passworded access.
MakeWaves   This is an educational social media platform which enables blogging and more. Your SEO guy is bugging you.  People like me, Social Media coaches, tell you how valuable it is to become the “likable expert”. Nearly every customer service evangelist preaches the value of blogging.  You see others blogging about their business and generating leads. So what’s stopping you? An untapped reservoir of not only outstanding stories and content but people to do it for you!  It’s your own employees.  They’ve been right under your nose all along and it’s time to unleash the Kraken! In this post from Marcus Sheridan, he spotlights US Waterproofing and their team of bloggers, otherwise known as their salespeople. In just a short few months, US Waterproofing, by using their sales staff, has produced more blog posts than most companies will produce in a year. Furthermore, their web traffic is spiking, leads and sales are up, and the blog has already become the most trafficked page of the website.
In the dealerships of the future (read: 2013), I see every employee being trained on how to use Social Media, produce content and the importance of the two within the daily dealership operation. For public relations and other agency professionals, blogging may be natural, but it isn’t always easy, particularly if you have a full-time job or are running a business. A blog is a great recruiting tool.  Direct, unfiltered contact with important constituencies is key to a professional services company, and in our business, finding talented staff is sometimes harder than finding great clients. In subsequent posts, I’ll look back over the years and share the best tips for maintaining a business-focused blog, based on firsthand experience.

Creating Blogs which are popular and are useful for the entire generation is one of the most vital thing in this world.
There are so many thing to look at which includes what to blog on, selecting the appropriate Niche, Marketing strategies, Promotion methods and tactics to do and much more. Whatever you do, but at the end of the day, it is the Promotion methods which will make your blog a hit. People use them for all sorts of things, but usually the idea is to share thoughts, ideas and opinions. A blog can be public or private (accessible only with a log-in.) The ability to comment can be enabled, disabled, or restricted to certain people. You cannot make private blogs but you can restrict to some extent who can respond to your blog.
I love to write, feel reasonably confident in my blogging, and held editorial positions early in my career (where all I did was write.) But even so, there are days when coughing up a brief post feels like drudgery, and when my husband is my most loyal reader. It’s vital for communications pros to understand the mechanics of blogging, and to be able to jump in when needed.
High-quality, searchable content is a part of any good PR or marketing campaign, and increasing your blogging is probably the most painless way to update content without thinking about it. Finding relevant content to share on social networks is made easier with a steady flow of blog posts. Once I started blogging regularly about some of the big topics in our industry, like outcomes measurement, or content marketing, I found it far easier to articulate a POV to clients and prospects. But being a blogger myself, i know how much it is to create a community with so many bloggers with you joining the discussion on your blog. So over here, we assume that you know the basic part of Blogging industry, if not then you can redirect to Crunchynow which we have created extensively for Blogging Purpose.
Basically, if you use more images then you can reach to many people, since Images and videos are the best way to get Votes Online.
Do share your blogging niche with us and the most favorite thing you do for blogging with us in the commenting section.

Tiene una gran cantidad de plantillas, aunque por defecto podras escoger solo unas 10 o 12 aproximadamente, todas ellas sencillas ademas de las plantillas con vistas dinamicas. Similarly, a ripped-from-the-headlines post about the latest brand crisis has a way of forcing you to go beyond a superficial read of the situation, so you can wind up more well informed and confident in your judgments. Also there are so many things to consider before launching up a blog which we want to be excellent in future.
Following is an infographic which will depict what’s going on in the Minds of bloggers all the time.
Data Protection laws when using personal information of children or adults on online services.
En fin que si quieres escribir un blog y no tienes ni idea de lo que es programar, Blogger es una muy buena opcion. Also, the role of the content blog as a community hub has diminished in favor of social media platforms. Putting too much thought into something often turns it into a chore and for me blogging is enjoyable and never a chore. Today, people are more likely to be commenting on Facebook, Instagram or Medium than on your blog page, so it’s less likely to result in the gratification of lots of comments. And blog comment spam is so out of control that super-blogger Chris Brogan recently closed down his public comment function.
Aclarar que esta segunda opcion necesita un inversion que puede ser desde pequena a grande dependiendo el tipo de blog que deseamos.3. Esta completamente en espanol y puedes crear un blog en pocos pasos, pudiendo anadir barios redactores para tu blog.

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