The bottom line is that you more than delivered on your promise to have the training pay for itself. How Relationship Marketing Will Increase Hotel OccupancyPosted on February 22, 2012 by Are Morch Why Relationship Marketing? Relationship Marketing encourages Hotels to develop relationships with guests, peers, suppliers and partners, to maintain their loyalty to the business. Not only does this mean that the Hotel can fulfill those wants and needs, but it also makes it obvious to every one involved that the Hotel cares about their relationship, thereby encouraging trust.
Relationship Marketing starts with building a quality network, and make sure you Serve Your Guests first. One of the most important elements of Social Media that help you develop a quality relationship with your customers is to implement some key Reputation Management strategies.
The intentions of Reference Points and the resulting consequences for the Hotel brand management must be specifically analyzed and assessed.
Reference Points can be seen as a multi disciplinary strategic approach, which focuses on the optimization of the products and services performance (ROI) in a Social Network Setting.
Your Key Performance Indicators (KPI) will show if your Hotel is making successful progress from your Touch Point Campaigns. Relationship Marketing fosters Champion Advocates from the new type of Social Media Marketing. Here Hotels can utilize already know Social CRM systems to organize Champion Advocates in databases. This new shift will require that Hotel develop leaders with strong emotional leadership skills.
Build a strong base of Champion Advocates, and start experience the wave of return customers. Don’t get dragged into the hypes and believe every frog will turn into a prince when you kiss it.
Building a world-class Hotel Brand, you need to ensure that all your online and offline activity is consistent and congruent.
Bring employees onboard to help your Hotel develop proper Social Media Guidelines and Strategies.
The next chapter for the Hotel Family is to develop a strategic Relationship Marketing Team. The Internet will not only be a source of momentum for China in the years ahead; it will change the very nature of growth.
The Internet will not only be a source of much-needed momentum for China in the years ahead; it will also change the very nature of growth.

The Internet provides a platform for millions of daily online transactions and communications that make a significant contribution to individual economies.
33rd statistical report on Internet development in China, China Internet Network Information Center, January 2014.
Chapter 3 Objectives The Marketing Environment Describe the environmental forces that affect the company's ability to serve its customers. Presentation on theme: "Chapter 3 Objectives The Marketing Environment Describe the environmental forces that affect the company's ability to serve its customers. Natural Environment Shortages of Raw Materials Increased Pollution Increased Government Intervention e.g. Chapter 18 Objectives Marketing and Society Identify the major social criticisms of marketing. Chapter 4 Objectives Marketing Research and Information Systems Explain the importance of information to the company.
Difficulties in Asking Questions of Consumers Do they really know whether they are likely to buy a particular product?
Chapter 5 Objectives Consumer Markets and Consumer Buying Behaviour Define the consumer market and construct a simple model of consumer buyer behaviour. You reached me with the logic of your approach and then delivered what our employees view as the best sales training of their careers.
The concept of exchanges as it applies to relationship marketing can be viewed at from either a transaction cost analysis approach or a social media exchange approach. To accomplish this goal, Hotels must maintain a high level of communication with these parties in order to understand what they want and need from the Relationship. This well let identify your customers wants and needs at a early stage in the booking process.
The contact points, which are relevant for the Hotels success, depend considerably on their products and services, and how well this is aligned with the Hotels targeted market segment. Concerns like reputation, integrity, security and privacy is all topics where you want involvement for your employees.
Follow here the same dynamic process as lined out in Relationship Marketing Reference Points.
During the course of 2013, the number of active smart devices grew from 380 million to 700 million.1 On Singles Day, the e-commerce marketplaces Taobao and Tmall posted more than RMB 36 billion (almost $6 billion) in sales in just 24 hours.
But that is about to change as the Internet penetrates more deeply across major sectors of the economy. This could fuel some 7 to 22 percent of the incremental GDP growth expected through 2025—and by that point it could translate into RMB 4 trillion to 14 trillion in annual GDP.

The heavy capital investment and labor force expansion that fueled China’s rise over the past two decades cannot be sustained indefinitely. It totals all the activities linked to the creation aqnd use of Internet networsks and services: consumption and services (including hardware, software, Internet access and e-commerce), public expenditure (including infrastructure), business investment in Internet technologies and the company’s trade balance in Internet-related goods and services. Explain how changes in the demographic and economic environment affect marketing decisions. As marketing manager for Cat's Pride cat litter, you have seen sales jump 50 percent in the last year after years of relatively stable sales. Many of them are high-functioning, successful professionals and yet you added greatly to their learning. Some five billion daily searches are made through Baidu, and hundreds of millions communicate via WeChat, Tencent’s mobile messaging app.
As companies embrace Web technologies, their operations become more efficient, translating into productivity gains. The Internet, by contrast, can enable GDP growth that is based on productivity, innovation and consumption. By 2013, its iGDP had reached 4.4 percent, moving China into the ranks of the global leaders (Exhibit E2). And this again will require that Hotels put in place a Reputation Management System that focus on Conflict Management strategies like avoidance, accommodation, confrontations, conflicts, concerns, compromise and collaborations.
While this process is likely to displace some workers from existing roles, the Internet also creates new markets for innovative products and services, increasing demand for workers with digital skills. It also intensifies competition, allowing the mostly efficient enterprises to win out more quickly, and creates information transparency that improves investment decisions so that capital can be better allocated. It can spur skill upgrades within the workforce and create consumer surplus by lowering prices, making information more widely available, and enabling a multitude of new conveniences. What are some leading indicators that might help you predict sales of diapers, cars, and hamburgers. The economy’s shift toward the Internet will entail some risks and disruptions, but it can ultimately support China’s goal of creating a more sustainable model for economic growth.

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