This is a classic dinner napkin fold, but it can be difficult to line up the corners in the cap.
Just like every family holiday, the close and extended family members gather for the traditional Christmas dinner.
Flip the napkin back over to reveal your Diamond Napkin Fold.  Once its facing this way you can slightly adjust the folds you made in steps nine and ten for perfect symmetry. Fold the far-right corner diagonally towards you, resting the point in the center of the side closest to you. Fold the near-left corner diagonally away from you, resting it so that it lays right next to the previous fold.

Fold the bottom half of the napkin up and away from you, laying it so the far edges run on top of one other. Reach underneath of the napkin and pull out the flap on the right, making the near-side come to two points as seen in the picture.
Gently roll the left half of the left triangle over and tuck it’s end underneath the right triangle. Open up the hat and press the material inside down to fill it out so that it becomes circular, this may take a little fidgeting.
The host or hostess of this family gathering is left not only with the task of preparing the meal, but also with decorating the dinner table in the most festive and Merry Christmassy manner.

You will save a lot of money and benefit so much more from learning how to fold napkins yourself.  (it will impress guests) The diamond fold is perfect for those who don’t want to be a master of napkin origami but want something easy that looks good. If the napkin has any tags, labels or a folded seam then make sure that it is facing towards you at the start.  If there is a label have it in the top left to start with.
Placing decorative folded napkins is one of those tricks and here we have gathered the top 10 Christmas napkin folding tutorials that will help you make your table setting appropriately festive.

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