Banging out a quick first draft can be fun, but the real grunt work comes in revising your work. When you become too familiar with a piece of writing, suddenly it’s more difficult to spot weaknesses and errors.
Better than just reading your work aloud is recording yourself (most computers have a voice recording program already installed). Don’t write the last word of your first draft and then launch into editing mode straight away. Have you ever re-read a piece of your writing, only to find you’ve used the same word twice in the same sentence, or three times in the same paragraph? We often write cliched words or phrases without even thinking about them, simply because they’re so ingrained in our manner of speaking. Nothing is more annoying than reading the same sentence structure or length over and over again.
About the Author: Suzannah Windsor Freeman is the founder of Write It Sideways, a blog where writers learn new skills, define their goals, and increase their productivity. Instead of reading aloud to myself I let my computer read to me by using a free software program I downloaded from the internet. You can become a better photographer without improving your shooting technique, composition, or consistency to deliver. For some photographers, this process might only mean deleting technically deficient shots, such as those that are blurred or poorly exposed.
Ultimately, this philosophy of photo editing on a large scale is no different than the more specific task of creating a portfolio, and the same goal applies of creating a positive opinion of your work and abilities. For opinions based on photographic output, the art of editing comes in only allowing people to view the images that will lead them to arrive at the conclusion that you intend.
What most experience photographers know is that this process means only showing your best work. One of the biggest mistakes made by beginner photographers is to display a very large selection of the images they’ve shot without an shrewd editorial eye. From an outward perspective, editing can even help close the gap between highly experience photographers and those with less time behind the camera. This advantage of keen editing is particularly relevant for a photography portfolio, which should only showcase the best of one’s work. Of course, editing should not be construed as a means to truly compensate for skill and the ability to consistently deliver for assignments.

Still, with the assumption that serendipity and a little luck can allow even a novice photographer to create compelling images for a given situation, the editing process should never be underestimated. I read this pretty quickly, I guess I’ll have to read it again tomorrow morning (GMT here), but it looks promising! OT but slightly related, the other day I heard the advice to shoot everything as if it were a cover image.
Interesting point about the quantity of images as being a factoring the decision-making process for an editor. I am always impressed by your pictures clearlyness, freshness, colors, sharpness, etc., and wonder what kind of post-processing may have added to that. I think your question about how many images were made to realize a specific image is a relevant one. Or have you ordered breakfast from a badly written menu, and received something other┬áthan what you were expecting? Did I mention I’m a copy editor, and that I offer Editor On Retainer packages so you never have to worry about provoking the anal-retentive rage of people like me?
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RECENT COMMENTSSantosh on 90-Year-Old Copywriting Advice That Still Works Like a CharmChris B. Instead of trusting your eyes to take on all the hard work, read your writing aloud, which forces you to slow down.
When you play back the clip, you’ll be able to hear the weaknesses in your manuscript. Taking a break of at least 24 hours from a piece of writing will bring to light all sorts of issues you never would have noticed. Is there a better way to rephrase those cliches so you use more original and powerful language? Follow these guidelines when you revise your work, and you’ll notice improvement immediately. To this end, it might mean only showing one or two images from any given shoot, rather than a more full range of images.
For this purpose, though the differences of range may still be considerable, the higher consistency of a more experienced photographer is a moot point. Naturally, the more experienced photographer should be able to ensure quantity and quality.

That is not saying that ability and skill is not involved, but everything that Todd has stated above is so true. I’ve gotten several letters about that subject and plan to do something on that topic.
I have long been a natural copy editor–constantly pointing out typos, missing words, and incorrect punctuation wherever I see it (and I see it everywhere). How many times have you tried to read the impossible “English” on product packaging and been completely enraged by its obscurity?
There’s nothing like getting into the flow of a piece of writing, and having a typo or missing word straight-up donkey-kick you out of your Reading Rainbow reverie.
Keep a handy list of words you tend to overuse, then use your computer’s search function to spot them when you edit.
Vary the length of your sentences, and their structure, for a more fluid reading experience.
Plus, if you can feel some emotion while listening to a computer voice, you know that you’ve nailed the emotion in your story.
This reduction starts from the moment the image is pre-visualized and the subject isolated, and continues on well into the editing process. When I show an editor 3-5 images, they almost always make a decision and license a couple on the spot, or within a couple of days. Imagine sifting through the negative framed Henri Cartier Bresson passed over to get to the iconic images for which he’s remembered. It’s important to ensure smooth transitions between paragraphs, sections, or chapters of your writing. I ask them to send 4 images in for the review which gives me a good idea of just how proficient they are, and at what level I consider them at. This is one reason why keeping a portfolio updated is so important, especially when one’s work is constantly evolving. But like all living things, it can only take so many unceremonious gut-punches before it shudders and dies.
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