If you have a writing project and have a dream of publishing, I can work with you to make that dream a reality. I worked with Robert Kull to edit his manuscript and get it published as Solitude: Seeking Wisdom in Extremes (New World Library, 2009). If you have a manuscript you want to turn into a book, I encourage you to follow your vision. After the initial edit of a manuscript, authors have the option to continue working with me on a monthly retainer as a writing coach to help them polish and refine the book, and to prepare a targeted book proposal. Or, if you don’t yet have a completed manuscript, and want to start writing your book, I can work with you to turn your ideas or story into a publishable manuscript.
I give you regular chapter-by-chapter feedback aimed at taking your writing to the next level. Next, I work with you to prepare a first-class book proposal—including key messages, synopsis, and pitch letter. After working with you to prepare your book proposal, I send it to selected publishers, and negotiate the most favorable contract—including advance, royalties, film and foreign rights.

When it comes to finding a good publisher, my services as a literary agent are based on a typical 15% commission.
If you have a manuscript you want to turn into a publishable book, and wish to work with a first-class editor and writing coach, contact me.
I work with a limited number of first-time authors who are passionate about getting published and who have the potential and determination to make it happen. What if you could make your audio podcasts sound high-end without the high cost of a professional studio? Do you have a podcast idea that has been stalled because you don’t have time to edit and produce your own show? Are you a part-time podcast host whose podcast is taking up valuable time you’d rather spend with your family?
Do you have recordings that you’ve completed gathering dust on your computer because you haven’t had time to edit them into a podcast? For clients who know they are ready to turn over the production and editing of their podcast to a professional team and would like to have a guaranteed number of hours of our time each month, the retainer fee option is recommended.

For clients who are unsure how committed they are to producing a podcast on a set schedule. For more specific details on both fee options, please contact Sound Good Podcast Editing Solutions – A member firm of CFR Enterprises Corporation. We will work together on polishing your literary gems till they shine, capturing and holding your readers’ attention. We’ve taken his Podcasting A to Z course and know how to produce your podcast the “Ravenscraft” way.
You started a podcast and you do not require a guaranteed number of hours of our time each month, the hourly fee is recommended.
I will help you shape the flow and structure of your book, working closely with you until your writing “sings”—making sure it is clear, concise, and communicates exactly what you want to say.

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