State-owned Codelco (Comporacion Nacional del Cobre de Chile) is the world’s largest copper producer, producing 1.75 million tons in 2012. In 2011, Chile as a whole accounted for more than 33% of global copper production, with total mine output of 5.3 million tons. According to the Central Intelligence Agency, copper production accounts for about 19% of government revenue, making the Chilean copper industry one of the most important both domestically and globally (see also Ultimate Guide To Copper Investing).
The 2nd largest copper producer is Freeport-McMoran Copper & Gold (FCX) based out of Phoenix, Arizona. Overall, the USA is the 4th largest copper producer in the world, following Chile, China and Peru, and that global position is largely attributed to Freeport. The mining firms Glencore and Xstrata were already copper giants, but they became even bigger when they merged in 2013, forming Glencore Xstrata (GLEN).
While Switzerland is home to one of the largest copper producers, most of the mining takes place outside the country. According to Geoscience Australia, the Australian copper industry is worth about $6 billion, making it a prominent industry for the country with a GDP of close to $1 trillion.
With revenues of $10 billion in 2012 the, company is an important part of the Mexican economy, as is the mining industry as a whole [see also 13 Ways To Invest In Copper]. Copper is used in a multitude of products due to its metallic qualities, as well as its ability to be recycled and used again.
Changes in economic indicators, copper and other commodity prices and stock market trends are covered in this month’s market intelligence infographic. On average the most energy intensive process in mining operations is comminution and with rising energy prices and decreasing ore grades, this is an area that smart producers are focusing on.  Benefits of improving comminution efficiency include higher potential earnings, better overall environmental impact, and increased outputs as the very enlightening infographic below illustrates. This article…looks at physical gold, silver, platinum and copper regarding their respective versatility of use, durability, fungibility, store of value, liquidity and aesthetics [which will] yield a new perspective on precious metals (including copper). With China becoming the #2 economy in the world it has, without question, transformed into an enormous force in the world’s commodity markets…with many years to come of major commodity production, consumption, and importation for China and the countries that serve that commodity food chain.
I have been bearish on hard commodities for the past two years and, while prices may have dropped substantially from their peaks during this time, I don’t think the bear market is over. In Morgan Stanley’s latest update to their Commodity Manual, the commodities team, led by Hussein Allidina, continue to be most bullish on gold, soybeans and corn. Natural resources are the building blocks of the world, essential to progress and prosperity. A Barclays Capital research [report] notes that gold prices are vulnerable to a recession – more so than some of the other commodities. About two years ago, I looked through a BHP Billiton presentation which listed the number of years remaining for particular commodities.
Exchange-traded mining sector funds (ETFs) are a great way to get involved in this potentially highly profitable business. Great review of an important mineral that also plays a very strategic role in our modern world.
I think Copper will now start to increase in value, since it is a limited resource and I suggest that it be now considered a “new” Precious Metal, instead of just another commodity metal used by industry! If this proves correct, then adding the demand for fashion jewelry to the continuing industrial demands, the total amount of Copper consumed globally could start to increase rapidly, which would cause its value to soar as Copper becomes known as the poor mans Silver! DISCLOSURE: It is our intent that all posts on this site be in accordance with the requirements, restrictions and terms of the Copyright Law of the United States and all other copyright treaties to which the United States is party and more specifically of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act - Blogger . FAIR USE NOTICE: This site contains copyrighted material the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner.
COPYRIGHT & DISCLAIMER: Lorimer Wilson and David Hague are not registered advisors and do not give investment advice per se.
This guide is mainly aimed at beginner producers that either haven’t been producing for long, or are thinking about getting into the game. The main thing you need to do when you start out producing, is getting the right beat maker software.
From what I’ve seen, DubTurbo seems to be the best music production tool for both beginner and intermediate producers of music. As any good music producer will tell you, you can’t just stick to the sounds that already come with your music production software.
Something many producers of music like doing is sampling sounds from their favourite TV shows.
Now that you’ve got your music production tools and are ready to go, there are a few things you need to think about when you make your own beats. As I said before, you can’t simply put down instruments and sounds in any order and expect to have a quality beat on your hands. I’d advice you listen to already established songs you like, and see how they structure their songs.
If you want to make music and be a successful producer, you need to know how to properly arrange a song. Knowing how to produce music is worth nothing if you don’t bare in mind one very important thing: It takes time and work to become a top producer! If you expect to make your own beats and become an overnight celebrity, then you’re in for a big shock.
They have put in long hours perfecting their audio production skills, whether in a recoding studio or at home. Please Note: I recommend you sticking to a style that gets you popular even if you do start making other types of music alongside it.
If you want to become a professional producer, remember that it takes a lot of time and effort. Please make sure you bookmark these articles, and come back to them as and when you need them.
I have no knowledge of any musical instrument including the keyboard-Will i be able to attain a great height in music production?

You don’t need to know how to play an instrument to produce music production using software, so yes, you can still reach a good level.
There are plenty of music production courses around, do a Google search and you should find some. Join thousands of musicians who receive exclusive career changing advice direct to their inbox!
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His comments created a stir online, generating criticism for not placing an emphasis on finishing the past season as the first undefeated team to win the national championship since in nearly 40 years (Indiana, 1975-76). Kentucky, of course, came up short when it lost to Wisconsin in the final four after a record 38-0 start. Calipari has famously said multiple times that the biggest day in the in Kentucky basketball history was not the victory of any of its eight national titles — it was having a record five players selected in the first round of the 2010 NBA Draft, a mark the Cats could tie or surpass this year after seven players left early to declare for the pros.
With 3% per year production growth since 1900, approximately 16 million tons of the metal was produced in 2011, according to the International Copper Study Group. Trading on the New York Stock Exchange, it is the largest exchange-traded copper producer, producing 1.33 million tons in 2012.
The newly formed company doesn’t yet have a full year under its belt, but Q1 of 2013 showed copper production at 321,800 tons. The country isn’t dependent on copper production, although mining products as a whole are one of the country’s major exports and imports. This is largely due to the fourth largest copper producing company, BHP Billiton (BHP), which is based out of Melbourne, producing 1.09 million tons in 2012. Other metals and natural resources are more prominent in the country, however, especially when it comes to exports. This would rank it as the 4th largest producer, but the production includes subsidiaries Southern Copper Corporation (SCCO) and the American Smelting and Refining Company. The metal’s wide use is attributable to its availability and recyclability, as well is its metallic properties that make copper an excellent conductor of heat and electricity, and antimicrobial and corrosion resistant. It shows a decade of results across 14 different  commodities, providing strikingly rich information in a very insightful format.
I think we still have a very long way to go and there are four reasons why I expect prices to drop a lot more.
Why Copper Prices Have Increased So Dramatically Over the Last 10 YearsIn this infographic we explore why copper prices have increased by 4x over the course of 10 years. Copper: The Nervous System of Our Society – Here’s WhyCopper is one of the most widely used metals on the planet, and has been for more than 10,000 years. It was not an analysis of “peak” commodities as such, just a report on when various commodities would be completely, 100% depleted based on current usage rates and reserve assumptions. In fact, with the modernization of Chindia and numerous other less-developed nations, I expect this bull market will be one for the record books. As such, all posts on this website have been screened at Library of Congress Catalog as to their eligibility for posting.
We are making such material available in our efforts to advance understanding of financial, economic and investment issues, etc. The articles to be found on the site are expressions of opinion only and should not be construed in any manner whatsoever as recommendations to buy or sell a stock, option, future, bond, commodity or any other financial instrument at any time. This is the second of a two part series helping beginners get to grips with how to produce their own music. It doesn’t matter if you want to know how to produce music on a Mac or a PC, this guide deals with principles, so will help you get started with music production either way. This is where many people go wrong, as they try and buy the most advanced music production software thinking they’ll be able to produce music like their favourite producer. You can’t simply install this software and expect to have a good beat by the end of the day, it takes a long time to learn how to use the software and make decent tunes. If the software is easy and straight forward to use, you can put all your effort into learning to create good beats, rather then learning how to use software. As long as your computer has enough memory to not slow down your audio production software then you’re good. Using these pre installed sounds if fine when you’re learning how to use the software, as there is usually enough sounds for you to make a number of good songs. Most beat making software comes pre installed with thousands of instrument sounds and samples. All good songs have a structure, and you need to find a structure that balances both your personal style and accepted song arrangements. It is important you not only have a good bass, melody and beat, but also that you fit them together so they sound good together. If you want to produce music like a profession such as Dr Dre, you need to put in the work to making it happen. Like anything else in the music industry, the people who succeed are the ones who both have talent and put the work in.
If people don’t like your productions, your professional producing career will be a short lived one. While they may have a certain sound which got them big, they usually continue to push the boundaries and try other things. We hope you have found the knowledge useful, and can use it to get you started creating your own beats.
If you have any further questions about how to produce music at home, feel free to ask them in the comments below. Many producers do choose to learn an instrument though to get a better idea of what goes into making a song.

Now also includes insider information, competition announcements, and music marketing discounts. From desalting the ocean to the tiny PillCam that videos your insides, the Flash Drive to spinal surgery robots, watering the desert with drip irrigation, blasting breast tumors and curing major diseases: Israel is a hotbed of start-ups and idea incubation wildly disproportionate to its tiny size. Jason hails from the snowy mountains of Salt Lake City where he grew up idolizing the greatest point guard in NBA history, John Stockton, and 49er quarterback Steve Young. ANTO’s mines are located predominantly in Chile, and therefore, the company plays an important role in Chilean economics along with Codelco. The interactive table provided shows the ebb and flow of commodity prices over the past decade and illustrates the principle of mean reversion—the concept that returns eventually move back towards their mean or average.
Fundamental demand coupled with inflation will push resource prices to unimaginable heights. Should any post be deemed to be inadvertently in contravention of these Acts' terms please advise with substantiation of such apparent contravention (i.e. We believe this constitutes a 'fair use' of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law. Please consult with a qualified investment advisor who is licensed by appropriate regulatory agencies in your legal jurisdiction before making any investment decisions, and barring that, we encourage you confirm the facts on your own before making important investment commitments. In part one we looked at why you would want to become a music producer, whether you should use a professional recording studio or produce at home with beat maker software such as DubTurbo (And why), how hard music production really is, and what you need to get started. With only a computer and some cheap music production software (We’ll tell you what the best one is in the section directly below) you can get up and running as and start producing your own music today! In reality however, buying upper end music production software can often do more harm then good for beginner producers. I personally recommend DubTurbo for beginner producers, as not only is it extremely cheap (Around $30, where other complex software such as Cuebase costs you hundreds), but it is also very powerful and includes everything you need to make good quality beats. It will of course need to allow you to hear sound as well, but that’s a pretty standard feature on most modern computers. If you have the means, you can also record your own samples to use, so that’s always an option if you want to truly create your own beats. This is something you could consider doing, but bare in mine there could be copyright issues you need to deal with first. Bass: The bass is the type of sound that really brings the song to life, a strong bass can send vibrations through your speakers.
This should be one of the main things you learn how to do, so make sure you study this art until it comes naturally to you. You have to learn your art as much as possible, and put in the time to make those bangers that everyone wants to hear. Doing one or the other gives you a chance to succeed, but unless you have both qualities, your chances of being successful in music are greatly reduced. In order to do this you need to know how to produce in a variety of styles, once again leading back to putting in the time and effort to perfect your craft. If you haven’t started producing already and are just researching, I suggest you use DubTurbo to get you started as a producer (You can check out our Dub Turbo review with bonus and discount here). This won’t change the price for you but will compensate me for my genuine recommendation.
Still, copper as a metal plays a huge role in infrastructure and is required input for many other industries within the U.S. The information on this site was obtained from sources which we believe to be reliable, but we do not guarantee its accuracy. In this part, we’ll look at what software you should use to learn the ropes, where to get your own samples to makes your songs more exciting, how to arrange your songs, and what you need to do if you want to create beats like a professional. You can easily arrange songs using the thousands of different instruments and sounds that comes with this beat maker software (You can also import your own sounds, something we’ll talk about in the next chapter below), then export them as a high quality WAV file ready to bring to the recording booth. Having said that, when you want a specific sound that’s not there, this can be quite frustrating. Practice using different instruments and pattern arrangements in your chosen music production software. It is easy to set up and use (And not to mention extremely cheap compared to other music production software out there), allowing you to focus purely on learning how to produce music. Tiny Dynamo is published by UNTOLD NEWS, founded in 2010 by Marcella Rosen to raise awareness of the innovative and life-altering work of ordinary Israelis, who with sheer determination and entrepreneurial spirit are making our planet a healthier, easier, better place to live. Section 107, the material on this site is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the included information for research and educational purposes. None of the information, advertisements, website links, or any opinions expressed constitutes a solicitation of the purchase or sale of any securities or commodities.
Do this with a good few songs and you will learn how to structure songs like a professional. If you wish to use copyrighted material from this site for purposes of your own that go beyond 'fair use', you must obtain permission from the copyright owner. Please note that while Wilson and Hague may already have invested or may from time to time invest in securities that are recommended or otherwise covered on this website they do not intend to disclose the extent of any current holdings or future transactions with respect to any particular security and, as such, you should consider this before investing in any security based upon statements and information contained in any report, post, comment or recommendation you read on the site.
Singers and rappers often perform in time to the melody, and a good melody can really make a song.
The melody is usually made from instruments such as piano or guitar, and goes well with the rest of the tune.3.

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