What is Location-based marketing and how can it help a business with their mobile marketing in Atlanta? According to a 2012 study, 58% of consumers who have a smart phone use location-based apps. Location-based marketing is the concept of using GPS technology to market to mobile users based on their preferences and location. Location-based services use the GPS technology of mobile phones to provide mobile users with information regarding businesses near them.
Foursquare is popular, with nearly 30 million people and over 3 billion check-ins based on the company’s 2012 findings.The first step for business owners to take is to claim their business on Foursquare. Once set up on Foursquare, business owners can post updates, offer specials and advertise events to promote the business and entice customers. Foursquare even offers free analytics so businesses can track their customers and see what’s being shared.
We’re going to continue to offer insight into Location-based marketing and how it can add a punch to any mobile marketing strategy with our next blog on LBM case studies. There was a recent study done on the psychological connections with users and their mobile screens. Brands that are leveraging content know how to use vine, instagram, twitter, facebook etc to push content and gain new audience and in some cases re-establish their brands, especially in markets that didn’t exist before.
To move your buyer down the path to purchasing, your content should answer a consumers question before they’ve even asked. This entry was posted in Marketing, Social Media and tagged connect, consumers, content, customers, facts, instagram, internet, marketing 2014, marketing strategies, Mobile, mobile 2014, mobile advertising, mobile marketing, mobile strategy, posts, SMWTO, Social Media, Social Media Week, tweets, twitter. Welcome to 1to1 Media — a multimedia resourcefor CRM and Customer Experience Professionals. I recently discussed the reasons for this disconnect with Erich Joachimsthaler, CEO at Vivaldi Partners Group. For instance, Joachimsthaler shared a story about the CEO of a beer company as an example of the CEO view of mobile marketing that he's seeing.
Nevertheless, some CMOs might assign someone in the marketing organization to be in charge of mobile marketing but only allocate a small portion of the marketing budget to it. Meanwhile, many marketing managers who are mobile-savvy can see the potential for mobile marketing but they can't convince the CMO to increase spending there, adds Joachimsthaler. To be sure, digital advertising is growing faster than traditional TV advertising and is inching closer in total spending, according to The CMO Council. We can notify you via email of any additional comments to this post by entering your email below.
I look to 1to1 Media and its partners as a trusted source of information on integrated marketing trends. 1to1 Media is a proponent of Extreme Trusta€”proactively acting in customersa€™ best interests.
Our group on Facebook to discuss with other digital marketers latest news and strategies in SEO and SMM. Mobilize your website and social media pages – Ensuring that your website and any significant social media pages, such as your Facebook business page, are optimized for mobile is a must. Be sure to claim and optimize local listings – It’s not enough to merely have a listing on entities like Google local, Yelp or other local directories, you must make those listings work for you! Offer irresistible deals – Everyone loves a deal, and mobile shoppers are some of the most voracious. Clarence Fisher has spent more than a decade in the Internet marketing trenches honing his online marketing skills. About us and this blogWe are a full service agency that deliver compelling digital marketing solution.

We offer professional SEO services that help websites increase organic search drastically and compete for 1st page rankings of highly competitive keywords. Guest post by Pavel Webb, affiliate manager at TextMagic, discussing how big the mobile marketing opportunity is, whether mobile spend will follow eyeballs, Google and mobile, Apps, ads and SMS. In 2011, it was estimated that the global number of mobiles is around 5.6 billion handsets. If the trend for spend follows where people are actually consuming media, then both Internet and mobile adds up to a pretty substantial opportunity that Meeker estimates at around $20 billion in the USA alone.
Added together, Meeker showed that mobile marketing across ads and apps has a 153% CAGR over the three years from 2008 to 2011, reaching around $12B globally by Q2 2011.
SMS is not discussed as much as the sexy apps and ads, but with almost all of the >5 billion handsets out there capable of receiving SMS messages, shrewd marketers are already finding a willing audience with mobile coupons, voucher codes and service messages leading the way. It’s difficult to predict, but some estimates putt mobile ad spend outpacing outline somewhere around 2015.
Pavel Webb is the affiliate manager at TextMagic, a bulk SMS gateway based in United Kingdom.
Rick Noel is an experienced digital marketer enabling businesses and organizations to grow through the Internet, while maximizing marketing ROI (Return On Investment).
There are over 180 million Smartphone users, and they spend the majority of their Internet usage on their phones. Mobile sites and Mobile-friendly sites make it easy to locate you, call you, find your hours of operation, and learn other quick, crucial information. Product Videos are even more important for mobile sites and mobile apps than they are for your desktop website! When your customers click a link on your Facebook post from their phones, they should be directed to a mobile website. The study found some areas where companies could make connections with their customers overlooked.* Most companies were missing a connection with their consumers hearts.
Every company is a media company and therefore, every company is a publishing company. Did you know there’s   pieces of content created every day?! And then don’t just answer the questions no one is asking, maybe work on finding out what people are asking. People are tethered to their smartphones just about everywhere - at work, at home, at ballgames, shopping malls, airports, and cafes. As Joachimsthaler sees it, there are different perspectives about mobile marketing at different levels of the organization that aren't in alignment with each other. The beer company CEO told Joachimsthaler that most of the company's advertising dollars are devoted to TV. Any use of materials, except for social media sharing (Tweets, Facebook posts, etc.), without the prior written consent of 1to1 Media is strictly prohibited. Get subscribed to our RSS feed to be informed first to learn about new blog posts published. Keep in mind that mobile versions of your content need to be Spartan in size, images smaller, and textual content more brief and concise, so as not to lose the busy mobile browser.
Moreover, they’re out and about NOW, and you can attract them with timely offers and coupons.
After helping national companies go from concept to millions of dollars in revenues he decided to focus his Internet marketing powers on helping local business owners achieve their goals. Our winning solutions and experience helps to deliver great results across several key areas.
Google even partnered with mobile website developers Mobify to ‘mobilize’ business in Mobile Alabama. You know it expects mobile search revenue to be a significant source of growth for the company.

While mobile advertising itself has grown since 2008, the exponential growth of the app market has taken everyone by surprise. However, it could be ten years before that happens, and anyhow, as Razorfish points out, does it matter when the opportunities are so clearly available? Rick is the CEO and Co-Founder of eBiz ROI, Inc., a full-service digital marketing agency located in Ballston Lake, NY. Your customers are checking emails, browsing the web, watching videos, and using custom applications on their Smartphones and tablets. Unlike your website (where customers can take time to get to know your business), your mobile site should focus on answering your customers’ questions as quickly as possible. Mobile users don’t want to scroll in more than 1 direction or wait for multiple pages to load. Studies show that fast-loading mobile videos drive over 1.6 times the conversion of website videos*. When they click on your Blog widget from your mobile website, they should be directed to the mobile version of your blog. To build your brand you need to connect with your consumers, it isn’t about connecting with the mind with fancy wordplay anymore. Create a strong foundation for the next generation of consumers who will interact with your brand via mobile. As of January 2014, consumers now spend more time on their mobile devices for Internet usage than on desktop PCs, according to comScore.
The CEO also asked whether the company should be redirecting more of its advertising and marketing spending to mobile since that's where consumers now spend most of their time. Make sure to use an email optimized layout, preferably one-column, and a font size of no larger than a 14 for small-screen readers. Utilizing the segmenting and referral tracking within Analytics, whereby you can track smartphone and tablet visitors and analyze their onsite behavior, you can determine how you’re campaigns are performing.
Clarence has a keen eye for finding out what works in a marketplace and positioning his clients’ companies to dominate their markets. Just like Internet advertising, eyeballs equal opportunities, and opportunities for mobile are immense.
That means that a full 8% of the average American’s time is spent on mobile media consumption. You need a mobile-capable media player to make sure your videos are loading fast and keeping your customers hooked! Yet despite how "mobile" we've become as consumers, many companies continue to struggle to develop comprehensive mobile marketing strategies or to integrate mobile into their digital marketing plans.
With 84 percent of those using mobile marketing reporting a gain due to mobile, there isn’t any excuse for falling further behind! As a marketing opportunity both the SMS-enabled phones and the smartphones with robust browsers and app capabilities represents a huge opportunity for marketers looking to reach into their customers pockets (literally). For instance, according to the 2015 State of Marketing study conducted by Salesforce which canvassed more than 5,000 global marketers, mobile marketing is just the fifth fast growing area where marketing spending will increase this year, behind social media advertising, marketing, and engagement.
Do some studies of your own and you’ll be surprised to see that investing in mobile is your best bet.

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