Social media can broaden your scope of business, keep you in contact with current customers, and reach potential new clients. This live-virtual series is the most comprehensive social media certificate course available. If you are building a social strategy for a company, let me suggest this presentation by Warren Lee of Adobe. Yes there are differences in usage, some based on cultural differences, other based on market presence and the network effect.
More importantly, marketers targeting people from Latin America should try to understand the culture at a deeper level. The good news is that there are enough people from Latin America in the US to make it easier to consult someone with first hand experience.
Atualmente muitas mulheres tem duvida sobre qual roupa sair de casa para trabalhar, sendo qual roupa escolher para ir a seu servico, principalmente para as mulheres que sao muito atenadas no mundo da moda com roupas, maquiagem entre outras dicas e com isso tendo varias dificuldades para muitas pessoas antes de sair de casa, pois a dica que chega para ficar e fazer um grande sucesso na hora de montar o visual para o trabalho e a camisa social feminina, mantendo a elegancia de muitas mulheres e ate mesmo trazendo uma imagem seria, elegante e ao mesmo tempo poderosa. Para transparecer o poder em seu proprio trabalho, tendo mais animo para trabalhar, com isso se sentindo mais confiante, pois voce tem em si que esta bonita e bem arrumada, confiante ao trabalho, depositando a confianca em sua roupa de acordo com o seu humor, sendo social e feminina, com camisas de varios modelos, cores e detalhes para voce escolher de acordo com seus gostos e desejos do momento, mostrando a seriedade fixa e dedicacao com o seu trabalho, principalmente se for o primeiro dia de trabalho ou como tambem em ocasioes especiais.
Mas para mulheres que acham que a moda camisa social devem ser somente nas cores brancas esta errado, pois voce podera optar por varios modelos e cores diferentes, fugindo um pouquinho do tom branco e sendo assim escolhendo das cores neutras e discretas e ate mesmo nas tonalidades vivas e fortes para manter o visual bonito e versatil para muitas mulheres de acordo com o seu estilo, gosto ou ate mesmo a personalidade. O ideal e ir a uma loja de sua cidade com roupas especializadas em modelos sociais se possivel, para poder visualizar os modelos e experimentar varias pecas com detalhes incriveis para satisfazer voce consumidora, ate mesmo a mais exigente de sua loja. In the good old days, customer complaints arrived in a lovely sealed envelope that the recipient was free to read, recycle or ridicule as they saw fit.
Today’s disgruntled customers complain loudly and regularly on forums to which the whole world has access, a practice that can seriously affect the reputation of your business. Public perception of your brand is a lovely flame that you’ve got to keep burning at just the right temperature. Your policy for managing criticism and complaints is critical to your success on social media platforms. Coles had offered the perfect platform for Australians to rave openly on everything they disliked about the company. It’s important for your business to have a clear strategy for dealing with customer complaints.
Hopefully it goes without saying that if you want your customers and clients to tweet great things about your company, first you must ensure that your company is doing great things.
Learn which channels will give you the best return on your investment for your business today and why. The program thoroughly covers the core competencies required for businesses to generate revenue using social media. For each principle I provide a summary and a link to an older post where you can read more on the topic.

Becoming a social business is not about adopting social tools, and launching a social campaign. Social is just one of five key factors that are changing our world along with mobile, sensors, data and context. It provides a useful framework for organizing a team, integrating it with other areas in marketing and specific KPIs that is well aligned (is a good example even) with point #5 above.
Aside from some people being paranoid, it is a fact that different cultures and ethnics have different behaviors, that’s how they are defined. For example, the use of Hi5 and Orkut which I don’t think are a result of a difference in culture, they just got to critical mass first.
Pois alem de serem modelos sociais elegante para um almoco de negocios, festa com traje social, eles servem ate mesmo para convidados de festas e formaturas de acordo com o desejo de cada visual, compondo tambem com acessorios como pulseiras, aneis e brincos, agradando varias mulheres do mundo inteiro. If you were really unfortunate, a customer might write to the local newspaper detailing the error of your ways and, if the customer was sufficiently articulate and the story sufficiently juicy, and few thousand people in selected municipalities might read it.
It’s become more imporant than ever to keep one eye open to negative criticism via social media. You replenish it with twigs and hay and sometimes, just sometimes, you accidentally throw an old railroad tie on the pile and suddenly the air is full of toxic gasses.
Some business are managing them beautifully while others are keeping us entertained with fantastic examples of what not to do. This strategy need to be in place before the proverbial toxic railroad tie gets thrown on the fire.
If your business endeavours are particularly controversial, perhaps an open invitation to criticize such as was seen in the recent Coles campaign is not the best strategy. Students acquire real-world experience as they learn and develop a social media marketing plan for an actual business.
These are 10 principles that are fundamental for organizations that are building a social media plan. Social is most effective when integrated with other parts of the business to support a business strategy.
A mature social team crafts the strategy, provides a technology foundation, guidelines and coaching to enable multiple groups in the organization to be active in social media. When measuring Social Media effectiveness it is easy to say things like ‘people who follow us on Twitter buy 40% more and buy 3x more often’. It is about changing your culture to be more customer centric and putting the customer at the center of the business.
According to a recent study by Maritz Research and evolve24, a whopping 70% of businesses ignore complaints on Twitter.

For fear of further criticism, Coles missed out on an opportunity to actually engage with its clientele and generate the sort feedback they might use to build a better business. Through the convenience of web conference technology, this virtual format meets with a certified instructor in real time. If the social media is the only one participating in the conversation, you are doing something wrong. At least until you come up with an integrated plan to engage fans and create value, they are worthless. We are inclined to believe customers buy more because they follow us on twitter, while the opposite is more likely to be true: customers who like us, are loyal and buy more are likely to follow us on twitter.
Publishing discount coupons on twitter and other social channels is just taking advantage of an audience to run promotions.
The first rule of social media, after all, is engagement; to talk amongst and not at the greater community. The interactive classes, focused sessions, small class size and personal instruction create a worthwhile educational experience.
I learned these principles after more than a decade of working on social media and community strategies for startups to Fortune 50 organizations.. Measure value holistically and take into account all costs (including effort, focus and cost of opportunity).
What they failed to recognise is that complaints can be a great opportunity for engagement  if managed correctly.
You must measure the contribution of social media tools and tactics to greater company strategies.
We talk a lot about social media success, we need to talk more about our failures and learn from them. If many people are posting online in the name of your business, everyone must be clear on these policies. Just like every well rounded marketer requires knowledge of SEO, web technologies or digital marketing.

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