If you bought the new iPhone 5 or upgraded your old one to iOS 6, you may be having issues when you try to upload photos to Facebook. Are you trying to upload them by signing in through your browser, or from the Facebook app? The problem I'm having posting photos straight to Facebook is that it uploads ALL of my iOS photos, as well as the comments made when I first posted them months ago. Our Facebook cover photo quotes are sized specifically for the Facebook header area – 851px X 315px. The new feature allows up to 50 users to contribute up to 200 pictures each to one albumUsers can modify their settings to only allow friends to see certain albumsThe photo album changes were brought in yesterday in the U.S. The rules mean up to 10,000 photos can be stored in albums where previously the limit stood at 1,000.'Hundreds of millions of photos are uploaded onto Facebook each day and today, wea€™re making it even easier for friends to share photos with the roll-out of Shared Photo Albums,' the social network said. Users will be able to modify their settings if they want to restrict albums so just friends can view them. BABY'S FIRST ALBUMMost newborn babies make their photographic debut on social media sites within one hour of their birth, according to a survey.
Users will be able to modify their settings if they want to restrict albums so just friends can view them.Those contributing to an album will be able to add and tag photos, edit the collection and add contributors. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.
Trong nam v?a qua nhu c?u mua o to c?a ngu?i Vi?t tang da t?o don b?y cho nhi?u hang o to “du?c mua” va gi?t hai du?c nhi?u thanh cong. V? th? ph?n trong th? gi?i xe oto ? Vi?t Nam, Thaco ti?p t?c d?n d?u v?i s? lu?ng tieu th? kha l?n d?t 80.421 chi?c xe, tang t?i 90% so v?i nam 2014 va chi?m 38,6%.
Toyota la hang xe hoi co th? ph?n dang d?ng d?u, d?i di?n Toyota Vi?t Nam cho bi?t th? tru?ng o to Vi?t Nam hi?n dang d?ng Top 5 trong khu v?c ASEAN.
M?t s? chuyen gia nghien c?u trong nganh o to cho bi?t, trong nam 2016 m?t s? chinh sach v? thu? ch?ng h?n nhu thu? tieu th?, d?c bi?t la dong xe co dung tich xi lanh d?t 2.0L tr? xu?ng s? gi?m sau vao nam 2019. V?i nh?ng thay d?i nay khong th? tranh kh?i tinh tr?ng ngu?i Vi?t r? nhau mua xe tru?c th?i di?m thu? thu tieu th? d?c bi?t chua du?c tang cao.
Ngoai ra xet v? t?ng th? Hang Xe d?n t? Han Qu?c la xe Hyundai dang chi?m th? ph?n kha l?n tuy nhien cac hang xe tren khong nam trong kh?i VAMA nen khong du?c li?t ke ra day. B?n cung co th? theo doi s? tang gi?m nhu c?u mua xe thong qua nhi?u linh v?c khac nhu tai chinh, b?t d?ng s?n.
Nh?ng dong xe cao c?p d?i cu nhu BMW 7 Series du?c trang b? d?ng co V8 ho?c V12 m?nh m? co gia ban chenh l?ch v?i gia xe m?i kha nhi?u.
Thong thu?ng m?t chi?c xe m?i s? m?t kho?ng 40% gia tr? g?c (gia xe m?i) trong kho?ng 3 nam d?u. Di?m quan tr?ng va m?u ch?t chinh la b?n ph?i bi?t nhin nh?n ra chi?c xe nao co kh? nang tr? thanh xe c? va co gia tr? cao theo th?i gian. Thanh cong la di?u ma ai cung mong d?i, tuy nhien b?n cung nen nghi t?i tinh hu?ng x?u co th? x?y ra. M?t cach d? b?n co them nhi?u b?n, nhi?u d?i tac v? linh v?c nay la dang ky vao cac di?n dan v? xe.
Ngoai ra, b?n cung nen chia s? cho nh?ng ngu?i ma b?n quen bi?t v? vi?c b?n dang mu?n ban xe.
Tren day la m?t s? chia s? ma b?n nen n?m k? tru?c khi mu?n bi?n minh tr? thanh “dan buon” xe. Ngay trong thang 1.2016, hai tri?n lam cong ngh? va xe da dem l?i nh?ng guong m?t b?t thu?ng. Th? ma l?n nay l?i khac, Tri?n lam xe ? Detroit nhu b? phan b?t ?nh hu?ng cho tri?n lam CES, khi ma t?i day xu?t hi?n cac m?u xe hoi cong ngh? cao nhu Chevy Bolt, Volkswagen Budd-e Concept va Ford thi trinh di?n cac c?m bi?n LIDAR m?i co th? giup cac xe khong ngu?i lai tranh du?c va ch?m v?i cac loai v?t nhu cho ? tren du?ng. M?t trong nh?ng xu hu?ng yeu thich xu?t hi?n t?i cac tri?n lam xe g?n day la s? hi?n di?n c?a cac hang kh?i nghi?p r?t dung c?m, d?t ra nh?ng m?c tieu d?y tham v?ng. Sieu xe v?n con chi?m kho?ng khong gian nh? tren th? gi?i, nhung hi?n dang co xu hu?ng di?n ra soi d?ng va phat tri?n m?nh trong mua tri?n lam xe.

Ngoai Geneva, cac xe hoi nhu Lamborghini Huracan LP 610-4 va Ferrai 488 cung da xu?t hi?n l?n d?u tien tru?c cong chung, ch?ng t? du?c r?ng du nganh cong nghi?p xe hoi dang ph?i ch?u ap l?c v? vi?c d?m b?o moi tru?ng sinh thai b?n v?ng thi s? dam me v? t?c d? v?n con r?t nhi?u.
After updating, the first time you try to share an image from the Facebook app, it will ask you to allow access to your Camera Roll.If you're like me, your first instinct when Facebook asks you for access to anything is to say no, but this isn't just a Facebook thing.
The majesty of nature, the power of poetry; even a single word or photograph can instantly lift our spirits, change our attitude and remind us that we are climbing to new heights, one step at a time. Here you can find the number of banners, images and timeline covers to upload on your profiles on Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter, Google Plus and even you can share on Tumblr or Pinterest by sharing this post with your friends and followers. The new feature is designed to make it easier for friends to share and organise their photos. It should make it easier for people to manage which photos they are tagged in as well as not having to nag people to share certain images with friends. It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Day la m?t con s? dang ng?c nhien va d?t k? l?c trong m?c tieu th? xe hoi ? Vi?t Nam trong nhi?u nam qua.
Nhung n?u ch? xet th? ph?n xe o to con thi Toyota la hang chi?m th? ph?n l?n nh?t ? th? tru?ng Vi?t Nam.
Tuy nhien khi so sanh v?i cac nu?c khac nhu Thai Lan, Indonesia thi con s? c?a Vi?t Nam d?t du?c v?n chua “an nh?m gi”.
B?i ch? c?n m?t chi ti?t nao do c?a xe ho?t d?ng b?t ?n, ngu?i mua l?i chi?c xe do c?a b?n h? s? k? keo va doi gi?m gia.
Tuy nhien, vi?c d?u tu vao xe c? doi h?i b?n ph?i co nhi?u kinh nghi?m cung nhu s? kien nh?n.
Hay ch?p ?nh ? goc c?nh d?p nh?t va dang ban tren nhi?u trang m?ng khac nhau v?i nh?ng l?i gi?i thi?u h?p d?n nh?t. C?m on cac b?n da tham kh?o bai vi?t.Con nh? vao cu?i thang 3 v?a qua, m?t tri?n lam xe hoi l?n nh?t hanh tinh New York Auto Show 2016 da di?n ra. Sieu xe, xe di?n va cac b?n concept xe t? lai th?c s? da t?o ra lan song su?t mua tri?n lam xe keo dai 6 thang qua. Trong do tri?n lam di?n t? tieu dung (CES) 2016 khai m?c t?i Las Vegas tru?c vai ngay so v?i Tri?n lam xe Detroit 2016 di?n ra ? Michigan. Con t?i Detroit m?u Honda Ridgeline trinh lang da th?c s? cho th?y, xu hu?ng xe hoi va cong ngh? dang tr? thanh c?p bai trung kho tach b?ch. Ch? rieng t?i Geneva Motor Show v?a qua, chung ta da nhin th?y s? xu?t hi?n c?a m?t lo?t sieu xe t? cac hang ten tu?i nhu Bugatti Chiron, Lamborghini Centenario, Porsche 911 R, Aston Martin DB11, Koenigsegg Regera va nhi?u m?u xe khac. Di nhien, do la di?u ma nh?ng tay choi ua t?c d? trong lang xe hoi luon mong ch? va l?y lam vui m?ng khi xu hu?ng do khong h? h?t l?a.
It's actually an extra layer of security provided by Apple to keep all apps from accessing your data without explicit permission.If you select Don't Allow, anytime you want to upload a pic to Facebook, you'll be presented with a "lock" screen saying it doesn't have access.
This 2016 New year Cover Photo says"As the New year approaches us with hopes new, here is wishing you and your family a wonderful year ahead." The image used in the backside is amazing and dark in color. Ti?p do la hang Xe Toyota d?ng ? v? tri th? 2 v?i 24% th? ph?n, hang xe oto Ford va Honda la nh?ng thuong hi?u d?ng sau do. Cac chuyen gia cho bi?t, Vi?t Nam la th? tru?ng con nhi?u du d?a va con nhi?u kh? nang phat tri?n hon n?a. Hay d?c bai vi?t du?i day, no khong giup b?n tr? thanh dan buon chuyen nghi?p nhung no l?i giup b?n co them m?t kho?n thu nh?p khong h? nh?.N?u nhu b?n la m?t ngu?i yeu thich xe va cong ngh? d?ng th?i co m?t chut “mau kinh doanh” thi t?i sao khong th?a man ni?m dam me c?a minh b?ng cach thu?ng xuyen mua ban, trao d?i xe cu. N?m du?c “m?o’ nay, no s? giup b?n ki?m du?c m?t kho?n kha kha d?y.Th?i d?i cong ngh? phat tri?n, ngu?i dung thay vi t?i tr?c ti?p c?a hang, h? co th? d?t mua online r?t nhi?u m?t hang t? nh?ng v?t d?ng thi?t y?u cho cu?c s?ng, va nay la c? o to. N?u nhu b?n c?m th?y chi?c xe do co kh? nang mang l?i nhi?u l?i nhu?n cho minh hay quy?t d?nh mua no ngay. D?c bi?t m?i khi xe h?ng, b?n s? r?t kh? trong vi?c s?a ch?a, vi ph? ki?n r?t kho ki?m.N?u nhu b?n co kinh nghi?m s?a ch?a xe hay co it nhi?u kinh nghi?m v? co khi. S? ki?n nay con quan tr?ng ? ch?, xet tren toan c?u thi day la m?t d?u m?c du?c xem nhu di?m danh d?u khep l?i mua tri?n lam xe giai do?n 2015-2016 d? bu?c sang m?t trang m?i.

D? co cai nhin toan c?nh hon, cac chuyen gia xe hoi da t?ng k?t thanh 6 d?i xu hu?ng xe hoi xu?t hi?n trong nam 2015-2016 co th? quy?t d?nh c? tuong lai c?a vi?n c?nh xe hoi trong nay mai.
Cac tru?ng h?p do ch?ng t?, s? tham gia b?o d?n c?a cac hang kh?i nghi?p vao san choi xe hoi. Trong do, m?i m?u xe l?i th? hi?n nh?ng tinh nang d?nh cao d?n “dien r?” theo phong cach rieng c?a minh. From the reviews on the app in the Play Store, it sounds like a lot of people are having the same problem with the newest update. The scene is very romantic, full of new hopes and motivation, on the other hand it has best wishes for the New year celebrations.
D? co du?c m?t kho?n l?i nhu?n tuong d?i, tru?c tien b?n c?n n?m b?t th? tru?ng, nhung ph?i b?ng m?t cach nao do ma no khong lam ?nh hu?ng t?i cong vi?c chinh c?a b?n hi?n t?i. B?n ch? c?n ng?i ? nha va b?t may tinh len b?n cung co th? tim mua du?c m?t chi?c xe o to gia h?p d?n. M?t s? ngu?i cho r?ng vi?c d?u tu kinh doanh xe c? con mang l?i nhi?u l?i nhu?n hon so v?i vi?c b? m?t kho?n ti?n ra d?u tu vang.
Thay vi mang xe ra c?a hang s?a ch?a b?n co th? t? kh?c ph?c nh?ng l?i don gi?n co th? s?a du?c. Co th? sau th?t b?i do, no s? giup b?n co them nhi?u kinh nghi?m d? ti?n xa hon nhu th? n?a. Nh?ng quy?t doan nhanh nh?y va chinh xac s? giup b?n ki?m du?c m?t kho?n h?i cao.Thong thu?ng nh?ng chi?c xe oto cu m?i ch? qua m?t d?i ch? va du?c ch? xe cham soc r?t k? thu?ng du?c nhi?u ngu?i l?a ch?n.
Tuy nhien, no ch? th?c s? mang l?i l?i nhu?n n?u nhu b?n bi?t minh c?n ph?i lam gi va minh dang lam gi.
We send good wishes to all with the hope we all start a new year with new spirits and get success that we may miss in the previous year. Nhung bu l?i, ch? c?n m?t s? th? thu?t du?i day, no s? giup ich r?t nhi?u cho b?n, d?c bi?t la trong vi?c kinh doanh.Nghe qua thoi da th?y qua ro rang, khong ch? rieng v?i vi?c kinh doanh xe, ma t?t c? cac m?t hang khac, mua r? ban d?t s? giup b?n co du?c nhi?u l?i nhu?n hon.
Ben c?nh do b?n cung c?n trung th?c va x?i l?i v?i h? va nh?ng ngu?i co y d?nh mu?n mua xe. Tuy nhien, b?n cung d?ng bao gi? mua m?t chi?c xe v?i hy v?ng minh ch? ban chi?c xe do cho ngu?i c?n.B?i, tren th? tru?ng xe cung gi?ng nhu th? tru?ng b?t d?ng s?n hay c? phi?u co nh?ng giai do?n thang tr?m c?a no. N?u co th? b?n hay nh? ngu?i ban, cho phep mang xe t?i gara uy tin d? du?c ki?m tra tinh tr?ng xe. Trong m?t nam, s? co m?t kho?ng th?i gian ngu?i dan d? xo di mua xe, trong khi do, co nh?ng thang khong co nhi?u khach hang dom ngo t?i.
N?u nhu ch? b? tray xu?c ben ngoai ma ph?n “c?ng” ben trong v?n ?n d?nh thi b?n co th? mua chi?c xe do. Anytime you want to allow or deny access to photos for any app, you can do so under this same menu. N?u nhu chi?c xe b? hu h?ng n?ng va m?c chi phi d? s?a ch?a no qua l?n thi hay b? qua chi?c xe nay. It's the same for all of your other data, too, including location services and contacts, so you can tweak all those permissions here as well.Personally, even if it means an extra step, I'm glad Apple is stepping up when it comes to privacy.
I'd rather have to change a few settings to upload a photo than have apps be able to access my stuff without my knowing. Especially since all iOS 6 needs to find you on Facebook is a phone number.What do you think?

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