Believe me or not, this superb combination will supersede any media player you have been using right now.
K-Lite codec is a pack of video and music’s components to enable Microsoft Windows and its software to play various audio and video formats, which are generally not supported by the operating system itself. The installation is pretty easy though, just follow the instruction and you should be able to get it! Windows Media Classic and K-Lite Codec are rather the best combination to play HD movie and music I have found so far. No more searching after this, because we’re here to show you the cream of the crop – Window Media Classic plus K-Lite Codec.

If you haven’t install K-Lite, the basic Window Media Classic can only play limited types of media file. WMC consumes relatively little computer resources, and it is capable to skip forward and back the high-definition video in a smooth manner. Experimenting graphic design with Photoshop is one of his favorite thing to do during his spare time.
Hence, in order to unlock the full potential of Window Media Classic, it’s advisable to integrate the player with K-Lite Codec. Conveniently, all the packs itself contain the Window Media Classic, so you no need to download another standalone installer for it.

Lastly, please do share with us at the comments, if you found any good media player or you have any tips related to Windows Media Classic. As well, it is proven that it is a false positive detection of Kaspersky Internet Security.

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