Microsoft has revealed pricing and packaging for the soon to be released Windows 8.1 operating system.
As most HEXUS readers will know Windows 8 users will get the Windows 8.1 upgrade for free via the Windows Store. Windows 7 users – following upgrade user files will remain intact but all apps will need to be re-installed.
Difference between pro and standard versions (in terms of feature set)is?They should of maintained the launch pricing to assist with upgraders. Professor Teaches, the leading brand of training, provides realistic, interactive, and complete training for Windows 8.1. Professor Teaches Windows 8.1 is the quickest and easiest way to build your skills and improve your productivity with this new operating system. Professor Teaches courses use real-world settings and accurate simulations to help you apply your new knowledge directly to daily tasks and the knowledge you gain becomes an asset for life.
Realistic simulations provide an accurate learning environment so your use of Windows 8.1 is fast.
A Windows 8 user has asked Microsoft, via the comments section of the blog post where this news was released, whether such upgraders will get access to a Windows 8.1 ISO as a quick re-install option in case of a hard disk failure or similar disaster.

There was never an option to do a clean install without need of a previous ms os installed? Build your skills with Professor Teaches tutorials and learn everything you’ll need to navigate this new operating system.
Unlike previous versions, Windows 8.1 is a completely new operating system and not an update. Search and Browse are just one click away to help you locate specific lesson training you need, right when you need it. This software will be available as both download and a retail packaged DVD product from 18th October. These users are reminded to do a thorough back up of their personal files before installing 8.1. This far down the line and Miicrosoft have only just figured out that people actually need that option? Each interactive tutorial is organized for fast and easy learning with practical exercises to build new skills.
Professor Teaches provides hands-on training for all of the features of this streamlined interface to connect users with their information and people from multiple Windows 8.1 devices.

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Just after hearing about the unliked facts Microsoft intended to release another operating system to provide a friendly function for the users and make them happy by providing the best of Microsoft. Learn all of the new features of Windows 8.1 including how to use the new start screen which replaces the start menu, using tiles, how to add RSS feeds, how to search, and more! Users now can easily find all the functions which were present in Windows Xp and Windows 7. Looking forward to the well know apps of the operating system of Microsoft are all updated are well enhanced and improved at a very big extent.

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