VirtualDub is a freeware video capture and video processing utility with very easy user interface. Windows Movie Maker a€” free and simple application will make home made movies just like you want them. Freemake Video Converter is a tool that can convert video formats, burn DVDs and Blu-ray Discs, create photo slideshows, and upload files to YouTube. XMedia Recode a€­ a€¬is a video converter with editor function.a€­ a€¬This program is able to convert media files into all popular formats. Avidemux is a video editing software program designed for video editing and video processing. Video editing is a complex process of creating an appealing and engaging video content which perfectly interlaces visual and audible elements into a magical symphony of motion and style. Video editing is a design niche which involves a wide range of actions, all related to specific sectors of web, motion, and audio design. This article will introduce you the best online tools and resources you can use to create a striking video. Videos can be a powerful tool for boosting the exposure of marketing campaigns, for showcasing product and services or for engaging a targeted audience on the web, TV and even on outdoor advertisements.
The free stock photo giant Pexels, which recently got a huge popularity among web and graphic designers for its amazing set of handpicked free photography, has launched an even more amazing video resource website. Part of the Eezy online resource network, Videezy is a fantastic hub of free HD stock footage.
If you want to get your hands on high-quality digital footage without having to spend a fortune on it, Motion Elements is the right place for you. The creation of a high-quality video, which includes motion graphics, digital footage, and sound effects, often requires a wide set of specialized software, targeted mostly at companies and video design professionals. Popular among the marketing and editorial business world as the site that democratizes graphic design, Canva can be an awesome tool for creating slides for videos. This is a great alternative to Movie Maker which works just as good and offers some great editing options and a quick online use. The most popular topics on SpyreStudios are: Minimalism, Typography, Tutorials, Inspirational, CSS, jQuery, Usability, UX, Design, Illustrator, Photoshop, Resources, Tools.

If you’ve shot a video on your camera but have no idea where to go from there, then open up your eyes and ears and prepare to be enlightened! So, let’s say you’ve just gotten the last shot of your awesome film and you want the world to see it, where do you begin?
You can drag, cut and trim your files exactly how you want them to create a great storyline.
You can shrink or enlarge both the size and time length of this, or drag content around to different places in your movie. The process of creating a video combines graphic design, typography, photography, motion graphic, 3d design and audio editing.
The videos range from breathtaking time-lapse videos to mockups, people, tech and many more.
The videos, showcased on the website includes some of the most high-quality digital footage you can find over the web, featuring HD video files with up to 4K video resolution. Being one of the top choices for free video resources, Videvo is a wonderful solution for creative individuals whoa€™d like to use high-definition digital footage without paying a cent.
The site has a weekly free video collection which can suit the needs of every designer who seeks great videos with aA free license. Yet, there are lots of quality video editing and graphic design tools online which provide both ease of use, accessibility and affordability to suit the needs of the amateur video designer. Simply choose a convenient template, such as the 16:9 Presentation style, and embark in designing. Microsoft Movie Maker is a free amateur software which offers many awesome video editing options.
The Expressions Encoder 4 is Microsofta€™s latest free tool for enhansing your videos with a great range of different editing options. You can grab the main RSS feed, follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook and even get new articles delivered by email. First, call the entire world and tell them to get prepared because you’re about to blow their minds… you know, right after you edit it and stuff. You can either use your pychic powers or you can do one of two things: connect the camera to your computer with a USB cable or if your computer has a card reader built into it, you can take the memory card out of your camera and plug it into the memory card reader in your computer.

This step takes your project and turns it into a video file that can be easily shared and uploaded to Vimeo. Click here to learn how to stop shaky camera syndrome or view more lessons at the Vimeo Video School. Note, finally, the Rotate buttons, which will change the orientation of an entire clip or photo.
And whata€™s best, all of these videos are completely free for both personal and commercial use, which means you can freely use them to create promotional content without worrying youa€™ll receive a hefty bill for use of licensed content.
The video resources at Videvo are licensed under Creative Commons 3.0, which means you need to give full attribution to the author whenever you use the file in any way. Create multiple slides and add different elements to each one to later combine them into a great video. Ita€™s available for Windows users and is by far the most famous way to create videos by combining images, videos, audio and text.
If you want to cut a clip, click anywhere on the video and a line will appear where you clicked. Locate the memory card on your computer and drag the video files to your desktop so it can now live safely on your computer.
Unlike other types of digital content, videos combine both graphic and audio elements which need to be perfectly synchronised. We also recommend making a folder with the title of your project and placing the video files in that folder for safe keeping. Once you add music, you can use the music tools menu to alter it just as you can with your video’s audio.

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