Virtualization software are programs enabling you to run multiple operating systems simultaneously on a single computer.
The system can become easier to manage, for example by reducing backup and recovery time in part because a virtual machine is composed of very few files, instead of thousands of files. Parallels sells Desktop for Mac, the first commercial virtualization product running under Mac OS, a similar server program, and products that run on Windows and Linux hosts. Many IT workers find it frustrating to deploy applications quickly across multiple computers, this is where Application Virtualization comes in. Cameyo is a first ever free application virtualization product for both home users and enterprise IT administrators. Launch Cameyo and you will find the main interface with two options – Capture installation and Edit existing packages.
To begin, hit Capture Installation and it will start taking initial system snapshot before installation.
Once the initial snapshot is done, it will show a new window asking you to install the software you wish to package. Both initial and post-installation snapshots are necessary to find out which applications have been installed, so that they can be virtualized. Once it has done taking post-installation snapshot, a new window will pop-up, as shown in the screenshot below. To understand how this works, Cameyo uses application virtualization technology that packages entire applications into a single standalone executable. This is the last step, after which, you will find the folder in the output directory with all the virtualized application in it. In the screenshot above, you will find Sumatra PDF Reader, Opera, and VLC Media Player, which are all virtualized applications, working seamlessly on my Windows 7 32-bit system.
The application works on Windows 2000, XP, 2003 Server, 2008 Server, Vista, and 7; testing was done on Windows 7 x86 system. I haven’t tried it out on Office 2010, but you can contact the developer to ask him if it would work. My experience with Thinstalled apps (now owned by VMware-ThinApp) resulted in saving all sorts of frustrations; however, to get a virtualized program to work perfectly requires some trial and error, and some apps can never truly be virtualized (meaning the program runs entirely within its own space leaving no registry keys or files on the host machine).
The only reason for mentioning Thinstall was that virtualization tools such as Cameyo are wonderful, totally cool, awesome, phat, but .

Linux Live USB Creator, which includes portable VirtualBox if a user wants it, works if the host machine doesn’t have administrative restrictions. AddictiveTips is a tech blog focused on helping users find simple solutions to their everyday problems. Testing software configurations on virtual machines is quicker and less dangerous than testing them on the host computer. This software is not always free (more about that later.) Under certain circumstances performance will be affected. They offer a full range of products from the freely downloadable VMWare Player to workstation and server versions. Please note, even if the downloaded software is free don’t expect that server virtualization will be costless.
If you are seriously thinking about virtualization you should consider these products even though they aren’t free.
While application virtualization technology has been around for years, good application virtualization products have been expensive and complex to learn, according to the developer of Cameyo. It packages entire applications into a single standalone executable, eliminating the need to install. At this point, you have to install all applications on your computer that you wish to virtualize.
Here you have to give application a name, select an output directory, and finally select the application’s main executable. In layman’s term, it means that everything will be installed inside a single main executable (which you have to select) to virtualize it, thus eliminating the need to install applications when deployed on other systems. The time it takes will depend on how many applications you have installed on your system before clicking “Install done” to virtualize them. Keep in mind that it takes some time to virtualize small freewares, such as, Firefox, Opera, VLC Player, Filezilla, Sumatra, etc. We review the best desktop, mobile and web apps and services out there, in addition to useful tips and guides for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS and Windows Phone.
After launching the virtualization program you install a "guest" operating system that will be known as a virtual machine in contrast to the main operating system called the "host." After installation, the virtual machines seem to be real computers.
Hardware upgrades can be done via a console server, thereby reducing the time needed to deploy them.

The free open-architecture application virtualization product that combines the best application virtualization technology with simplicity. So when you are considering an application like Office 2010 (which is huge), then it might take half a day to virtualize (this time will vary depending on how fast your computer is). I remember a situation in which networking became impossible because of a bug in the virtual network addresses.
VMware's enterprise software, VMware ESX Server, runs directly on the server hardware and does not require an underlying operating system.
Virtual PC for Mac enables users to run a Windows operating system and Windows applications on a Macintosh. Also if an installed application takes 100MB space in your hard disk, then the same application in virtualized form will take 300MB. As for Cameyo, it is still in beta and the developer is working hard on improving it further, so don’t expect some good results yet. An individual computer can be “split in two” allowing an individual to learn real-life networking configuration without having to purchase two computers. It wasn’t enough to be a networking specialist to solve the problem; you had to access the virtualization software bug reports and implement the corrections. This comprehensive, centrally managed platform helps organizations simplify security operations while enabling regulatory compliance and accelerating the ROI of virtualization and cloud projects. Tight integration with CSPs dramatically reduces operational impacts by automating policy-based security for instances as they are launched or terminated. This reliable solution from the market leader in server security offers real-time protection, high performance, and low processing overhead.
Prevent malware from stealing valuable data stored on: EMC Celerra, NetApp, and Hitachi Data Systems lines of data storage systems.

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