The software maker has created an infographic to detail the changes during the past 10 years. Back in 2001 Destiny’s Child were popular, flip phones were the cool phones on the block and video conferencing was a high tech part of the future. Because most people do not need to, all they do is a few emails, maybe a word document, facebook, a youtube or two. Other than improved security, which is by far the single biggest reason to upgrade, is there really anything you can do in Win 7 that you can’t do in XP? With good hardware and good drivers, I think you definitely can run XP about as smooth and reliably as 7.
Also funny story is that I saw a Tesco machine with a Windows 7 sticker RUNNING Windows XP! Internet Explorer 9 – I know most of you will opt for Firefox or Chrome, but IE9 with Windows 7 as some great features, like pinning. Ease of Use – Windows 7 is leaps and pounds beyond Windows XP in this respect, as it should be. Other than to shit all over MS and start arguments, what is your advantage over standard malware? I once saw a Dell Optiplex machine at Tesco with a Windows 7 sticker but it was running Windows XP!
And it is certainly not ideal for Microsoft, as more and more people are not currently using at work the same windows they have at home.

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If they have an old computer then they probably don’t use it for much, not because of cost. In fact, I think from the point-of-view of the causal home non-gaming user, improved security is about the only reason to upgrade.
Even when they have already upgraded their machines to newer hardware, because SAP wont work or because not everybody is ready to upgrade yet.. The Global Score is arrived at only after curating hundreds, sometimes thousands of weighted data points (such as critic and user reviews). No matter what you think of Microsoft, using Windows XP on a new or very recent PC feels sure, swift and satisfying. Nothing more, nothing less.Made this because nobody seemed to have made this yet (?)All skins have a top and a bottom version (because I like my dock on top of my screen)Enjoy! These Windows XP wallpapers are suitable for desktop, laptop and tablet devices.Windows is the opening chapter of the computer generation.
In 2011 people have access to high speed wireless networks and huge amounts of online storage space.
So they put up with the pain while spending money on other shiny things that catch their eye.
So I think its a short term  mindset, not very likely the best from a productivity point of view..

Check out the infographic below to see the comparisons and our article on 10 years of Windows XP.
Bill Gates for giving us Windows and so Wonderful Engineering offers its ‘Thankyous’  through the windows XP wallpapers. Honestly speaking, there are times when your windows gets corrupted or crashed due to some virus that has entered your system and you feel so troubled (of course unless you know how to fix it)  Your entire work or system depends on windows, I know how most of you feel without windows.
Therefore, putting up the Windows XP wallpapers is a good idea for your desktops and laptops.Windows Xp offers wallpapers for its users too, but they are the ones you are using for centuries. The concept behind these Windows XP wallpapers is to not let go of the windows XP wallpaper-esque  touch by maintaining a lush green background. Required fields are marked *CommentName * Email * Website Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email.Recent Posts Interactive Ping Pong Table Teaches Players How to Improve Their GameTechnology May, 2nd 2016 Students Of Quebec University Create A Car That Can Travel 2585 Miles On A Single Gallon Of FuelCars Bikes May, 2nd 2016 10 Best Cases For Samsung Galaxy J1 NXTTop 10 May, 2nd 2016 Ever Wondered Why There Is A Tiny Hole At End Of A Pen Cap?

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