I have updated the post file with Latest Updated Microsoft Windows XP which includes SATA Drivers. It is the official and original Windows XP Professional SP3 (Service Pack 3) (32-bit) ISO from Microsoft.
If you have any issues while installing it please comment here and we’ll be more than happy to assist you on this. If you have any issues while installing it please comment here and we’ll be more than happy to assist you on . Further I don’t know whether it will be right for you to reply and clear my another problem.

I burnt a dvd with latest Plop boot manager,since my old compaq Armada M700 do not support booting from USB. I want to know if there is private xp Windows Os for laptops because this version and any xp I download doesn’t work with me I have mini laptop (hp) so…?! It is Genuine Bootable Windows XP Pro SP3 ISO 32 Bit updated until Nov 2013 having all SATA drivers.
The iso file which I shall be downloading from here for windows xp sp3 professional , if burnt on cd or dvd will it create a bootable installation disk or it will not self boot and I have to create bootable disk and if yes then whether this iso file will become a bootable , because it contains inside a self extracting file for i386 and not a directory named i386.
I also formatted a 250 mb pen drive with hp format utility software and made it dos bootable.now when I try to boot this USB drive with Plop boot manager from my burnt DVD it goes all well but the screen of boot manager freezes just after reporting that device connected.

At this time further nothing happens and keyboard freezes and I have to just power off to start my computer again.

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