What happens when it is dawned upon you that your Windows has crashed and  all the data that you have saved in the My Documents folder, Desktop or in the Windows folder can’t be accessed anymore. Below are some noticeable features which you’ll experience after Windows XP Live CD free download. Before you start Windows XP Live CD free download, make sure your PC meets minimum system requirements.
It is full bootable ISO Image of Windows XP Live CD which can be used for live use without installation on PC.

Re-installation of Windows won’t help you as the moment you opt for re-installation your data in the above mentioned location will be wiped out swishhhh yes… Now then what to do to restore the important data from these location once the Windows is crashed?
Not only that you can recover your data but with Windows XP Live CD’s killer features you can also assault on the viruses and malware so if there exist any such items in your system they will be treated roughly with Windows XP Live CD. If you can install a normal Windows into your system and can operate Windows then you can use it as well. If you have 64 bit system and you want to run XP then don’t worry you can Download Windows XP 64 Bit as well.

If you are not capable to perform these tasks (Some grand mamas may fall in this category) then I’m afraid you belongs to stone age and this software is strictly prohibited for you.

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