Often times, when people create home networks they rush through the installation process in excitement and forget many essential steps to keep their networks safe, secure and long-lasting.
Maximum Wireless Security is a practical handbook that reveals the techniques and tools crackers use to break into wireless networks, and that details the steps network administrators need to take to secure their systems. The authors provide information to satisfy the expert's hunger for in-depth information with actualsource code, real-world case studies, and step-by-step configurationrecipes. The book includes detailed, hands-on information that is currently unavailable in any printed text -- information that has been gleaned from the authors' work with real wireless hackers ("wardrivers"), wireless security developers, and leading security experts. PowerMax®+ is an advanced home security and automation system that enables users to verify the status of their property by viewing real-time images of their homes from any remote location. PowerMax+ enables homeowners to verify the status of the system, reprogram security functions, and even control their home appliances and lighting – anywhere and any time.
PowerMax+ offers all the unsurpassed reliability and proven performance that have made PowerMax the choice of installers, homeowners, monitoring companies and national utilities. Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. Here are a few wireless network security tips that should give you peace of mind.Wireless Network Security TipsCreate a password for your wireless network.

This is complemented by a host of powerful capabilities: detection of smoke, gas and flooding, reliable full GSM backup capabilities, easy remote access via SMS, e-mail, mobile or regular phone or a secure web application, and much more. From work, on vacation, or even during travel, homeowners easily access the system via SMS, e-mail, mobile and regular phones, or a secure web application.
Hundreds of thousands of families in more than 80 countries rely on Visonic PowerMax systems to protect their homes.
Without a password, the network is open to anyone, which means anyone with wifi can easily connect to your network. Other important management capabilities include an advanced scheduler for automation of multiple daily routines, and a voice message center accessible from within and outside the home. Other users on your network will slow down your network speed and make you susceptible to threats from hackers. Hackers can steal personal information (both financial and virtual), steal your identity, plant a virus on your network or create other problems that may be beyond your expertise to detect or fix.There may be a password option that comes with the installation of your wireless network. Make sure to create your own password, as many hackers are aware of the predetermined passwords.Make sure the password you choose is strong and hard to hack. While you don’t want your password to be easy to hack, be sure your password is something you will be able to remember!

A hidden SSID will eliminate the risk that hackers will even see that you have a wireless network.Strengthen your wireless encryption. There are actually several free tools on the web that can break through the WEP encryption. Depending on how secure you want to be, there are also secondary layers of encryption you can install.Shut down the wireless network and router when not in use. Not only will this decrease the time that your network is open for threat, but it will also help preserve the life and longevity of your wireless router.Additional HelpWhile these wireless security network tips make it possible for you to install your own network without help, you may wish to call for professional assistance due to lack of time or other reasons. Within minutes you will be in touch with professionals who can assist you with your wireless network security when you need it.

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