The Cast Net PPC strategy is about throwing as big of a net as possible to see which type of fish (aka people) bite. For the Single Hook PPC strategy, you identify maybe 2 or 3 keywords that you think will work well. What I ended up with is a list of only a few keywords – and they are the obvious ones that I would have used if I went directly to the Single Hook strategy.
We took our successful JustLanded landing page template, turned everything complicated into something tangible and simple and added some WordPress magic. Modal Windows – Connect the banner’s call to action buttons to modal windows to display additional information or CF7 forms without a need for your visitors to leave the page.
As your landing page’s banner is the most prominent feature and the first thing a customers sees, we want you to be able to make the most of it. Custom Content – use whatever content you need to convince your customers; use HTML and shortcodes, integrate anything and design your perfect product landing page! And if that’s not enough you can freely define the banner’s contents, using custom HTML and shortcodes, even layout blocks. With support for the brilliant (and absolutely free) Contact Form 7 plug-in we make adding forms to the landing page banner a breeze. Use one of 30 presets or design your own, with color gradients, backgrounds and textures to modify the WordPress landing page templates or blog templates. Read about our commitment to service and the terms that apply in our customer service policy and the themeforest item support policy.
For people who are using the internet as a means of earning income, it is only natural for them to want to make the most out of it. Many of the visitors who are interested in the products and services being offered may want to know about such things that would come soon.
It is a plugin that helps in creating landing pages, which is also known as splash or conversion pages for your very own WordPress site. Landing pages is an important part of a website since it is the one that helps in bringing in sales. This is the wordpress landing page plugin that enables you to use widgets in editing the Footer area like the Return to Top and the Copyright or Credits. Previous article4 Best Free Wordpress CRM PluginsNext article5 Best Free Wordpress Job Board Plugins Brandon GailleBrandon is a one of the top small business bloggers in the world.
With that wide and colorful style, WordPress Landing Page is so impressive at grabbing visitor attention.

To make displaying your work as easy as possible, WordPress Landing Page offers a “Portfolio” post type built-in.
The portfolio widget on homepage has been made to automatically showcase portfolio categories as filtering options (so no setup is required).
Landing Page is the first Templatic theme with full support for adding a standard price table via an extra plugin. With Landing Page you also own all the cool features and benefits that developers made in many the years.
To learn even more about Landing Page theme by Templatic click on the purchase button below. Whether you need a contact form, a sign-up form or an appointment form (or any other form really), JustLanded for WordPress has you covered.
Turn your website into a digital marketplace, sell digital downloads or physical products – with WooCommerce, one of the most popular shopping cart plug-ins with payment gateway integration available for the WordPress platform. No costly update or support subscriptions—you pay only once and get free updates for the support lifetime of the product, even if the price increases.
The form can also be customized along with the mail contents that can be customized flexibly by using a simple markup. That is why coming soon page must easily be set up for the benefit of visitors, especially customers. With the help of the plugin, you will be able to monitor and even track conversion rates and run multivariate split tests on your landing pages.
The page which allows to display a specific page, pricing tables, posts and additional sections using widgets. This possibility makes it nice for all of you trying to showcase a service or a digital product.
Assuming you imported dummy data… to get your work displayed on the homepage you is just required to create a few portfolio posts, that’s it. This plugin is included and ready for you to create extensive price tables and add them onto the homepage. If you have any question, idea or opinion about this theme be sure to let us know in the comments below. Pour couronner le tout, ce theme WordPress est livre avec un systeme de gestion de la page d’accueil. You may even take the keywords, and re-arrange the words to come up with other unique combinations.

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Of course, one of the things they would ensure is the coming of visitors that can soon be converted into customers. It takes you much time to design and implement a new landing page like that and can be used instantly on your WordPress site. Portfolio images display either from the image gallery inside a specific post or from the “Featured image” slot. To check out how these pricing tables look inside Landing Page theme just open the demo and scroll it down a bit. By using this landing page plugin, quick and easy setting-up of the launch or coming soon page for the website is enabled. While some of those plugins are optimized for sidebars, most of them work perfectly on the homepage. Each template was reviewed by our experts before publishing to ensure that you always get quality templates. One of the features I like best about Landing Page WP theme is the fact you are able to add any page you want on the homepage.
Thus, for people who wish to make the process of converting visitors into customers easier, here are some of the best free WordPress landing page plugins you can take advantage of.
This plugin is pretty impressive and powerful in itself, however what makes it really good in the rest of the extensions offered for it. Heading the multi purpose theme which comes with a responsive design allowing your website look sensible on any device. This premium template hopefully brings to you website a new and fresh look where your visitors can feel identical. Even if the theme appears fairly straightforward simple look, there’s truly additional to that than it meets the attention.

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