Mahindra and Mahindra has launched its lineup of SUVs and pick-up trucks for  Kenya market on 6 July 2012 at Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya. In Kenya, M&M has selected Simba Motors Corporation as the sole dealer of Mahindra vehicles and it will trade under the name Xylong Motors. African markets are Mahindra’s strategic focus as Mahindra already has a good hold in those markets and the vehicle lineup of M&M is well suited for the local needs of African markets where Mahindra group is present in various sectors and products including tractors for farming, utility vehicles for both rural and urban needs apart from this Mahindra group is also active IT and energy sector as well.
XUV500 is first global SUV from M&M and was launched in India and South Africa simultaneously in September 2011. Automobile companies do not usually like to tell the media or customers that they’ve had to recall a certain car for a certain problem.
Mahindra is officially recalling the cars made in some specific batches of 2011 and 2012 because some of their components need to replaced. The XUV 500 evethough is the most capable SUV out there in the sub Rs.15 lakh bracket has had some small niggles ever since it was launched and Mahindra is well aware of those issues. The Mahindra XuV 500 comes with a 2.2 litre diesel motors that puts of 140 bhp and a peak torque figure of 330 NM.

The lineup launched in Kenya includes the much admired Mahindra XUV500 which is also introduced in Australian markets. It will provide sales and service facilities for complete range of Mahindra vehicles in Kenya and will also deal in spare parts and accessories for Mahindra vehicles in Kenya. Since then it has acclaimed huge demand, various awards and titles, has been adapted for many more markets by adapting to their safety and other legal requirements etc.
The fluid hose, the front power window units and the left wiper blade cover are components in question and Mahindra is replacing these free of cost for the customers who have the cars made in these batches. Mahindra recently started fitting the XUV 500 with better brake pads and also plans to launch a complete niggle free version of the SUV by April 2013. It is also the fastest car to reach the 50,000 sales figure in its segment and it achieved this feat in just 16 months from its launch.
Indian buyers are very impressed with the XUV500 which is why the demand for the same is tremendous in Indian domestic market, now the XUV500 is going places with its global launches taking places in other countries. If you own one, you’d shortly receive a call from your Mahindra dealership and you can these parts replaced.

The car has given a tough competition to not only the SUVs, but has also given the C-Segment cars like the Toyota Corolla a run for their money.
The XUV 500 will pretty much have no effect on its sales because of this recall because the car still commands waiting periods and with the newer XUV 500 launch on the cards, those waiting periods are going to go north with each passing day. Mahindra has also introduced the popular Mahindra Scorpio, Genio Pick-up and Maxximo mini-truck in Kenya. They believe in accepting the fact that they made a mistake, had a fault in their product and are not ashamed to recall the product.

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