There are no hard and fast rules about this, but the great news about Youtube Ads in South Africa is, because there arena€™t many companies using it, it presents a market opportunity well worth tapping into.
A benefit of this low level of utilisation is that the cost to advertise on Youtube is generally very low when compared with other advertising mediums and especially Google Adwords. As a rule of thumb in South Africa a monthly budget of R5000.00 or more is needed to make a measurable impact.
Extrapolation is key to any paid advertising campaign, including Google Adwords because the immediate results data and the ability to adjust and tweak regularly means a more efficient and effective campaign.
Dona€™t forget that all Youtube Ads except for Overlay in-stream ads (which are just text) need to be designed, the most expensive of which are the skippable TrueView in-stream ads. An important aspect of maximising exposure within your budget is a focus on your geographical area.
This geographical focus, coupled with the under-use of YouTube, means that there is currently a massive opportunity to gain huge exposure for relatively little budget.
The greatest thing about Youtube Ads is that you are only billed if a Youtube user clicks on your ad, or watches at least 30 seconds or more of your entire video ad. If your ad appears before a video and the user clicks skip, you have their undivided attention for 5 seconds before they are allowed to click skip.
Most agencies will charge you between 15% and 25% of your monthly Youtube Ad spend to manage your account. If however you are tech savvy and feel youa€™d like to save on the management fee there are numerous resources out there to teach yourself how to manage your ads. Luke MarthinusenLuke Marthinusen is the managing director and founder of Markets Online, a full service digital marketing agency focused on web design, search engine optimisation, graphic design and video production. This new streaming service might be Google’s best effort to finally start making real money through the video service.
To make YouTube Red even more compelling, new original programming will be available exclusively to subscribers. Rather than turning to Hollywood talent for these high-budget video series, YouTube intends to groom content creators already embedded into the YouTube community. YouTube Music, announced at the same event, will offer offline playlists based on songs you liked on YouTube, alongside radio stations based on a specific song, singer or playlist. YouTube Red will also eliminate a few of the other trial services, like the tip-jar, paid channels, and YouTube Music Key.

Kyncl also claimed advertisers needn’t worry about the new paid subscription service, stating that 99 percent of the content will remain free to view.
Despite generating $4 billion in revenue, YouTube has never been a profitable venture for Google.
5KPlayer is not only a great MP4 player for Windows, but a professional video, audio and DVD player available to play MKV, M2TS, AVI, WMV, MOV, FLV, 3GP, MP3, AAC, FLAC etc, as well as DVDs on Windows PC with ease.
VLC is a highly-acclaimed free and open-source multimedia player designed to play a diverse of video, audio files as well as DVDs, CDs and VCDs.
RealPlayer is a popular cross-platform MP4 player compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Windows Mobile and Android.
It reaches over 1 billion unique visitors and clocks over 6 billion hours of video viewings every month.
Any size company from a localised small business to a large multinational can drive exposure and business with Youtube Ads.
A large FMCG group advertising a washing powder will target the whole of South Africa, while a photocopier dealer in the North of Johannesburg will only allow ads to show to Youtube users in the North of Johannesburg.
This will typically include reporting at the end of the month and regular tweaking to get the most out of your budget.
It is suggested for the creation of the display ads and videoa€™s you consult an agency to provide a slick and polished product. He spends his time strategising with clients on how best to market their businesses, and attracting and hiring top talent in the online marketing industry.
As with to Red, users will be able to choose how many songs to store, and what quality to store them.
The video service managed to win over 98 percent of creators and networks for its new venture, but Disney was one notable exception.
Speaking to The Verge, YouTube’s chief business officer Robert Kyncl said these programs were too niche, and said the video service would not try a Patreon-style “pay what you want” service in the near future. The business chief believes that ad revenue will continue to grow, and will reach the majority of the audience watching YouTube. This new streaming service might be Google’s best effort to finally start making real money through the video service, which attracts over one billion viewers per month. Since the market is crowded with all sorts of video player software, it becomes a little hard mission to single out one program you really need.

With a plain but elegant design, it offers extremely simple operation so that even a mere beginner can quickly learn how to play a MP4 video. In addition, it is featured to download online videos from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, Dailymotion etc. It is an easy-to-use and efficient program with low CPU cost to guarantee a certain level of quality video playback even on a less capable computer. In South Africa it is under-utilised and as such offers a very cost effective form of advertising. Only if they engage with your ad for more than 30 seconds are you billed, and if they are engaging for more than 30 seconds ita€™s worth the spend. At a high-profile event in Los Angeles on Wednesday, YouTube unveiled Red, its long-anticipated subscription service that allows subscribers to skip ads for $10 a month.
A documentary following Canadian vlogger Lilly Singh on her world tour is also in the works. YouTube has not given a time frame for a European or Asian launch, potentially due to contract issues that may need to be settled. It also brings a concise interface helping users to handle playback task without guess work. The newest version of BS.Player has been developed as all-sided multimedia software to manage video, audio, web-based TV and radio programs and live-streaming. It also offers the ability to download videos for offline playback, play videos in the background on mobile, and access to YouTube Music — another new service. Moreover, it is 100% free and clean without adware, spyware, virus and any other malicious stuffs.
Like 5KPlayer, VLC is a standalone program bundled no spyware, ads or user tracking plug-ins. Meanwhile, it allows users to capture video, audio, screenshots and manage subtitles with ease.
What bothers users is that it may ask you to install BSPlayer ControlBar for subtitle download instead of removed attached adware in old versions.

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