YouTube says its creators that opted in early to One Channel have seen a 20 percent increase in visits to their channels and an (unspecified) increase in subscribers, too. MarTech: The Marketing Tech Conference is for marketers responsible for selecting marketing technologies and developing marketing technologists.
SMX Advanced, the only conference designed for experienced search marketers, returns to Seattle June 22-23. As expected, Youtube grew tremendously this year and continued to expand its reach through Youtube One Channel. I kinda discovered this a bit when I found out that there’s a new Youtube channel design last month or so. Anyway, here’s now how my Youtube Channel looks like after updating it to Youtube One Channel new design. You can now add a trailer in your channel (like what you see in the beginning of movies such as Warner Bros, Walt Disney, etc.).
If you do not yet have any sort of video marketing strategy, it is well past time you began.
While most YouTube channels will use a variety of tactics to connect with their viewers, they always hit on one which best suits their style.
It’s simple, it’s funny, it’s destroying expensive consumer goods…it’s a perfect YouTube marketing video for an entertaining channel!
Taking a closer look at their channel’s videos will let you see that they have videos which are in more of an informative style, which we’ll look at below. These types of channels may seem very similar to the above type, but there’s a difference that’s subtle. For those who don’t know, Canadian Tire is a box store from my native land that is much like Home Depot. All three of the video marketing styles above have one thing in common: They all seek to add value to the life of the viewer.
Creating videos that are shareable on social media, and engaging enough to get people to subscribe to your channel and stay connected to your brand, is possible. They ask for their fans to comment on what they should blend next in the description for each video. They actually listen to their fans and blend items they suggest, while also interacting with other YouTube channels.
Each one of these tactics helps them to build their following as Youtube users like to feel as if they’re ‘part of the team.’ This camaraderie has done wonders to build YouTube channels for famous YouTube users like Epic Meal Time, Philip De Franco, and Jenna Marbles. Filed Under: Social Media Tagged With: build youtube channel, youtube marketing, youtube social mediaLoved this article? You have the right idea, Gazmir – in the end, if you want to succeed on YouTube, you have to put in WORK. Learn how to rank in the first spot of Google and master other traffic sources to monetize your traffic! Click on the button below to subscribe and wait for a new Facebook message from the TC Messenger news bot. One-hundred million views, 100 thousand subscribers, and many of the world’s biggest brands still don’t have a suite of tools for customizing their YouTube channels. The same way brands doubled down on Facebook Page marketing once they could host apps, I think we’re about to see a major uptick in the time and money they spend manicuring their YouTube channels. The recent increase in marketing platform interest in YouTube comes from the video site’s astounding growth in popularity. Now they can pimp out their video player with custom wrappers, buttons, and carousels of videos to play next. Brands still need their in-house teams or agencies to create custom backgrounds for their channels. By allowing brands more customization flexibility, YouTube will encourage those brands to advertise for and send traffic to their channels. As the world is going crazy about Smartphones, the amount of users watching videos on mobile is increasing the same rate.
Google also conducted recently a very interesting study surveying more than 16 000 YouTube mobile website users. Enhanced channel: Free set-up, includes also branding box, watch page banner, side column image, channel header and analytics. Include the number of times video has been viewed, liked, downloaded, linked or shared, number of subscriptions to your channel, number of comments. From SEO perspective including links to your Youtube channel can improve your sites ranking. If you are lucky, users will spread your video around the social networks, blogs, forums etc. I am Pauliina Jamsa, a 32-year-old multi-lingual Finnish Digital & Mobile marketing expert with International business background - I have lived in many countries and speak 7 languages. YouTube has been beta testing the new design for awhile now and last week they opened up to the public.
When picking out a header image, remember that your icon is going to lay on top of it in the left corner (kind of like Facebook does it. 2) Then create what you really want people to see on their computers when seeing your channel and make that 1280 x 350. 3) Then go into PowerPoint (or Keynote for us Mac folks) and set up a slide that is 2120 x 1192. I even redesigned one of my Youtube channels and was so happy I’m one of the only few who did that so far. You can just use any video from your channel for this but it is better for you to use this feature to showcase your brand.
Thus, we often just say, “click the link in the description below,” “give me a thumbs up,” “subscribe to our channel” to our viewers.
Well, we can still continue what we have been doing but we have to broaden our media reach.

I’m now in the state of bursting out a lot of ideas for our very first video marketing product. Just read some of our interesting articles if you want, while waiting for our exciting product.
Not only is YouTube itself a social media platform, with the active comments sections sparking communities, but videos themselves are incredibly sharable over Facebook and Twitter. This guide will look to help you build a channel which is sharable on social media sites, vastly expanding your brand reach, while also being able to build a social following of its own on YouTube.
Finding your style of YouTube video marketing is an essential aspect of starting your YouTube marketing channel. They can reach a wide audience, inspire some virality, and bring in people who wouldn’t ordinarily be interested in your product.
Their ‘Will it Blend?’ campaign is legendary in the video marketing world, and for good reason. You don’t even notice that it’s really an advertisement for blenders, you’re too busy having a laugh. However, their bread and butter, or the spoonful of sugar that helps their message go down, is the “Will it Blend?” series. They keep it intimate with a host speaking to the viewers, and they give great information. This helps them bring in people who aren’t looking for their products, but instead are looking for advice. An educational video marketing channel doesn’t work so hard to push their own products, instead they push knowledge.
Their video strategy takes education to a whole new level, and speaks to their wide product range. You need to find a niche that fits your brand from above, and work to stay useful to your viewers. The comment section below each video is a chance for you to get your audience talking, and to interact with them regularly. Using the same tactics that these famous Youtube channels used on their rise to stardom will work just as well for your YouTube marketing channel. You can find him there every Friday writing about the latest YouTube marketing tactics, Twitter trends, Instagram hits, and all other things digital marketing related. Vimeo can be used for social media marketing, but it doesn’t have the same pull as YouTube. That changes today as social marketing platform Buddy Media begins letting its big brand clients deck out their YouTube channels with stylized video players and interactive apps. As of January it powered 4 billion video views a day, up from 3 billion per day in May 2011. It already handles marketing on Facebook and other platforms for 600 of the world’s biggest brands, and now is building out its YouTube integration.
I think Buddy Media would be wise to add drag-and-drop background templates to its suite of services. This meshes well with yesterday’s news that YouTube is now letting brands sponsor entire channels with display, overlay, and pre-roll ads. According to the official YouTube blog, in January 2011 YouTube exceeded 200 million views a day on mobile. According to the survey, 75% of respondents claim that mobile is their primary way of entering YouTube, and 38% believe YouTube Mobile will replace their desktop usage of the platform.
Create a competition across website, YouTube channel and social media platforms and hide “clues” into videos or around the YouTube channel. It is very difficult to create a successful video users spread around the net and sometimes even the viral video creators do not know why it worked. Both YouTube and search engines (especially Google) classify YouTube videos based on relevancy for the user and keywords he uses. Based in London, I am currently working as Digital Marketing Manager for Microsoft Dynamics. It gives the channel owner more options for expressing their personality and more control over what people see when they hit the channel. I attempted to create mine using the same header art I use on my blog, which is just about the right size. The cool thing is, it only shows up if the visitor hasn’t already subscribed to your channel. You can group videos using a drop down list of common options, or you can create a list from tags.
It should look less cluttered but somehow it feels like there’s too much on a page now.
Check out our blog and you can download the template as a jpeg with divisors, OR if you would like to PSD file with rulers, just email us and we can send your way. After leaving traditional media in the mid-1990s, he began developing and marketing websites and continued to provide consulting services for more than 15 years. Then, the mobile industry also came and everyone can now come to Youtube through smartphones and tablets. However, when I watched a webcast about this new media reach, I realized that I only saw the surface of the various things Youtube can now offer. If you do video marketing like me, you can add your video bumper or opening billboard (or whatever you may want to call it) then tell your viewers what your channel is all about.
However, we have to understand that some people might not be watching your video in their desktop. While I want to make it big by creating a massive training about almost everything in video marketing, I realized I have to start small first. For now, we are still preparing our emails, training videos, video graphics, and a lot of other things.
The best examples always have a frank approach to their products, frequently call in an expert, and have a much more intimate feel than a TV commercial.

They clearly show the value of the items, and make people think about how they need them and how they can use them personally. Your ability to keep them talking will determine if you have regular viewers who come back to watch your videos, and if you actually succeed at YouTube as a social media channel. Submit a Guest Post, get traffic and SEO benefits from Stream SEO by reading the guidelines here.
Youtube is a channel still underutilized by a lot of people and creating a comprehensive guide like this tying in social media marketing is super helpful.
Twitter feeds, e-commerce storefronts, quizzes, linked banners, photo galleries and more can all be hosted on a channel. Highly desired younger demographics are frequent viewers, wider broadband access is making online video easier to consume, and time that used to be spent watching television commercials is moving online.
Previously, clients could publish and manage videos and playlists, but until now their YouTube channels couldn’t host apps. Buddy Media may be the one of the first to offer a suite of YouTube channel apps beyond contests, but I bet competitors will quickly move deeper into the space.
Brand marketing’s not about broadcasting a message anymore, it’s about engagement, and YouTube’s about to get a lot more engaging. Google also claims that 70% of the users visit YouTube Mobile at least once a day, and 58% spend in platform more than 20 minutes per visit.
Good thing is that users have to have a YouTube account to comment and it is possible to send them a direct message privately. If possible, try to include links when answering the comments (but not unless it is relevant for the user). There are some ingredients that add virality to the video: fun, surprise, sex, talent, tips…but of course you need to be careful not to damage the brand image and to make sure the content is suitable for your industry and target audience. Make sure that you encourage the users to get in touch with you or the brand in the end of the video. Again, remember not to include only keywords, but direct the description and introduction to user, not only the search engines. But there are a few creative folks who have turned their YouTube efforts into a full time job and some have parlayed their popularity into legitimate celebrity status.
That way, you don’t waste precious above the fold space if someone is a regular visitor. Yes, creating an excellent marking trailer is a lot of work, but once you get it done, it will pay off it new subscribers.
You can move your lists by dragging them up and down and delete the ones YouTube provides if they don’t suit you.
Keep in mind that your channel avatar will be superimposed over the uploaded banner image, so plan accordingly. His SEO and social media clients ranged from mom-and-pop small businesses to one of the Top 5 online retailers.
Aside from making your channel look more professional, you can also use it to market your business. If someone is watching through TV, telling him or her to “click the link below” will just make you like an idiot since that person cannot see any link below his or her TV. My plan is to sell some video bumpers (including call-to action buttons, lower thirds, corporate titles, etc.) that go with the latest changes in Youtube. Brands must be spending at least $50,000 on YouTube advertising to add a customizable tab to their channels (or sometimes as much as $250,000 or even $400,000 for advanced functionality). Meanwhile, Twitter and Google+ pages still don’t support apps, and are going to start looking static to compared to those on YouTube and Facebook. Having their video on your official channel makes users spread the word around their networks and rest of the Internet. If you are a consultancy or B2B firm, usually industry tips, statistics and discussion of current hot topics can add value to the company and let you establish a reputation of an industry expert. You need to be prepared if one of your videos goes viral to support it across the platforms, media and websites for bigger impact.
Instead of uploading a correctly sized banner, YouTube forces you to upload a full sheet of art over 2000 pixels in height. For newbies, this trailer is a way of grabbing their attention and hopefully, at the end, they’ll click to subscribe. It makes all of the channels look very much alike, so use that header to your advantage if you want to stand out. You add some call-to-actions there by asking people to subscribe to your channel, watch your awesome videos, check out your website, contact you, etc.
Moreover, I’ll incorporate some video training on the new Youtube channel design, video creation for Youtube marketing purposes, Youtube SEO, and others, let’s see. To create a video, you have to spend a huge time creating and editing and you must have a computer with high specs to run video editing softwares properly.
For tips, which posts require immediate response, which posts can be left for later and which should simply be ignored, click here. You can scoot the crop a little right or left, but you can’t move it where ever you want. It’s branding at its best with links to your website and other social media links right there where everyone can click them. But, if you work hard and keep publishing good and interesting videos everyday, after one year or two, you will start earning a significant amount of money and make a living from YouTube.

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