YouTube Downloader (Youtube Video Indir), video paylas?m sitesi YouTube'dan bilgisayar?n?za kolayca video indirebilmenize olanak saglayan pratik ve tamamen ucretsiz bir program. Fazla islem ve butonlarla sizi yormadan cal?san YouTube Download, her duzey kullan?c? taraf?ndan kullan?labilecek islevsel bir program. Ayn? zamanda program arac?l?g?yla Youtube'un en populer kanallar?n? goruntuleyebilir ve bu kanallar uzerinden istediginiz videolar? kolayca indirebilirsiniz.
Sonuc olarak Youtube uzerinde izlediginiz videolar? indirmek icin kolay kullan?ml? ve basit bir yaz?l?ma ihtiyac?n? varsa, Youtube Downloader'? mutlaka denemenizi oneririm. Wheaton had a strong reaction to the feature, which may be indicative of how many other YouTube users may soon feel. It's worth noting that Wheaton is actually an avid user of Google+, and has 1,377,525 followers.
Google's recently updated privacy policies allow the company more freedom in connecting its various properties, in terms of user experience. We've reached out to Google for more info about the feature: specifically if it's a test or an actual feature being rolled out. You can argue all you want over the relevancy of the Oscars, it's still pretty cool to brag about getting one. YouTube announced today that every YouTube Partner whose channel amasses over one million subscribers will get a gold-plated play button to hang wherever they wish.
To make the feat of getting one million subscribers even more impressive, only 80 or so channels have reached that point so far.
YouTube will be doing this on a continual basis as well so start getting those subscribers.

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The golden statue will always be a reminder that you have the talent to be one of the best. That's not all as those creators will also get a $500 gift card to purchase more video equipment alongside a limited edition camera case. Maybe one day the gold-plated play button will become the solid gold play button and be offered at the YouTube equivalent of the Oscars.
Google has been very clear about making Google+ the social layer or "social spine," in CEO Larry Page's words, across Google's various products. Increased integration between the two could either go a long way in bringing more users to Google+ or alienating YouTube users. Thankfully, YouTube is making it easier for creators to get recognized with their own golden trophy. YouTube has been Google's strongest social property for a long time, and it makes sense that the two become more and more integrated. Over 1,400 channels will receive the $500 gift card and a new camera case to help them reach one million subscribers.

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