Recently a client of ours noticed ads popping up on her organization’s embedded YouTube videos.
Next, up in the top right corner, click on your channel’s name and a dropdown will appear. A communicator to the core, all work and no play wouldn't make Rocky a dull boy, but he has his fun too: he loves to hang out with his wife and two boys, and together they’re Disney fanatics who visit Disney Parks annually. He’s an amateur chef (though he won’t tell us if he wears an apron), and believes whatever you can get out of a box or in a restaurant, you can make at home if you try, by golly. Has You Tube suddenly change the ability to remove ads so  that you can no longer do this or am I missing something ?
Suggesting that its the adverts alongside the video not those displayed within the video that can be removed as I have tried enabling option 2 and it makes no difference. As I said there appears to be no button to prevent adverts being shown within the video just buttons that affect the adverts down the side of the You Tube page – see point 2 of my earlier comment. Can anyone else listening see the adverts on the link as I have asked  a few people here and they can all see them! Sorry do you mean that you cannot stop adverts from being overlaid on top of the video when you play it your website?

Taking note of you last comment about the copyright material I have now looked at  a number of my other clients videos who play on their sites via You Tube and they do NOT get adverts all over them.
Is there any way I can block ads on a youtube video on my channel if I only own the video but not the audio? I refuse to use ad block because in all honesty youtube does not make ads loud and take up the full page.
When he’s not working alongside fellow 12 Stars team members, he's consulting one-on-one with companies about using video in their marketing and communication plans or engaging rooms full of communicators by speaking in places like Microsoft HQ or the Big Apple. You’re not confusing ads with related videos (the videos that show at the end) are you? Do not allow advertisements to be displayed alongside my videos Ads will only be displayed for videos where you own all the rights. The advertisements YouTube is referring to are the ads that display alongside your video in the player itself, not the ones that are on the YouTube page.
These videos also have  library music on them which the clients have paid a license for, the same as the video in question, so it CANNOT be the cause of the adverts otherwise they would appear on all. I do not see what is the big deal with not blocking youtube ads especially when you are literally denying creators revenue directly.

I think what happened is they thought I had used some copyrighted stuff from Rumblefish, and videos with copyrighted music automatically get ads on them.
There should be a section that looks similar to what I showed in the image for my final step on this post. Choosing this option will disable any monetization options that have been set for your video. I’ve just had a thought the video has music from a music library ANW which the client paid a licence to use.
I’ve just had a thought the video has music from a music library ANW which the client paid a licence to use. Could this be the reason there are adverts?If so how to I contact You Tube to inform them of this?

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