Five hundred million people spend 100 million hours watching videos on FacebookA every day, according to the company's latest update. YouTube, the leader in online video, has also shied away from video view counts in recent years, claiming watch time is a more accurate indicator of its user engagement. YouTube's ability to monetize its viewer hours is its biggest advantage over Facebook right now. In recent months, Facebook has started experimenting with more direct monetization of its videos. While video views have had a significant impact on user engagement, according to CFO Dave Wehner, advertisements have only a small incremental impact on ad revenue. Thomson ReutersAdditionally, creating new ways to directly monetize video views may attract talent to Facebook's platform to create more videos for its users.
Facebook seems to want to make watching videos on Facebook as common as looking at photos and clicking on links. As live streaming grows in popularity, Facebook is now well positioned to ride the wave, adding to its daily watch time.
The best way to market your business is to spread out, especially when it comes to Internet marketing.
Click the blue “Edit” link next to “Profile” on the left side of your YouTube channel page. Learn directly from an Internet marketing specialist how to get more business through your door. At Business Insidera€™s IGNITION event last week, Business Insider CEO Henry Blodget detailed the future of the digital landscape, pointing out some important trends. Based on data from a Sandvine report charted for us by BI Intelligence, Facebook and YouTube accounted for nearly 40% of all mobile web traffic in North America in September. Why You Should Consider This: Add YouTube Video To Facebook You are using an outdated browser. ZillowFacebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.Facebook has quietly formed a team in Los Angeles to poach talent from YouTube, which has cornered the market on people who want to make a living through online video, according to the Wall Street Journal. Previously, video developers would promote themselves via social media sites like Facebook and then link to their content on YouTube, which splits advertising revenue with anyone who uploads a video. Facebook had been working on the video project for at least sixth months, prompting speculationA that Facebook will be launching an ad product by the end of the year,A the Wall Street Journal says.
In addition, Facebook recently told Variety that it would soon be adding two new features to its videos: A a view counter and a "related videos" feature a€” both of which are characteristic of YouTube. But if Facebook is to be successful at becoming a go-to place to stream videos online, it must be able to seduce MCNs and their most popular performers to get them to choose Facebook over other video providers such as Vine, Yahoo and YouTube.

Content providers have already been using Facebook to promote their videos on YouTube, but there's often no money in it.
Facebook is currently discussing with video content creators how advertising may be included in their videos, the WSJ says. The Journal reported that Walt Disneya€™s Maker Studios and Collective Digital Studio have been testing videos Facebook.
Facebook (twitter and YouTube) signage and store front signs are an ideal way to promote your social media pages. Previously, the company gave average daily video counts, with the latest tally reaching 8 billion per day. Users who click for a full-screen experience with audio may find that an ad automatically starts playing after that video completes, with other related videos following the ad. If the feature rolls out to more users, it will put Facebook more directly in competition with YouTube.
Wehner explains that for every video ad in a user's News Feed, it replaces an ad of a different format. Facebook is currently experimenting with revenue share models in its suggested-videos feed, but driving more users to a stand-alone video section will make it worthwhile for talented creators to upload videos to Facebook.
It's notably changed its News Feed algorithm to favor videos, but it's also encouraging users to upload their own videos through new features. YouTube, by comparison, doesn't have live-streaming support built into its flagship app, putting it well behind competitors such as Facebook and Periscope. The real potential for Facebook lies in increasing user engagement around videos and directly monetizing that engagement. Please, upgrade to a different browser or install Google Chrome Frame to experience this site. Creating a YouTube channel and a Facebook business page allows you to use the power of video as well as social media marketing. Click your username at the top right of any YouTube page and selecting “Channel.” Open another page in your Internet browser and go to your Facebook business page.
Click the “Website” text box, right-click the box and select “Paste.” Your Facebook business page URL will appear.
For example, more than a quarter of all internet traffic now comes from smartphones and tablets a€” and two big internet properties are responsible for a huge amount of that traffic. Facebook accounted for 19% of that aggregate mobile traffic, YouTube was close behind with 18%, and the third largest share belonged to a€?general web traffica€? through web browsers, at 11%. There is no way for someone to let an ad run on a video they've placed on Facebook, and take a cut of the revenue that generates.

With a facebook sign, you'll be telling your current customers that your business has active social media campaigns. For those 100 million hours of video views to really start paying off, Facebook needs to directly monetize its videos.
Adding direct monetization of its video views would be a major growth driver for the company.
While the types of people you attract to your YouTube channel may be the same as those you attract to your Facebook page, they may not know you have a Facebook page. As BI Intelligencea€™s Mark Hoelzel points out, ads make up a big percentage of Facebooka€™s and YouTubea€™s mobile traffic, since autoplay video ads increase the mobile data demands on those social networks. If you add YouTube video to Facebook updates, it will be seen by more people than if you simply do a status update.II.
Fans can see performer's videos in their newsfeeds without having to actively search for them.A Plus, people are more likely to spend time scrolling through their newsfeed than YouTube's homepage. But when it comes to details, the most we can get is that users watch "hundreds of millions of hours" of YouTube videos every day. Inserting a link to your page on your YouTube channel gives you a way to connect those users with a click of a button.
When users visit your channel, they can click your website link to go to your Facebook business page. Increase your followers on Twitter and increase your followers on YouTube and get more likes on facebook with simple social media decals.
In fact, according to YouTube themselves, over 500 years of videos are watched via Facebook every day. What many fail to recognize is that, online, you can mix and match your strategies, using multiple services at once for maximum effect.Choosing to add YouTube video to Facebook is an excellent example of this. YouTube features native integration with several of the most popular social services, including Facebook and Twitter.
There’s no reason your online marketing strategies should consider Facebook and YouTube to be totally distinct. What you post to YouTube should always be shared socially.If you add YouTube video to Facebook, the end result is more people viewing your content.

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