Download, Manage, Convert, Burn, Repair, Search, play Youtube videos, Capture RTM P Video Streams. Now, Perfect Video download Tool for Mac called Total Video Downloader for Mac has released. You can also download, convert, search, burn, repair and play any video during the 15 days'trial.
YouTube videos can be downloaded in any of the pixel quality that is listed up on the video information bar. To download any YouTube video, the URL of the video that appears on the address is to be copied and pasted to the software installed on the computer. The software and the browser based downloaders are usually java compatible and hence, the user’s computer should be loaded with latest version of java so that videos can be easily downloaded.

Free YouTube Downloader is developed by DawnArk, it can download youtube video easily with great speed. For easier and hassle-free download, just drag the YouTube URL you want and drop it on top of the open application to start downloading. This Video Downloader for Mac supports to download virtually any video format from almost all video hosting sites. The software links to the video and provides options to the user regarding the video quality and format. It will be a powerful tool that can Download, Manage, Convert, Burn, Search, Repair and Play any video files.
After the best suited quality is selected, the “download” button can be clicked and the video starts to download.

Also, there are several YouTube downloaders that appear on the very first instant when searched on Google.
In case of an add-on added to the browser, right below the video window on the website is a download button.
When clicked, the button initiates the download after the user confirms that which format and video quality he desires.

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