Deliver your message to the right users at the right time and raise the profile of your brand through high volume YouTube traffic.
YouTube is now the second largest search engine with unique visitors to the platform standing at over 1 billion each month. But with over a hundred videos being uploaded to YouTube every hour, how do you pick through the content to find the right video on which to advertise?
YouTube isn’t just about 30 second videos of cats falling over or babies face down in birthday cake, Google is investing in high quality content and live streaming events providing businesses like yours with a professional market on which to advertise. YouTube advertising is highly flexible to your goals with either cost per view (pay only when someone watches) or traditional display. As search marketing specialist we’re all set up to gather effective real time data about how your YouTube campaign is performing. Using our custom-built technology we can target only the relevant video content that will attract the right users to your business. IMT is proud to be amongst a handful of UK companies who have attained the much sought after designation of Google certified partner. We use cookies to ensure that you are given the best experience possible when using our website. El Video Marketing, ese gran desconocido, empuja con fuerza y no es para menos dadas sus potencialidades.
Hace anos la creacion de videos solo estaba al alcance de companias con grandes recursos economicos. Tablets, smarthphones y otros dispositivos moviles de ultima generacion ayudan a que el gran cofre del tesoro que son los videos en Internet se abra afianzando su posicion como gran vehiculo potenciador de ventas.
Si con estos argumentos no te he convenido, ahora te propongo mas razones para que comiences a crear videos online de tu negocio y descubras las enormes ventajas que esta innovadora accion reportara para tu empresa.
Rapido, bonito y barato: Las camaras convencionales que encuentras en cualquier comercio proporcionan una optima calidad de imagen. Hazte visible: Gracias a los videos en Internet, tu publico sabra quien se esconde tras una web con un diseno rompedor.
Diversifica tus contenidos: Presentar un nuevo producto o dar consejos y recomendaciones practicas atraeran la atencion de tu publico.
Y no olvides que, en cada video que grabes y subas a Internet estaras proporcionando una parte de ti, de tu negocio, que favorecera la experiencia del usuario con tus productos y servicios. Principales metricos y monitoreo en Social MediaEl monitoreo y analisis de nuestra comunidad y consumidores toma cada dia un rol mas importante dentro de la empresa.
From the last assignment I’ve learned that people really need to know what we offer.If we don’t, they are never going to know us and our products. Media and even science tell us that people learn and remember things if you use more than one sense such as listening and watching. And other methods are to use plug-ins ,inline videos, hyperlinks and all these include coding so, we might need a little help from somebody that knows all this. The list on the left shows some of your channel subscriptions if you go into see all subscriptions you can pin up to 10 channels to the top of your YouTube home page. Another interesting feature is social network connections, if you’ve connected your Facebook, twitter, Google+ or Myspace (do people still use that) accounts you can see a feed of recent video activity and send and receive updates whenever you or your friends upload, favourite, like or comment on a video.
It all looks pretty cool, bringing a really social aspect to youtube, I now also have another way to spam all my friends with the stuff I like!
This entry was posted in Social Media and tagged 2011 youtube layout, new youtube layout, youtube, youtube layout on December 6, 2011 by Sara. Essentially it works very much like the Google keyword tool, where you search for a specific keyword phrase and it provides the exact, phrase and broad match stats for the phrase. The obvious answer is to look at the search volume for the keywords and develop a video around something that gets decent search volume.
After looking at the Youtube keyword data, I decided to look for videos over at Youtube by searching on these phrases, and in particular I was looking for results where the videos didn’t look like they were optimized for that exact phrase. So at this early stage I assume if you can find keywords in Youtube that don’t have videos specifically optimized for the phrase, then these may be ones you could target with you videos. I write about various topics to do with Internet Marketing and strive to provide the best free resource for people wanting to develop online businesses.
Doesn’t seem to be enough data for physical product research from scratch but, quite interesting for checking out existing keywords. Until the stats improve it might be best for a quick check on existing site keywords to add a quick video (or powerpoint presentation) for back-links.
Yes I agree the stats are low on some phrases, but you need to keep in mind that people are looking for videos, and are not in a shopping mode, so they will most likely type in more info phrases to bring up videos. It does seem that the high ranking videos at this point come from aged accounts with a decent amount of videos and videos with a good amount of plays and comments. This could be an interesting opportunity for someone who produces videos and can add links in them. Yeah I am seeing the same thing, and I assume it is the reason I explained above to Mark, or that Google just doesn’t have the stats yet for video. Will be interesting to keep an eye on this, because if we can work out how to target video, like we do search, then it opens up a whole new world for us. I just sent you an email about an awesome YouTube Video Traffic Explorer software that I developed and giving away for free. In my experience with youtube and getting a YT video to rank, both on google and YT you need to produce videos that are not commercial in intent. It seems there are so many options we have rightnow when doing business online, but I just want to focusing on what you teach us with the RPF.
If you make your videos with a strong sales theme and they find you, then they will close your account with no warning or reason. Viewers have no hesitation in reporting videos back to YT and if you have a library of video’s supporting your various web sites then your business could go backwards overnight.

I think now that they have a keyword tool, everyone will start using it and data will be available soon enough. Thanks very much as always looking out for your posts, emails as the information is always to point and enjoyable. I tried to use a few of my keywords – very non-IM stuff, and the results were a whole lot of crazy. I agree that the trick with marketing on YT is not looking like you’re marketing on YT. Only problem I see is if like me, you have a good head for radio, you might need to learn a bit more about powerpoint presentation. In terms of ranking in youtube, I tend to agree with you that internal on page factors make the difference for now. Thanks again, Matt, for helping us stay on top of what’s going on in the internet world that could help us with our businesses!
I tried out the YouTube Keyword tool and although I only did a few searches, I couldn’t believe the weird suggestions for keyword ideas! I’d be willing to bet that YT are working on voice and optical character recognition techniques to extract video content to make it indexable. Thanks for this great info and good to see some of the search stats behind the Youtube videos keywords. This may not be the best place on your blog but I just wanted to give you a shameless plug for Rapid Profit Formula.
I’ve just finished my first Rapid Profit Formula site and so far the results are great. There’s nothing startlingly new, and it’s not rocket science but your system works Matt! Interesting thing to note is that one of my websites has and an entire sub-domain of movies and videos, many of which came from YouTube.
Actually, I can see this being an essential tool in the future as more and more marketers turn to video sales letters through courses like Russ Ruffino’s new WSO. Nearly 50% of adults cannot spot the paid adverts when looking at Google’s search results, according to a report by Ofcom.
The ‘Adults’ media use and attitudes report’, surveyed 1,328 adults who use search engines and presented them with the following picture of a search engine results page (SERP). Yes you can upload a PDF directly to Mailchimp so you can add a link to a brochure download on your Mailchimp.
Did you know you could give your Facebook page a small like boost without having to spend a dime?
WordPress, the content management system (CMS), now runs a quarter of all websites, according to the latest data from W3Techs.
Google has now made it possible to target customers with ads directly in their inboxes via Gmail ads. Much time is spent guessing how people interact with one’s website something which is normally emotive and subjective. If you manage a website, you need a deep understanding of how users find your site and how your content appears on Google’s search results. Social media is an ever-changing platform and sites such as YouTube have to strive to keep up with the consistent changing demands of its users in order to offer them the best online experience. Here’s how to add a funky little logo or branding watermark to all your past and future YouTube videos in one go. Yoast is a great WordPress plugin for blog SEO, but one default which gets on people’s nerves is adding the site name to blog SEO titles by default.
Facebook have added a new feature in Messenger that gives people a way to send or receive money between friends. Facebook announced a new feature on its paid advertising service today that enables users to target the 92 million expats living away from their home country. The new function will help businesses reach people, speaking their language, living abroad, thus widening their marketing audience.
Barry writes that although this mobile-friendly algorithm only impacts mobile search, this “can be around 50% of all queries on Google these days. Millions turn to Google everyday to find exactly what they're looking for, and Voodoo Internet Marketing is proud to be a Google certified partner. As a Google certified partner, we can guarantee you real, measurable results through a Google Adwords campaign.
We have a dedicated in house team of SEO and Internet Marketing specialists, plus an expert web design and development department.
There are thousands of communities creating content which means there’s something out there relevant to you, and plenty of people are watching it! Whatever your budget, whether wide reaching brand campaigns or smaller niche remarketing campaigns based on YouTube search results, you’ll be able to maximise your ROI big or small.
There are countless opportunities to create imaginative campaigns so we’d welcome to chance to show you. We are passionate about what we do and take a professional approach with all of our customers. Crear videos atractivos sobre tu empresa y subirlos a Internet es la mejor decision que puedes tomar. Hoy, en la generacion del Do It Yourself, la tecnologia sera tu gran aliada para hacer y publicar videos online.
Si a ello anadimos que los videos online generan mas del 40 por ciento del trafico global, ya no tienes excusas para dar con una buena idea, coger la camara y transformarla en un video util y que atraiga a tu publico. Ademas, el esfuerzo por crear contenidos leidos, vistos y oidos sera recompensado gratamente convirtiendo tu web en una referencia. Si lo que te interesa es situar tu marca en el epicentro de todas las miradas, haz videos, crea videos, desarrolla videos.

Parece el titulo de una pelicula de Steven Seagal, pero lo cierto es que en el video marketing esta la estrategia mas idonea para atraer mas visitas a tu web y, sobre todo, para vender mas en Internet, justo lo que tu persigues. Probablemente en el primer video que realices te resultara dificil hablar a la camara con soltura, pero veras que todo es cuestion de practica. The results are ok, but there is clearly not as much data for Youtube videos yet, but I think there will be soon.
Build an online business with my free 12 part internet marketing video training course now! If you click that, you can add filters to show videos uploaded today, this week, this month.
Considering how relatively easy it is to do that I can see why google and YT stopped ranking those type videos so easily. Prior to Google buying YT I also use to obtain great ranking using Viddler, Revver , Metacafe etc but not any more.
Like I stated earlier, you need to make videos that don’t look like your trying to sell something.
So my thoughts are to ask you if you could come up with some sensible way of making videos.
I’ve seen some videos that have complete articles in the description and they seem to rank well. Backlinking the videos is how you can really boost them up to the first page of Youtube and also in the search engines.
This one is new to me and as I only just started video marketing it comes at the right time.
First I have made a few short vid’s about 45 seconds which is Google’s recommendations, naming them with my keywords as part one, two and so on.
I’ve noticed that videos without meaningful titles or tags are matched as related videos based on the content of the thumbnail.
If you transcribe the voice content of your video and add it as a caption file I’m sure that it gets indexed and used in search results. I earned a little money over Christmas with some IPK style sites but generally I’ve never had more than 10-15 visitors a day on a regular basis and my most successful sites earn me about $15 USD a month! I’m just getting my head around things like Market Samurai and along comes another keyword search tool! They were then given three options as to what they thought the first three results on the SERP were. It is a new product designed to help you reach your customers on Google Search, YouTube, and Gmail – when it matters most.
What if we told you you could see exactly where on your website people are clicking and where they are not? In order to attract those people who may be interested in your products you need to place your ads onto videos that are relevant to your brand. And if you’ve already got videos for your product or business, you should definitely be advertising on YouTube.
Rapido, sencillo, economico y mucho mas eficaz que miles de acciones que has puesto en marcha, el video pone ante ti un sinfin de oportunidades para que tu negocio online crezca y fidelice. Pero esto no es todo ya que Google te premiara con mas visibilidad y tus oportunidades de negocio se multiplicaran.
Las oportunidades del video marketing no deberian verse mermadas por los miedos y, si quieres aprovechar esta herramienta, lo suyo es que te enfrentes al desafio con todas tus armas. The business of getting slides,Power Point etc somewhat cumbersome.Camtasia is good but I think we need something easy, professional and be ready yesterday type of thing.I mean to say quick, may be you would like to look into creating a product, this way?
Also ratings,comments, and the bounce rate of a video plays a role as well, oh and also the youtube channel, it’s a great pratice to place your keywords on your channel, as thier are tons of opportunties to do so. I then make sure I like vids in the same category line as my vid’s with no attempt to market my own so that I do not get flagged as spam and I see that is going well.
Aligning the content of a video by creating a tie-in with another highly viewed video could cause your video to show up as a related video on the high traffic video. This will help bring more people to your site, create awareness of your business, and increase sales. A continuacion, edita el video con programas de edicion como Movie Maker (Windows) e Imovie (Mac) y luego, subelo a tu web, a YouTube y a otras plataformas.
I have also noticed that at the very least google does not actually watch the video when it ranks you. Once you’ve taught someone or solidified their opinion that they are doing the right thing, you have gained their trust. The old way of thinking that did work, make a video and just build links, seldom works these days. They instead will read your description so thats very important that you make your description seo freindly while not overdoing it either.
It got a lot of views because it showed up as a related video on other highly trafficked Shrek videos.
It is important to read sometimes but what will make a GOOD IMPRESSION on people is the YOUTUBE VIDEOS.
Not very targeted I admit, but if you’re smart about this there could be a lot of mileage in this technique.

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