Billions of videos being uploaded on a daily basis as well as the videos being viewed by people around the world. So, in today’s post, allow me to share with you some nifty tricks on YouTube marketing.
How do you define video quality that is considered ‘okay’ or better than the rest? So now that you have a good idea of what a good video on YouTube looks like, let’s dive in even further on video production. A clear voice in the video will allow your viewers to listen to the facts or information you share carefully. This means that you could actually produce better voice in the video by using external microphones. If I have to choose one, I would go for Camtasia since I have been using this for over a year without issue.
Choosing the right software (especially user-friendly ones or the one that provides a lot of features) will help you create powerful videos. Another important tip is that when you are exporting your final work (video), make sure you are exporting it as mp4 status as it takes a shorter time to upload to YouTube. Some YouTubers (including me) agree that having strong keyword presence in the video is a vital move. At the same time, do not forget about the usage of exact keyword match on both your video file and the title of your video (when uploading to YouTube). So, do not forget to share the video’s URL on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Google+.
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What most people don’t know is that Google has released the exact size specifications for all devices and made it very easy to implement if you know what you are looking for.
The key is to understand that parts of the image will be cropped out on smaller devices so you need to make sure and place your text or logo in the targeted center area. The important thing to note is that your cover art will adapt to some screen sizes and at some points shrink to 1546 X 423 px, meaning that an equal amount of space (507px) to the left and right of the image will be cropped off when shrunk. While it may seem a bit overwhelming, the truth is, as long as you keep your logo or text in the dead center of the image, you will be fine.
TestimonialIX is the way to go!!!We had interns doing our social media and web updates but could never find one that we could count on to do the job right. Creating video content on YouTube is a great way to boost the visibility and credibility of your business. One way to make sure you’re creating regular video content is to develop a recurring series with a theme.
Complete your account profile and provide an interesting, keyword-rich description of your brand. Reply to relevant user comments or questions, making ‘friends’ with users who have similar accounts or brands. Don’t let your video become a hit without providing branding on who you are and how people can get in touch. Enter your email to get best practices, marketing trends and the latest buzz sent right to your inbox. Businesses are flocking to video content marketing as an efficient and wickedly effective content tactic. We conducted a YouTube video study of the Top 100 brands from Interbrand’s 2012 Best Global Brands. The research also shows that brands — including Coca-Cola and Toyota — are not just creating effective YouTube channels, they’re also embedding YouTube videos on their own websites.
So how is it that brands are investing so much in online video, but are reaching so few followers?
As an example of brands that successfully leverage video, consider Nintendo — which has one of the top-ranking channels on YouTube.
A YouTube embed is not just web content — it’s very important (Google-wise) web content. For example, Old Spice lit up its brand through a YouTube campaign that delivered videos in response to community feedback. This article originally appeared in the February 2013 issue of Chief Content Officer magazine.
Rob Ciampa is executive vice president of sales and marketing for Pixability , a YouTube marketing company based in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
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Clypper is a unique mobile broadcasting solution to connect your organisation or club to your Fans worldwide! Clypper is an innovative mobile video broadcasting service that enables the global broadcasting of short, powerful and high quality video clips to internet- and video-enabled mobile phone devices. Interesting, but I’m just wondering what your thoughts are on You Tube potentially impacting the value of producer’s content? I’m not surprised to find out that the top 10 best video makers are B2C companies (although GE also have some B2B products and services, which I doubt is the focus of their video campaigns).
You weren’t very clear on how embedding YouTube videos on your site helps you in search. Unless of course your already a worldwide brand and its literally product awareness and not to create traffic to your site..

Online Marketing ein muss fur jeden Webmaster oder solche die es werden wollen, wobei Youtube eine wunderbare und faszinierende Art und Weise darstellt, um Traffic entscheidend zu beeinflussen.
Mehr Traffic durch Youtube, fur viele Webmaster ein unverzichtbarer Bestandteil im erfolgreichen Internet Marketing, doch damit ist es bei Weitem nicht getan, denn auch hier gilt es einige Richtlinien zu beachten. Mochten Sie  Produkt bzw Geschaftsprasenation machen oder Ihre unvergesslichen Urlaubsaufnahmen oder Fotos der ganzen Welt Ihre einmaligen Ereignisse zeigen? Zuerst sollten Sie die Fotos, die Sie verwenden mochten, in einen eigenen Ordner auf Ihrem PC sammeln und diese nach Belieben bearbeiten. Wenn Sie selbst noch nicht uber einen YouTube-Konto verfugen sollten, so mussen Sie dieses zuerst eroffnen.
Zur einfachen Handhabe konnen die Fotos per Drag & Drop an die richtige Stelle verschoben werden. Weitere Tipps fur mehr Traffic finden sie in meinem  Gratis Ebook” “10 besten Traffic-Quellen, die Ihnen sofort viele Besucher bringen!
Some of your intelligent competitors are using social media tools such as Yelp, Google Places, Foursquare, and many more sites to create a buzz for their restaurant or business on the internet and have new customers become your raving fans.
Event details may change at any time, always check with the event organizer when planning to attend this event or purchase tickets.
Content on the YouTube Kids app is supposed to be safe for young children, but critics have pointed to videos that are extended product placement. The YouTube Kids App is supposed to be a safe zone for children under age 12, but the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood (CCFC) and Center for Digital Democracy (CDD) found both product placement in videos and inappropriate ads.
Canada's code of conduct for advertising to children on broadcast media does not allow any kind of marketing to pre-schoolers and prohibits use of cartoon characters or program stars to market products. But internet services don't fall under broadcast rules, hence the appeal to a trade commission rather than the broadcast regulator. Golin said Google is doing an end run around these rules and around parents by claiming it does not allow junk food marketing on the app, Golin said. The advocacy groups also found 47 television commercials and 11 longer promotional videos for Coke and Coke Zero on YouTube Kids although Coca-Cola Co. This complaint enlarges on the relationship between advertisers and makers of the YouTube videos, highlighting the use of "influencer marketing" in creating the videos.
The CCFC claims Google is engaged in "harmful, unethical, and irresponsible practices" that target the youngest children. It has parental controls for aspects like screen time and whether search is on or off, she said, and ads are clearly marked. The data on this site is informational only and may be delayed; it is not intended as trading or investment advice and you should not rely on it as such.
At the end of this post, I am sure you will not only learn how to improve the quality of your video, you will also find more ways to rank your YouTube video better! This means that there is no need to rewind, relisten or rewatch the entire video just to understand the points you are planning to state out.
For starters, YouTuber marketers are often seen using an inbuilt microphone to record their voice.
For example, Movo LV1 is a great external microphone which you can easily plug it into your smartphones. There are many areas such as the description box which you can leverage (to enjoy better ranking on YouTube). All in all, these will help to increase the ranking of your YouTube and providing a clear description of the entire video for your potential viewers. Once the video is published, you need to share it across various platforms for maximum exposure. Because of this, here at IX Marketing, we have put together a YouTube Cover Art Template Photoshop file to make the process a lot easier on every body.
Incorporate funny discussion, serious points of view and use real people to make it impactful and memorable. Customize your background to reflect your company’s branding and make sure you add links back to your website and other social media accounts. Optimize the title of the video and how users might search for it using phrases on YouTube or search engines.
Monitor the conversation on videos and your channel and be sure to respond to conversations that warrant a response, as well as moderating inappropriate content that may pop up. After analyzing 200,000 business videos across 1,270 YouTube channels, we discovered more than 50 percent had fewer than 1,000 views. In fact, 61 of the Top 100 brands now embed YouTube videos on their websites (further blurring the lines between digital channels).
Produce lots of diverse content on YouTube: The best YouTube content marketers produce more content.
Not only does the company produce great content, but it produces lots of it as well, giving subscribers and other interested parties a reason to return. Increased engagement leads to increased sharing, which leads to increased and sustained long-term views and social interaction. He is also an award-winning marketer who has used video to help bring 75 innovative products and services to global markets, generating more than $1 billion in sales. Broadcasts can be targeted to specific groups of users and there is no need for user interference for playing the video clips.
This seems to be a concern for a lot of the producer’s we work with at VideoElephant.
Isn’t it better to host the video on your website and properly mark it up so that the rich snippets show up in search and drive people back to your site vs. In seriousness however, it should be pointed out that when generating content like this, you really need to think of the end goal.
Because as far as I know that google only catch keywords in documents not inside the video, do you have any idea?
Doch wie in allen anderen Bereichen des Internet Marketing darunter Google oder Twitter gilt es einige Regeln zu beachten, denn werden diese nicht eingehalten oder auch unwissentlich nicht beachtet drohen weitreichende Konsequenzen.

Wie oft kommt es in der Realitat vor, ein wirklich vielversprechendes Video besitzt zwar so ziemlich alles, was fur Besucher durchaus verlockend klingt, doch trotzdem fehlt das gewisse Etwas, die dazu passende Musik. Um nun die Fotos in eine Diashow zu konvertieren, rufen Sie zuerst die Upload-Seite auf YouTube auf. Wenn Sie uber ein Google+ Fotoalbum verfugen sollten, dann konnen Sie auch daraus Fotos auswahlen.
We have designed a specific of seminar that will have an immediate impact on your online local presence.
CBC does not accept advertising for its children's programming for broadcast and does not accept programming that markets to children.
By submitting your comments, you acknowledge that CBC has the right to reproduce, broadcast and publicize those comments or any part thereof in any manner whatsoever. A badly done video doesn’t only turn off your readers, YouTube isn’t happy about it as well!
Sure, it is a good cost saving methodology but the results would not be as good as what it seems!
While this microphone only costs you a mere $19.95 on Amazon, it would provide you excellent sound quality when you are recording video directly from your smartphones.
For starters, creating time stamp in the description box will ensure that your followers can skip to parts of the video which matters most to them. Always remember that just like any social platforms out there, YouTube appreciates videos which are constantly shared, viewed and if possible, a touch of vitality. On top of everything, you are required to have eyes for detail as this will only make your video better than the rest! The issue most people run into is that YouTube cover images are optimized to work on TV’s, computers, tablets and phones. Make sure that the video description is relevant and keyword-rich, and includes your brand name and a link back to your website. Maybe, but after analyzing millions of videos, we think it’s a content marketing issue. Using our online video grader, we found the top quartile of YouTube marketers had an average of 181 videos, while the bottom had 29. Consistent branding and YouTube channel customization occur in 63 percent of the most effective business-oriented YouTube channels.
Engagement is a critical part of earned media that allows brands to engage back, a critical method for driving views and action. Our experience demonstrates YouTube advertising can deliver 10 times the click-through rates when compared with traditional AdWords and video ad networks. More importantly, YouTube and online video respond very positively to effective, actionable and well-targeted video content marketing. Clypper delivers a unique video player that needs to be installed on mobile phone devices that communicates with a central server.
I think both (YouTube-hosted and self-hosted videos) are essential to making sure the videos on your site have the best chance for ranking. Deshalb sind insbesondere auf Youtube einige Dinge strikt zu beachten, welche das sind, erfahren Interessenten in den nun folgenden Abschnitten etwas ausfuhrlicher erlautert. Hier konnen Sie entscheiden, ob Sie Ihr Video mit einem Musiktitel hinterlegen mochten oder nicht.
Please note that comments are moderated and published according to our submission guidelines.
In return, you will experience lesser bounce rate and longer duration for viewing the video.
Meaning that with that option to only upload one image, it then has to work on all size screens.
Intel, for one, effectively combines both professionally produced content with user-generated content. Specifically, the top 100 brands — along with the rest of the YouTube ecosystem — are burning their online video budgets on video production, while ignoring an equally important element: video content marketing.
Equally interesting is that better marketers produced assets with a far broader distribution of video lengths, ranging from 30 seconds to 20 minutes, on average. It delivers results through diverse hyper-targeting options: contextual, behavioral, geo, retargeting and search. The server schedules the video broadcasts per channel and delivers the video clips to the mobile phone devices utilizing a mobile internet connection. Love that you pointed out the YouTube video advertising – I agree, this is an often overlooked part of the puzzle. Das Zauberwort hierfur lautet ganzlich einfach „AudioSwap“, eine faszinierende Moglichkeit kostenlose Musik fur Youtube Videos zu bekommen und diese somit auch vollig legal nutzen darf. Um Ihre Audiodateien in das richtige Format zu konvertieren, steht zum Beispiel as kostenlose Programm Windows Live Movie Maker zur Verfugung.
Also, you should always write several paragraphs or about 100 words in the description box as a guide for your readers to understand what the video is all about. Our goal beyond social media marketing services is to put your company in a position with which you will easily identify the social networks where you should be participating to promote your brands and services and where people are talking about you. Ellis on Twitter"Bryan Ellis is the owner of IX Marketing and specializes in web design, graphic design, SEO and inbound marketing.
Keep in mind, YouTube automatically compensates for diverse devices — which is particularly important for mobile and tablet viewing. Wea€™ll also help you create and manage your own social media profiles to attract visitors. When not working he spends his time with his dog Charlie and working as the CEO of a charity spreading nutrition to the world one community at a time.

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