There’s a handful of people who have become millionaires with their videos, ranging from instructional to videos of a guy who talks to his pug. While you may not become a YouTube star, it’s possible to make money on YouTube if you create a series of useful videos that serve a niche or need, or, if you have it in you, make outrageously entertaining ones that will draw an audience. In this video tutorial below, you can learn in 2 minutes how set up your account to make money on YouTube. To monetize an individual video you go to your video manager and click on the video you want to monetize. Sponsored cards show up when you click on the info link on the upper right hand corner of your screen. After you choose what type of ads you want, and where you want them if they are full ads, click save.

Her journalism background as Associate Publisher and Editor of The Malibu Times Newspaper and Malibu Times Magazine has given her the rich experience of crafting stories that engage readers, and establish a following.
Learn how to monetize your Facebook page, grow your social media audience, and measure your social media ROI in this comprehensive and FREE Webinar! Subscribe and get your weekly actionable social media and content marketing tips, advice, & more! Knowing how to measure your content marketing efforts can be challenging if you don’t set it up right. This e-book will guide you in what you need to do before, during, and after your content marketing campaigns to measure their effectiveness. Eyeballs and impressions are a good start, of course; but this doesn’t make the cash register ring.

The 25-year-old has more than 41 million subscribers, reportedly makes more than $7 million per year, and now with help from Disney has a network deal. You might have to submit written proof that you have the rights to use the content in your video. When done right, it is highly measureable and in the process, can increase brand awareness, engagement and your bottom-line.

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