Did you hear how YouTube is the new black for 2014? Review the news on it during the last year, and you can see how it rivals mobile as a marketing hot button of interest. For example, Nielsen is including YouTube views in its rating calculations.  Google announced in an earnings report that 40% of YouTube views are via a mobile device – adding to its exposure as the second largest search engine. I enjoyed the Instagram book, and had discovered this review copy at NetGalley with an anticipation to be “in vogue” when it comes to YouTube.
People should comment on a video, not just watch a message.  Ultimately YouTube Marketing Power offers enough variety of tips for any business to find an innovation to apply. For making the most of YouTube, you’ll want to read about customizing your YouTube channel. Miles covers the details to setting up a channel and offers good engagement-building suggestions such as hosting contests. There are highlights of successful YouTube examples among businesses and individuals, such as Mindy McNight of the Cute Girls Hairstyles, actress Rosanna Pansino, and even Potter’s House, better known as the house of worship from famed minister T.D. A good read when researching a way to update social media plans, YouTube Marketing Power will organize your digital effort to connect with customer visually.
Nominate your favorite small business book in the 2016 Small Business Book Awards today before nominations end on April 27, 2016! Founded in 2003, Small Business Trends is an award-winning online publication for small business owners, entrepreneurs and the people who interact with them. Together with hundreds of expert contributors, Small Business Trends brings you the news, advice and resources you need. In other news, Pinterest announced that members now have access to an unlimited amounts of secret boards. Originally launched in 2012, secret boards are only visible to you and anyone you invite to collaborate. As technology continues to evolve, the way people watch and interact with video content on YouTube does too. Last November, Google+ rolled out new administrative features for Hangouts that made it easier for professionals to use the video tool in the workplace. Admins can now enable a setting that will show users a warning that they are chatting with someone outside of their own domain. As consumers become more mobile it’s increasingly important that brands adapt their marketing and advertising strategies for different screens. After implementing several changes to its algorithm, Facebook has once again switched gears and refocused its attention on design.
With user feedback in mind, Facebook announced that it will launch an update to News Feed in the coming weeks that will combine the current layout and navigation with new aesthetics, such as larger photos and new fonts. Sprout Social is an advanced, collaborative social media management platform for teams of all sizes. YouTube has sent an email to its partners describing the forthcoming paid service, which will allow users to watch videos without adverts.
Most of the details of the service are yet to be announced but many users are already speculating over the price and channel options. Since the rise of social media diversity, it’s often claimed that teenagers are giving up on Facebook and moving towards newer platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter. The more visual platforms proved popular among teens, with Instagram taking second place with 52%, followed by Snapchat with 41%.
If your company relies on the teen demographic for business, these statistics could be worth considering when choosing which social sites to use. Sarah is a Digital Marketing Exec and English Literature graduate with a passion for social media.
Oggi, realizzare un  video da caricare su YouTube , rappresenta  un elemento essenziale per  ogni strategia di marketing digitale di successo. Nel 2013 i contenuti video generavano il 66% di tutto il traffico Internet , valore che  e destinato a raggiungere il 79% entro il 2018. Alla luce di questi dati , nel 2014, e’ chiaramente necessario inserire materiale video in tutte le campagne di marketing aziendali.
Ma ricordate che creare un account e caricare un paio di video non e sufficiente per  trarre il massimo beneficio  che YouTube puo dare al vostro marchio. La qualita del contenuto e’ sempre l’ elemento cardine, sia della comunicazione testuale che per i contenuti video. Quello di Red Bull viene spesso citato come uno dei migliori canali YouTube Aziendali  per il suo contenuto innovativo, ed in particolare per l’argomento sport estremi.
A fondamento di questa tesi uno studio del 2013 ha evidenziato le diverse tendenze di tutti i marchi di maggior successo su YouTube. Creare un programma scadenze di pubblicazione contenuti sul canale e’ alla base del successo del vostro lavoro su YouTube.  Gli iscritti si aspettano nuovi  video in determinati giorni,  ed in questo modo si rafforza la fedelta alla marca, prodotto o azienda. E ' semplicissimo creare contenuti video per supportare la strategia di marketing di YouTube.
YouTube e una piattaforma di social media come Facebook e Twitter, e gli amministratori del canale dovrebbe trattarlo come tale.
E '  essenziale rispondere quando i clienti chiedono qualcosa riguardo i vostri video nella sezione commenti. Basta  solo un reclamo di violazione del copyright o inavvertitamente violazione dei termini del servizio di YouTube per un disastro colossale.
Universal Music e Sony hanno imparato a loro spese quando YouTube  diede un giro di vite ai loro canali dopo aver violato i termini di servizio. Leggete iattantemente i  termini di servizio di YouTube se utilizzate la piattaforma per la prima volta cosi da avere un'idea generale delle regole. YouTube rappresenta un’importante opportunita di marketing  che, se sfruttata nel modo corretto, puo garantire a voi e alla Vostra azienda la possibilita di restare in contatto con un enorme bacino di potenziali clienti in continua espansione.
Hitwise traffic data shows that the market share of US visits to YouTube has increased by 70% when comparing January 2007 to May 2007 (this only includes site visits, not streams or streams from views on embedded videos).
Hitwise also reports a 300% increase in the amount of traffic leaving search engines and going to video sites in the past year.
YouTube traffic spikes around January of this year – around the time that Google announced its plans for YouTube. Also, this site gets the tweets and Youtube Videos in order to show the user related content from different sources in a single web site.

Google’s Creator’s Academy describes YouTube Annotations as “clickable images and text you can add to each of your videos that encourage viewers to take an action at specific time points in your video.” In practice, they appear as text boxes, images, or video previews that pop up while a YouTube video is playing - in some cases, these text boxes or images contain clickable links to videos or to other websites. There are several different types of YouTube Annotations that YouTubers and content creators can add to videos. Note - A basic way to add information or include a call-to-action (CTA) in YouTube videos, note annotations appear as basic black or white text over a colored background.
Title - Though not linkable to other YouTube content, title annotations can be a useful branding tool and can give viewers an idea about a video's content. Spotlight - Spotlight annotations show a custom message when the viewer scrolls their mouse over a defined area, and YouTube content creators typically use spotlight annotations to create interactive end cards that link to other videos or websites. Label - Much like spotlight annotations, labels show a custom text when the viewer hovers over a defined area; unlike spotlight annotations, label annotations appear below the defined frame and have slightly different configurations.
Pause - Less an annotation and more of a playback feature, pause annotations temporarily stop videos for however long the creator chooses. Annotations have the highest click-through-rate (CTR) when they appear at the end of a YouTube video. Creators should avoid placing annotations in the lower third or along the top of the video.
To ensure that viewers have time to read annotations and take appropriate actions, video creators should make annotations visible for 10-20 seconds.
Annotations that occur at the beginning of a video should open in a new window (to ensure that each video plays long enough to be counted as a “view”) while annotations at the end of a video should open in the same window.
Mediakix orchestrates custom, high performing influencer marketing campaigns for the world's best brands.
YouTube made two interesting announcements this week, one each on the YouTube Global and Google Agency blogs. 47% of Gen C users interact with YouTube as a destination site by actively searching for videos. The amount of time Gen C spends watching YouTube on their smartphones is up 74% from last year, when the number of Gen C viewers who regularly watch YouTube on smartphones caught up to the number of viewers tuning in on their PCs. 67% of Gen C watch YouTube on two devices or more, compared to 53% of the general population. Google promises to continue investigating video consumption among Generation C users, so watch for more insights in the coming months.
More than seven out of 10 companies worldwide plan to grow their digital marketing budgets this year, according to an Econsultancy report sponsored by Responsys. A new cloud-based software from TapInfluence will strive to automate all aspects of influencer marketing, ranging from identification to ROI-based analysis. This is mentioned in the book, almost with a brute force, post-everywhere tone that can seem to emphasize tactics over meaningful strategy. There are unique applications to help organize things such as creating links with other platforms.
Jakes.  These examples may be different than entrepreneurs who typically appear on Shark Tank, but the usage is examined in a question and answer format that should yield a few ideas that you can make your own.
Small business owners, solo entrepreneurs and even corporate managers will be in style this season if they incorporate tips from this book. He is the Founder of Zimana, a consultancy providing strategic analysis to small and medium sized businesses that rely on web analytics data. After introducing changes a year ago, the social network halted the rollout due to navigation difficulties. Before an idea can become a social media campaign, it needs time to develop and should be discussed with the rest of your social team first. Pins added to these boards won’t appear anywhere else on Pinterest — not in the category sections, search results, your followers’ home feed, or even your own home feed. From cross-promotion features to offline viewing support, the platform has made several changes in order to adapt. Not only can they increase watch-time, but they create another asset that will appear in search results and Suggested Videos. Updates like the global address list and customization abilities made Hangouts a much more appealing option for internal use. When this feature is enabled, group chat conversations will be split when the first person from outside the domain is added to the discussion.
Social networks have made the transition easier by offering mobile-specific features and support. To help advertisers reach members where they’re engaging the most, LinkedIn announced the availability of Sponsored InMail on mobile.
About a year ago the social network introduced a new look for News Feed which never made it past the initial rollout phase.
This news comes in the wake of the launch of Vessel, which many successful YouTube creators have already signed up to.
Possibly in an effort to compete with Vessel and also following on from the success of Music Key, YouTube is now expanding its own paid-for content. A new study has found that in reality this isn’t the case and Facebook is still ruling the social network kingdom with 71% of 13?17-year-olds using the site. Somewhat surprisingly, only a mere 33% of teens are using Twitter, despite it having the second highest number of users overall. The study found that a tiny 22% of teens use only one social network, leaving 78% using a variety of different sites.
Instagram has added a new notification feature to the app so, if you choose to, you can receive notifications from specific users whenever they upload a new post. In her spare time she enjoys running a fashion blog and is a big fan of cheese and cocktails.
Ma il loro punto di forza consiste nel fatto che la Societa sta aggiungendo costantemente nuovi video al suo canale. Quelli con un maggior numero di iscritti hanno caricato il 50% in piu di video rispetto a quelli meno diffusi, sulla base delle  visite totali. Anche se il video tratta qualcosa di semplice come un ringraziamento ai clienti  da parte del direttore aziendale per un buon mese di vendite,  i nuovi contenuti video mantengono il vostro canale attivo ed  offrono maggiori possibilita al materiale di essere  condiviso sui social media, blog e altri siti web. Un sondaggio 2012 ha rilevato che il 41% dei clienti si aspetta una risposta da parte della societa entro un'ora da quando hanno postato il loro commento.

Una semplice regola e quella di evitare l'uso di musica o immagini protette da copyright nei video che potrebbero tradursi in una violazione. La nostra agenzia realizza siti ed e-commerce professionali, curando l' impatto grafico, la compatibilita con tutti i dispositivi mobili (responsive), con particolare attenzione al posizionamento sui motori di ricerca. In comparison, the market share of visits to a custom category of 64 other video sites increased by only 8% in that period.
In fact, a graph of YouTube’s share of visits over time suggests that its integration with Google has resulted in a big jump in visits, while hurting other video sites.
Like other annotations, speech bubbles can be linked directly to adjoining YouTube content. The message, size, color, placement, and duration of the note can be changed, and notes are linkable to other YouTube videos and pages. Title options are limited, however, and many experienced YouTubers elect to create a custom title card using graphic design software. This allows viewers to spend extra time digesting a particular frame or reading an annotated note or speech bubble. By including an eye-catching annotation at the right time, YouTube content creators can increase the likelihood that viewers will “Explore More,” "Buy This Product," "See Related Videos," or "Subscribe." For brands, a strategically placed annotation can earn qualified leads and guarantee increased brand exposure.
YouTubers often use spotlight annotations to encourage viewers to see more videos or visit sponsors during the last 15-20 seconds of a video.
These annotations risk being obscured by advertising banners or cropped out when the video is shared on other platforms. The purpose of annotations is to add value to a YouTube video, not detract from the viewer's experience.
In a second announcement, YouTube revealed they have surpassed the 1 billion monthly user mark, meaning  nearly half the population of the entire Internet tune in to YouTube. The latest product from Israeli-based Visual.ly is an infographic reporting tool that integrates with a Google Analytics account and sends weekly visual reports via email. Marketers plan to spend an average of 35% of their budget on online tactics, which is actually down a percentage point from a year earlier. As YouTube takes more and more of the search engine share, it’s importance in determining what is relevant grows as well. TopRank CEO Lee Odden will deliver his new “Creative Content Marketing – Winning Hearts, Minds and Wallets” solo presentation on March 28th at 10:30am, to show companies how to produce a creative content strategy in the most efficient way possible. You’ll also find her thumbtyping highlights to tweet from her dino-berry, sitting in random hallways with electrical outlets blogging like mad, and snapping pics of anyone caught in her crosshairs. We respect your privacy.EmailThis field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.
But the suggestion supports Miles’ viewpoint that businesses underutilize engagement to derive real value from YouTube. The chapter that notes analytics rightly displays how strategic Google Analytics links to YouTube views can be.
While this collaboration often takes place in the office or online, it rarely happens on an actual social network because once it goes live, there’s no taking it back. This week, the company introduced another new feature that can make the tool better for businesses, schools, and governments. As a result, this will prevent external individuals from seeing previous internal discussions. The ad unit allows you to break through the limits of traditional email marketing, helping you to achieve a range of objectives.
Not only does this help content to stand out, but it’s more consistent with Facebook’s mobile News Feed.
The concept of Vessel is that users pay a monthly subscription fee to watch YouTube videos ad-free and ‘early’ as they will be available on the site a few days before YouTube. So, if you’ve been focusing on Twitter and leaving the rest untouched, it could be time to rethink your social strategy.
This could be great for keeping an eye on the competition, or simply ensuring you never miss a post from your favourite Instagram accounts.
Red Bull e entrata su YouTube nel mese di settembre del 2006 e da allora ha pubblicato oltre 4.300 video. Un semplice ringraziamento e’ un piccolo passo verso il lungo cammino della costruzione di un seguito di fedelissimi che genera piu impegno ma anche maggiori risultati. Currently, reports are limited to a weekly frequency and display a snapshot of activity including pageviews, visitors, engagement, social and bounce rate.
Client-side marketers felt more confident in their ability to measure the return on their investment in digital than traditional channels. This update essentially allows you to do keyword research on two search engines with the same tool. His presentation will feature recent research into content marketing as well as several creative content examples from favorite brands. In fact establishing connections across social media is a consistent theme in Miles’ recommendations. But Pinterest is making it easier for you to develop these ideas on its platform with secret boards. The new look is designed to display on any size screen and has put a much larger emphasis on playlists. On the other hand, with most smartphone users already bombarded by push notifications from their myriad apps, who really needs more?
Lasciare i commenti negativi senza una risposta da l'impressione che alla vostra azienda non importa cosa pensano i clienti e questo comportamento puo danneggiare gravemente l'immagine del marchio. However, the 50% who said they can measure their ROI in digital marks a decrease from 55% who responded the same in 2012. Not only that, how else will you know when cat and dog videos are on the decline, and goat videos are trending? Piu contenuti  si caricano, maggiori possibilita ci saranno per i consumatori di trovare, scoprire ed essere coinvolti dal canale youtube.

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