YouTube’s 55 percent cut of ad revenue has been a contentious issue for many content creators.
As reported by Ad Age, YouTube has been giving TV networks great deals on ad revenue in the past, but that’s going to be over with soon. Feel free to check us out on Twitter and join in the discussion both on the blog and on Facebook. Opportunities We're currently looking for community volunteers to help us write blog posts and build up an authority site. YouTube has released a video promising to help creators boost their content, reach a wider audience, and make more money.
YouTube has said it aims to spruce up its social networking skills through better integration across platforms, and hopes to more than double annual ad revenue in emerging markets like India, a top executive said. Pickett said YouTube was working on areas such as the comments section of the site, which doesn’t allow users to log in from other social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter. Google launched its Google Plus social networking site last year as a competitor to dominant player Facebook, which is readying an initial public offering. While Pickett said YouTube aims to more than double its ad revenue in emerging markets, he declined to give specifics. The combination of video marketing with Google’s search engine gives you incredible leverage when attracting more traffic, leads, and sales online. Marketers who are using YouTube video advertising effectively see a 20% increase in website traffic (conservatively). This post guides you through the 4 types of YouTube ads that quickly boost revenue and when to use them.
You’ll just need to give it a little more work to make your campaigns perform well against your competition. Refer to your buyer persona to see what targeting options work best for your niche, products or services.
Once you’ve done that, it’s time that you understand the different types of YouTube ads and how you can use them. Skippable Video Ads are designed to attract the attention of your prospects in the first five seconds of watching the ad. Skippable video ads allow viewers to skip ads after 5 seconds, if they choose. And they can appear before, during, or after the main video. After this brief moment, users have the option to either continue watching your ad, or click a ‘Skip Ad’ button to proceed watching their initially selected video. One of the best things about Skippable Video Ads is that YouTube won’t charge you until the ad has been watched for minimum 30 seconds. This YouTube ad type allows you to do something truly awesome – interrupt the viewer’s attention and force him or her to focus on your pitch. If you are looking for more impressions, this might be the best type of YouTube ads for you. Your ability to get leads before they skip your ads depends on whether or not you can create a killer script to grab the viewer by the collar within the first 5 seconds.

Capitalize on that first 5 seconds to get the best results with your video marketing campaign. Viewers will not be allowed to watch the originally selected video until they have viewed the entire advertisement. However, if you’re not confident you can pull this off for now, consider staying away from non skippable ad types until such a time when you can make the ad content really irresistible. YouTube Display Ads appear to the right of the feature video and at the top right of the YouTube Search Engine Results Page. YouTube used to highlight these ad types with a yellow border, but that’s no longer the case. YouTube Display Ads are a great way to increase your YouTube subscribers, or get more views to your content. If you want to use Display Ads to take users to your website, build calls to action into your video content. YouTube Overlay Ads are semi-transparent display ads that appear on the lower 20% portion of your video. Linking your Call-To-Action Overlay Ad to your landing page gives you the highest chance of lead conversion. The great part about these ad types is that you can advertise your company’s products inside the video of your competitor’s video. As a rule of the thumb, your landing page should be congruent with your ad, so you can preserve the ‘scent’ of the ad and keep viewers hooked. YouTube Overlay Ads are great if you’re looking to get more views without causing interruptions.
Be sure to see how HubSpot illustrates the use of this YouTube ad type to accomplish lead generation objectives.
Whatever types of YouTube ads you choose to use, the importance of a well-defined call to action cannot be understated.
And lastly, be sure to combine these 4 types of YouTube ads with YouTube SEO strategies to monetize your video marketing efforts.
Whilst watching YouTube videos, advertising shown on the site before streaming begins can sometimes be a little intrusive and spoil your viewing pleasure and becomes more annoying the more videos you watch. If advertising spoils your YouTube experience you might be pleased to know that it has been revealed this week by YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki.
Wojcicki explained during this weeks Code Mobile conference that the new YouTube ad-free subscription would run alongside YouTube’s main revenue model offering advert supported content for free. No information on a launch date for the new YouTube ad-free subscription packages has been announced as yet by YouTube already details on the pricing structure that might be made available.
SoundCloud has enlisted rights management company Zefr to scan its user-uploaded content for copyright breaching material. The audio-hosting platform, championed by indie musicians and podcasters across the world, has partnered with Zefr to identify content which could be in breach of copyright.
Previously, Zefr performed a similar role exclusively for YouTube to identify - but not police - illicit material.

Zach James, co-founder of Zefr, added: "Zefr has been a leader in rights management for half a decade. SoundCloud was launched in 2008 by Alexander Ljung and Eric Wahlforss and is one of the world's leading platforms for audio creators with a global audience of more than 175 million.
While many consider that it’s too high, YouTube does provide the platform, free tools, and of course, the sales team to sell the ads to prospective advertisers.
YouTube’s recent policy update allows channels to sell ads at a higher rate than Google’s minimum fee and to keep 100 percent above that fee. Depending on when the TV network signed a deal with YouTube, soon they will be changing from receiving 70 percent of the advertising revenue to 45 percent, which is standard.
Commenting and sharing have been part of YouTube, but the experiences could be much better than they are,” Tom Pickett, global content head for the website, told Reuters in an interview on Thursday during a visit to India.
Invest the time to find out what visual cues really rock in your industry, and then use them effectively to attract viewers to your video ads. That means your ads are now blended with other organic listings, which is a good thing for you!
You should include links in your video descriptions as well as clickable YouTube Annotations.
That the company is currently planning to launch more options for YouTube users, including the possibility of a subscription that will remove adverts from YouTube movies. But would provide users an option to remove the annoying adverts if desired, via a Netflix style subscription package. SoundCloud is a vibrant platform where the fans are sharing content and finding the right ways to use that fan activity for the benefit of SoundCloud, its music label partners and publishers.
Still, many YouTubers disagree with the division of the ad revenue, especially considering how YouTube gets that average of 55 percent from nearly every monetized video. This change will likely not affect content creators who don’t have their own sales teams, but for channels that have deals with networks, or corporate channels that have their own sales teams, could see a huge increase in overall revenue. Of course, since most TV networks have their own sales teams, they could be raking it in selling ads over that minimum fee. But make sure that your ad thumbnail rocks, otherwise you’re going to have a problem getting people to click! Our information products and coaching programs are successful in helping people just like you progress the Internet landscape to attain financial freedom. I've set out to create a culture of innovation to help you build the business of your dreams through creativity, conversations, and shared best practices.

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