People are silhouetted as they pose with mobile devices in front of a screen projected with a Youtube logo, in this picture illustration taken in Zenica October 29, 2014.
In addition to giving the world a wealth of cat videos and a new generation of celebrities, the massive video-sharing site YouTube also created a burden for ad agencies – suddenly, marketing executives everywhere were demanding to “go viral.”Google Inc.
YouTube is working on an ad-free, monthly-based subscription model that will likely launch this year.
The new model does not yet have a name, and on top of removing ads, will give users the ability to save videos to their mobile devices.
YouTube will maintain its 45% revenue cut from all advertising revenue, but it’s also giving partners a slice of the subscription pie. Let’s head back to a simpler time when it was okay for people to hit each other in the head with steel chairs and turn their brains to mush for our entertainment, shall we? Fun fact: I love this commercial so much I once went out of my way to South Philly to order there. Calm and gloriously green, Flourtown is a welcomed respite for folks who enjoy the hustle and bustle of the city, but prefer to remain within driving distance. If you haven’t been to University City recently, let us offer you some advice: you need to – stat.
Whether it’s working late nights and weekends in the hospital or providing 24-hour assistance over the phone, oncology nurses go the extra mile. As #8 on the top 10 suburbs in America list, there are a lot reasons to move to Conshohocken. Every neighborhood has its gems, and, by now, we all know the loft-style condo has been a proven success in Philadelphia.

Despite 2 out of 15 women exhibiting Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, there’s quite a bit of misinformation circulating about the syndrome. The arrival of warm weather has officially signaled our summer countdown — and that means THREE, half-day Fridays, TWO, water ice, ONE, weekends spent at the beach. The most-viewed nominated video, a “selfie shootout” between basketball legend Kobe Bryant and soccer star Lionel Messi, has attracted more than 140-million views for Turkish Airlines.But the competition also illustrates just how long it took advertisers to figure out how to use YouTube effectively.
Your interest in this newsletter may be used by The Globe to deliver more relevant content, advertising and promotions. Republication or redistribution of Thomson Reuters content, including by framing or similar means, is prohibited without the prior written consent of Thomson Reuters. The Google-owned streaming service sent emails to a few of the top channel owners telling them about a plan to introduce an ad-free model later in the year. Furthermore, YouTube channels will have the ability to paywall any of their videos, allowing only subscribers to watch them. The plan is to share 55% of the total subscription money with them, though the amount for each partner will depend on the time viewers spent watching videos on their channels. And it is 30 minutes of hilarity: In between standard infomercial scenes that extoll the virtue of the club—instead of a juicer or a steam mop or whatever—three women go through the stages of a dance-off, if you can have a dance-off that involves taking your clothes off.
They passed the Mets for the division title in the final month of the season for the second straight year, they rolled through the National League playoffs and then won the World Series with relative ease!
I am sure I have missed some gems that should have made this list, but I am positive I have chosen the correct No.
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The only shakeup: Painter Ivben Taqiy lent his skilled hand to a new palette (ahem, a Honda Civic) and it was pretty fantastic. Thomson Reuters is not liable for any errors or delays in Thomson Reuters content, or for any actions taken in reliance on such content. People did that all the time in South Philly in the 1990s, though, and this ad for ECW captures that spirit pretty well. Tastykake was on a roll (an Amoroso roll) in the 1970s, as the company also had a commercial with Betty White. Rather than check out on demand or streaming, I kept flipping the remote like it was the 1990s. People are probably more familiar with the OPP parody with the dancing gorilla and banana, but this one is my favorite. So, like I did for old public service announcements earlier this year, I present to you the 10 best local Philadelphia ads I found on YouTube. But only true pizza heads will get the idea of a guy selling and then re-buying a place, a very real experience.

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