Download torrent videos or MP3s, and use the integrated converter to copy them to your iPad, iPhone, Android or other device. Besides being a great way to download YouTube videos, and convert YouTube to MP3, Vixy Freecorder does a whole lot more. In less than one month, the music video of PSY’s Gentleman has received more than 266 million views on YouTube. To download PSY – Gentleman music video, Leawo Free YouTube Video Downloader could be the best helper. To download PSY – Gentleman video from YouTube, you need firstly get the movie URL on YouTube. After that, click the convert button on the small box to start downloading and converting PSY – Gentleman music video.
Las 6 mejores paginas web, programas y aplicaciones para descargar y convertir videos de YouTube gratis y facilmente. KeepTube te permite bajar videos online en formato FLV, 3GP y MP4 con tan solo introducir la URL, directamente desde la web sin necesidad de instalar ningun programa.

Con el programa Free YouTube Download puedes  descargar tanto un video por separado como listas de reproduccion completas en la calidad original, incluyendo HD y 4K;  Permite convertir a   a MP4, AVI y WMV.
Free YouTube Downloader es uno de los programas mas faciles y rapidos para bajar videos de Youtube. Free to select any available video quality such as HD1080P, HD720P, Standard Definition, and High Definition, etc. Compared with PSY’s first song Gangnam Style, this song is apparently more successful. Leawo YouTube Downloader is a totally free online video downloading app exclusively designed for people to download movies and music videos from YouTube and other video sites.
Then, copy and paste the PSY – Gentleman music video URL onto the address bar of this Free YouTube Downloader .
When the downloading and conversion finishes, you can transfer the downloaded PSY – Gentleman video to your own portable media players for unlimited playback. No solo descarga videos si no que los convierte  en formatos compatibles para reproducirlos en el iPad, iPhone y moviles Android.

It could effortlessly help people download music videos and movies from YouTube and other video sites to computer hard disk or various devices like iPad mini, Surface, Lumia 920, Xperia Z, Galaxy S IV, etc. The first public performance of the song, with its associated dance, was unveiled at 6:30 pm on April 13 at Seoul World Cup Stadium in Seoul.
Ofrece varios niveles de calidad, incluyendo la calidad HD, y reproduce el archivo convertido cuando el trabajo esta  terminado si lo deseas. Now, the MV of PSY’s Gentleman has received more than 266 million views on YouTube in less than one month. But some people may want to download PSY – Gentleman music video to their handheld devices for on the go enjoying.

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