It goes without saying that the building block of YouTube video optimization for photographers is actually putting that video out there.
All right, so now you’ve got your video ready to hit the intertubes – but before you upload it, there’s one essential step you need to fiddle with and perfect. This one might go without saying, but it’s important to mention, since it’s the second step in our crash course on YouTube video optimization for photographers that needs to be performed before the video is uploaded.
The main purpose of YouTube video optimization for photographers is to lead potential business back to your main HQ, which is probably your website or online portfolio.
Chances are that, if you’re a wedding photographer, you’re going to want clients in your area to find you – receiving the admiration of viewers across the globe may be flattering but, at the end of the day, it doesn’t help lift those profit margins.
The thing about golden light wedding photos is that they can actually be taken with the subjects staring straight into the sun without so much of a squint. Another quality that’s unique to golden light wedding photos is the temperature of the light. Magic hour is essentially that time of day right before sunset, which means the sun has descended lower in the sky. The ‘magic hour’ is actually about two hours each day: one right after sunrise and one immediately before sunset.
If you’ve ever visited Trafalgar Square in London, you may have noticed the big signs that say “Please, don’t feed the pigeons – they cause damage and nuisance to the square”. GOOD: Most clients I’ve worked with successfully in the past had booked me right after setting the date.
GOOD: All clients receive a set of watermarked images, which they are more than welcome to share on Facebook.
BAD: If you’re always late for shoots and appointments, I’m going to become really annoyed and frustrated working with you.
GOOD: Most clients do their best to respect the set times of our meetings and this helps us work better together, since we’re all more relaxed. It might sound petty, but one way to tell apart professional competitions from lame ones is the cash prizes.
Some photography contests are good for business even though they provide no actual cash prize, as is the case with the Photography Masters Cup. If you win the IPA, you get a trip to the prestigious Lucie Awards in NYC – and if you’re double lucky, you can even get your image selected for a 45-photo exhibition in the build-up for the show.
Yes, we did say top photography contests are good for business – because the shady ones can actually be detrimental. In terms of 2014 wedding photography trends, one thing is for sure: much like in 2013, high-quality fine-art printed albums will continue to rule.
The economy is ever so slowly recovering, but while this doesn’t justify price increases, the afflux of hobbyists turned professionals in the field of wedding photography warrants that prices will stay the same. They’ve been around for just about as long as high-speed Internet connections, but the experts in 2014 wedding photography trends say that they’re here to stay for this year.
Image search is a service provided by search engine giant Google, in order to help others find specific photos online; conversely, the Google reverse image search is what you do when you have the image already, but want to know who else has it and has been using it.
The results that Google reverse image search delivers look much like a collage of visually similar pictures. The P7000 is one of the pro point-and-shoot cameras on our list because it’s got great video abilities, matched by DSLRs (24fps).
All right, so Leicas are not regular cameras in any respect, starting with their history, the kind of quality they are able to produce, but also their (often hefty) price tags.
The Fujifilm FinePix X100 is not the easiest of the pro point-and-shoot cameras to work with, since it’s a bit complex, in terms of manual functions. This pro point-and-shoot camera can be successfully used for shooting portraits, especially if you also add the NEX-5N Electronic Viewfinder, as well as some of the dedicated lenses from Sony. Bottom line, no matter how passionate you may be about wedding photography, sometimes that passion just vanishes without a trace.
The danger of feeling stuck and trapped within monotony is that you develop an entire range of very negative, self-deprecating thoughts about your work. The good part is that all creative individuals, no matter the field they’re working in, feel this way every now and then.
This may sound like a total cliche, but in order to find your passion for wedding photography all over again, you need to refocus on your vision.
The paradoxical thing about being a wedding photographer is that you sometimes end up saying yes to engagements that you know won’t help you learn. Some photographers are camera shy, understandably enough: after all, your job is to stand behind the lens, not in front of it.
For this purpose, you’re going to want to include a link to said domain as early on as possible in the video description. So add Geo Tags to local videos, via the Advanced Settings option of your account on YouTube. Light at that time of day is softer because it takes a longer time to reach the surface of the Earth, as it has more distance to travel across the universe. In somewhat more technical terms, at magic hour the blue wavelengths of light particles are more scattered, which is why there are more reds and yellows in its makeup. The span of time you have at your disposal also varies according to where on Earth you live or the place to which you’ve traveled for the photo shoot.
You can have your subject directly facing the light, or you can get a warm glow with backlit portraits. If a group of people does a particular thing, chances are others are going to follow in their footsteps. Combine reverse psychology with the principle of social proof and you’ve got yourself a good rule on your hands, which people are going to want to abide by.
This gave us a lot of time to get to know and understand each other, figure out all the details and come up with great ideas for photos.
In fact, I love it when wedding photography clients share my work, because this basically works as free advertising for my business! On the one hand, there are those photo aficionados who tend to believe  that such contests are a sheer waste of time, organized by money- and rights-grabbing brutes with no real interest in the art.
The winner of the International Photography Awards gets $10,000 in cash; the winner of the Deeper Perspective section within the same contest receives $5,000, and there’s also a $2,500 prize for the year’s best new photographer. This competition asks for a $30 entrance fee and promises exposure in the PHOTO Paper Magazine, as well as several online media outlets. You do not want to give rights to your work for free, no matter how otherwise prestigious the contest sounds.

Some are geared toward editorial work, while others tend to lean toward photojournalism more.
Read on to see our picks, which include online advertising, printed albums, and a whole new esthetic, in terms of actual picture-taking. On the one hand, we’ve seen a virtual boom of DSLR ownership among non-professionals over the past few years. Yes, yes, we know: these days everyone and their grandmother has Internet access and is dying to share digital wedding photos on social media. This is not necessarily a bad thing, as it means the clientele is getting used to the idea that access to professional wedding photography services is something that comes at a price.
There are two ways to start your Google reverse image search: one is by uploading your photo into the Google images search bar, and the other is by copying the photo’s original URL (say, off your own blog or website) and pasting into the search bar. Try searching for differently Photoshopped variants of your own work by creating these variations yourself. It all has to do with the way you license your work and whether or not the people using the pictures are making money off your back – case in which you might even decide to prosecute for copyright infringement.
If you just had that thought, while reading the title of the article, you probably haven’t been in the business of photography for too long. Many photographers who shoot portraits, or other types of studio photography, have been known to use this cute little camera for shooting behind-the-scenes videos, which merge seamlessly into the final video, without any noticeable compatibility issues in terms of frame rate. One other aspect of this family of cameras, which makes them very versatile, and also suitable for professionals, is the quality of the images they produce in several modes. However, it should be said that the Leica D-LUX 4 is one of the truly amazing pro point-and-shoot cameras on this list, even if it’s one of the pricier ones.
It’s got lots of buttons and menus and it might take you a while before you figure out how to properly expose a picture. For portraits, the results it manages to achieve are very close to professional cameras, even though this one is comparatively tiny, lightweight, and extremely easy to use. Sometimes you feel stuck in a rut and, no matter what you do, you’re just not happy with your work.
And while, at first, it may seem like these ideas will propel you toward creating ever better wedding photos, this rarely ever happens. Yes, it’s perfectly fine to turn down a job or two every now and then – especially if you’ve been feeling stressed, overworked, and burned out.
But the thing is you don’t need to be on camera, in order to create your video ‘business card’, as it were. Another important tip is to use the keyword in the beginning of the title, since this lends it more ‘weight’ in the eyes of search engine crawlers. Use a clear call to action and make sure the link is visible, or else risk losing a business lead in the endless pool of distraction that is YouTube. Input your address, then get the precise coordinates on the map that pops up and remember to “Save Changes”.
This will make your wedding portrait subjects look almost golden – sort of naturally tanned-like. Since your subjects will have longer, softer shades at that time of the day, the pictures will look more dynamic and more profound, in terms of depth-of-field. The rule of thumb is that the closer you are to the Equator, the shorter the golden hour is going to be.
In this second scenario, you can also try to obtain a rim of light outlining the silhouettes of your subject, which will make it stand out from the background and appear aglow. You tried to be more firm about your principles (think punctuality, clear-cut decisions about locations, make-up, etc.). It’s the principle of social proof, deeply ingrained in our mentalities, which tells you that if other people are doing it, you should probably be doing it, too. Yet, on the other, photo competitions do have value for the artists, since they prompt them to take an honest, objective look at their own work, cull it, curate it, and put their best foot forward. If you win the grand prize of the Smithsonian Photo Contest you get $5,000 and there are also five $500 cash awards for the categories, plus a Readers’ Choice award worth just as much.
The above-mentioned IPA has had the work of its winners published on Buzzfeed, as well as on EYEMAZING. Many previous winners of the contests mentioned above explained that photography contests are good for business because they allow you to become more connected with actual buyers in your niche. Just what it sounds like: a blend of styles that brings together the candid quality of photojournalistic shots with just a dash of the impeccable style you would expect from fashion and editorial shoots. However, while providing your clients with a DVD of pictures taken on the big day will remain the standard, what will truly set the professionals apart is the energy they invest into creating a beautiful book of hard-copy mementos. In brief, the clients are becoming educated – and this is happening thanks to a handful of professional wedding photogs who are standing their ground, even in the face of economic sluggishness. Social media has a lot to do with it, but so do the hefty prices that photographers are expected to pay, in order to have their work exhibited in bridal shows. It’s here to teach you how to use Google reverse image search, in order to find your pictures all over the web. As far as the first option goes, you can also simply drag and drop the image into the search bar, if you find this easier. However, chances are you will come across websites that have been using the photo without your explicit authorization. Google has a harder time spotting visually similar images in smaller sizes, because, the smaller the photo, the less data it has to work with. You might think that owning a DSLR alone will automatically qualify you as a professional wedding photographer.
If you also add a shoe-mount shotgun microphone, you can actually shoot great videos, interviews, or any other type of similar material at great quality. According to some, they’re great for macro shots and can produce reasonably good tele shots.
It’s compact in size, looks great, and makes for an awesome travel companion – if you do travel photography or like to shoot on the go, it’s hard to beat this little gem. On the downside, it doesn’t always get the focus quite right and it can also take some time before it finds the focus.
It happens to us all, which is why we’re here today to show you what you need to do, in order to rekindle your passion for wedding photography in three simple steps. Rather, you become more prone toward creative blocks, which, in turn, lead to creative frustration and a whole lot of resentment. The part that’s even better: you can fix these feelings and make them work for you, not against you.

You can use a platform like Animoto to turn your pictures into a video – and you will definitely want to do that, since, in case you didn’t know, YouTube is the world’s largest search engine, second only to the web giant that owns it, Google itself. They work like labels and are best employed as keywords that potential clients in your area are already searching for.
Golden light wedding photos simply look like more accurate 2D representations of this three-dimensional world. Seasons also extend or shorten the magic hour (with less natural sunlight in the colder season, it goes without saying that there’s going to be less golden light then). You can also try to obtain a flare, which will differ greatly from one specific aperture to the next, from one lens to the other – try to find the best kind of effect for your subjects. They failed to take you seriously – or, conversely, gave up working with you altogether, because you had turned ‘dictatorial’. Psychology has countless examples in this sense: for instance, when the IRS announced it was hiking tax penalties because tax evasion had been rampant during a particular year, tax fraud actually increased the next year.
That’s why we at Virtual Photography Studio believe photography contests are good for business, no matter if you’re into wedding photography, glam, editorial, or photojournalism. The National Geographic Photo Contest awards its Grand Prize winner with $7,500 and each category winner with $2,500. It goes without saying that some photo contests are great for exposure even only by sheer association (Smithsonian and National Geographic are two examples). In other words, it’s the type of photography that manages to look both glamorous and unscripted. These two factors combined bring us to one of the most interesting 2014 wedding photography trends. What they’re doing actually benefits the entire field, since it means that emerging photographers don’t have to start out from the very bottom, in terms of fees. Print advertising overall is declining and that’s obviously because there’s no comparing online publicity to what money can buy offline. Perhaps you’re not happy with not being credited, or maybe your image is used in a context you don’t want to be associated with.
Another great feature that Google delivers at this point is a brief text-based description of your photo and the context in which it’s being used. The truth is that both those statements are false and there are some great, pro point-and-shoot cameras out there, which even Pulitzer-prize winning photographers use. The video, which is shot at 1280p also tends to look quite good, even though the quality of the audio isn’t up to par (it tends to lag, at times). In fact, what these thoughts are there to tell you is that you need to take better care of yourself, both as a person, as well as a creative individual, who happens to work in wedding photography. This may mean that you’re going to have to start learning to turn down projects that don’t align with that creative vision. They can be anything along the lines of “wedding photography in [your area]”, “[your area] wedding photographer”, or anything along those lines. And, of course, the weather also plays a major role in how much time you get for taking golden light wedding photos.
And, of course, golden light allows for a ton of experimentation, so just go out and have fun with it!
If such conundrums sound familiar to you, you’re probably also wondering if there’s a way out of them. If so, it’s not because you’re particularly naughty or have a penchant for disobeying: it’s because rules like this one tell you two things. They can help you carve out a niche and build a name for yourself and they can also do a whole lot more – join us as we explore three essential arguments in favor of photo contests.
Petty or not, when a serious chunk of cash is involved, one can’t help but think of how great money would be for making further investments into business. The vintage style, popular a few seasons ago, is reportedly falling out of grace with an increasing number of photographers, who are striving for a timeless look, instead of one that just looks dated from the get-go. The experts predict this to be the year when the professionals will need to learn to set themselves apart from the non-pros.
As numerous professional wedding photogs are saying, these days a massive part of their business is coming in from their blog – so if you don’t have one already, you’d better get to it. Whatever your reasons may be, here’s the way to find those pictures and prevent further occurrences from happening. Perhaps yours is not so much a case of being offended by ‘photo theft’, but maybe the website owner or blogger that’s featuring your work has misspelled your name or attributed the image to someone else by mistake.
Which brings us, in turn, to our next point: that sometimes it pays off to use point-and-shoots, even for wedding photography, or other types of professional photography. However, if you’re into wedding photography, then you’re probably planning out shots ahead anyway, which means you might find some use for this camera. It’s all a matter of prioritizing and of asking yourself: ‘does this job make me feel proactive? Choose top targeted keywords as tags and make sure to enter them into the Details tab of the video’s properties, in the title, subtitle, target, and comment areas. Clouds in the sky are not a good sign, if you’re going for that warm, soft vibe of magic hour portraits – though they can work wonders for achieving sharper shadows and a more dramatic quality to your pictures. We’re here to tell you that there is: you can get your wedding photography clients to become more rule-abiding, with the aid of this single simple psychological trick. This feature will allow you to identify such errors and contact the people in question, to ask them to amend the issue.
Am I working to achieve a dream, or simply going with the flow?’ If your answer is geared more toward the ‘going with the flow’ option, perhaps it’s time to step back and assess whether or not you really need to say yes to the umpteenth White Wedding gig this year. In order to find the most appropriate keywords to use, you can always get some hints by using the Keyword Planner function in Google’s AdWords platform. In the case of weddings, the golden hour will usually catch you right after dinner or during the meal, so try to inform your clients of this in advance, so you can sneak out into the great outdoors with them for a few beautiful portraits. By finding a niche all your own and catering to the tastes of clients who know that a friend armed with a DSLR (no matter how expensive) is not quite the same thing as hiring a professional photographer. It will let you whittle down the results by image size, aspect ratio, colors, type, usage rights, and many other filters.
So, the basic takeaway from this lesson, is that if you want your wedding photography clients to follow rules, you need to word them right.

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