Zero-TV is a jQuery plugin that allows you to use Youtube videos as a background for your webpage, with support for custom video controls and playlist. YTPlayer is a jQuery plugin that allows you to use a youtube video as the background of your web page using html5 data-* attributes and youtube API. YU2FVL is a lightweight jQuery Plugin that plays any Youtube video in a responsive, fullscreen modal window while keeping the aspect ratio. EasyEmbed is a small and fast jQuery plugin which allows you to embed Youtube videos with standard definition thumbnail fallback into your web page. Just another jQuery wrapper for Youtube API that allows to embed an YouTube video into your web page as a video background. YTModal helps you play Youtube videos in a popup window based jQuery and Twitter Bootstrap modal component. SpidocheTube is an easy-to-use jQuery plugin which displays your Youtube videos and playlists as a gallery on the web page. Tubber is a fresh new jQuery plugin for adding Youtube videos & playlist to your webpage using YouTube Data API V3. A lightweight jQuery plugin which uses Youtube API V3 to get all the thumbnails of an Youtube video and display them will an image fallback on your webpage.
YPlaylist is a jQuery Youtube Playlist plugin used to embed Youtube videos into your webpage, with a playlist carousel. Youmax is a jQuery plugin shows your actual complete youtube channel on your website just like its shown on youtube.
LazyYT.js is a small and fast jQuery plugin for delaying loading of Youtube videos in your website for reducing the page loading time to improve user experiences. Lightbox Video is a super tiny jQuery plugin to display Youtube or Vimeo videos in a nice-looking lightbox interface.
YouTube Lazy Loader is a super light (~2kb minified) jQuery plugin used to lazy load & control youtube videos to improve the page load time.

ClassySocial is a jQuery social media plugin that make it easy to let your site visitors easily see what networks you belong to and visit them in a click of a button. Tips is a simple and easy to skin jQuery tooltip plugin that extracts tooltip text from 'title' or 'data-tip' attribute.
Video Controller is a jQuery plugin that allows you to control video players and providers (like youtube, HTML5 video, etc) via external methods. SOCIALIST is a flexable jQuery Social Media Plugin that enables you to creates a social stream (or social "wall") using AJAX from multiple social media feeds in one place.
Youtube TV is a slick, lightweight and easy-to-use jQuery plugin for creating a customizable Youtube Player widget on your website.
Youtube video gallery is a simple jQuery plugin that allows to tunr a group of youtube videos into a video gallery with thumbnails preview. A simple drop down menu based on CSS3 and a few javascript codes, inspired by the left side menu on Youtube when watching a video. Yunero is a jQuery plugin that creates a widget on your website to display a video feed for YouTube channel uploads or custom playlist with subscription box. Ultimate video player is powerful responsive video player for WordPress with right side or bottom Gallery which support most popular video types available! Details BuySmart Builder for WordPress will save you tons of time working on the site content.
Mozilla apparently agrees with me because the most recent version of Firefox won’t play YouTube videos using its usual default, Flash-plugin-based video player technology. But don’t worry, the DMM’s got you covered with a simple solution to get those YouTube videos playing again in two shakes!
Note that some VERY old videos that were uploaded to YouTube a VERY long time ago still may not play, because they may not be HTML5-compatible.
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Player comes with 5 pre-built skins and it’s fully responsive, resizeable and customisable so it fits perfectly in every website design.

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