Escale Ads > Publicite Youtube > Combien vont vous couter vos publicites sur Youtube en 2015 ? Youtube est devenu le relais de croissance numero 1 de Google pour la publicite en ligne en 2014 et va continuer sa lance sur 2015. Escale Ads realise votre video animee de type video telling pour faire votre promotion sur Youtube. Vous souhaitez faire une demande devis pour la gestion d'une campagne AdWords ou une formation Web ? Watching YouTube videos on your iPod is easy, just follow the simple steps presented below. Home Section - This is the first screen you see when you start up our iPod video converter. If this is the second plus time you have run YouTube Downloader App, you will see the next screenshot.
YouTube Downloader App - This is the first screen you see when you start up YouTube Downloader App.
YouTube - Now that you are on the YouTube website, you should find the video you want to download and convert.
Once you have found the video you want to get and you are on the video's YouTube Watch Page, click the "Select Stream" button [Purple Box].
From this page you can go back to YouTube and find another video to download following the steps above.
If you would like to view the progress of your download, click the "Downloads" main menu button [Purple Box]. So you read our previous post on the new look YouTube design and want to get your mitts on it right now? I’ll rather wait, it feels nice to just turn on your PC one day and see you just got Rolled-Out. Fixed the unexpected token illegal thanks to mark but when I refresh it just stays the same.
1) It might just take some time to start working (or it may only apply to new interactions to keep load down). 2) The setting is there, but the feature hasn’t actually been put into effect yet as this design is still being tested. I gave up on YouTube’s homepage and just use channel RSS feed for new uploads inside Google Reader. Handuel choice in the google chrome option menu clear browsing data and clear browsing data and refresh page:). It works for me only in the main login page, once I sign in to my account it goes back to the grey UI… I need to have the LATEST!!!!!!! Doesn’t work for me, at least not when logged in like you obviously are in the pictures. THIS IS HORRIBLE I WANT OLD YOUTUBE BACK, THIS HAS TO BE THE WORST NEW YOUTUBE EVER !!!!!!!!! Wir haben in der Vergangenheit schon einige Tipps und Tricks gegeben, wie man einen eigenen YouTube Channel erstellt, oder den Vorhandenen optimiert.
Wie in diesem Beitrag ersichtlich ist, sind die Einstellungen und das Design des Kanals wichtig. Zum Schluss noch einer der wichtigsten Punkte: Der YouTube Kanal sollte mit den passenden Social Media Profilen verknupft sein, damit die Nutzer auch auf diese aufmerksam gemacht und weitergeleitet werden. Aline ist SEO & SEA Project Manager bei xeit und bloggt hier zu Themen rund ums Internet.
Social Media: Jeder zweite Schweizer Internetuser nutzt zumindest gelegentlich Angebote im Bereich der Foren, Blogs oder Online-Communities.
YouTube has earned its spot in the news this week, after it revealed a possible relaunch of its livestream feature, this time with more focus on live gaming and esports (electronic sport, also known as gaming competitions). After a failed attempt of purchasing streaming website Twitch last year, YouTube did not give up on expressing its interest in being a part of the fast-growing esports industry. According to a source from the Daily Dot, the new YouTube Live will be consistently focused on gaming and esports in particular, providing popular streamers and various organizations involved in the industry with rather unique opportunities very soon. The same source added that the number of views accounted for esports will be on the rise as Google will start a driven campaign that promotes partnerships for live gaming competitions.

Livestreaming first became a part of YouTube in 2010, when it decided to broadcast cricket games from the Indian Premier League for free.
When Google announced last year that it intends to purchase Twitch, users figured that YouTube’s next move will be to focus on gaming in their livestreaming business. On more recent news, YouTube seems to be seeking ways in which it can challenge Twitch’s apparent monopoly on the industry of esports and video game livestreaming; that will be a tough nut to crack, though.
However, YouTube is showing a promising start in their endeavor, as the company added to the staff 50 engineers with consistent experience in the streaming industry.
YouTube’s involvement in esports could be visible through its broadcasting of the League of Legends Championship Series, the largest professional gaming league in Europe and the United States, ever since 2013. If you are interested in what YouTube itself has to say about this rumors, keep an open ear at the upcoming E3 gaming expo (June 16-18), when more certain news are expected from the video-sharing portal.
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Il est vrai que l’audience de youtube est considerable et va continuer a croitre cette annee.
Certain formats ne seront pas accessibles a tous mais les videos en preroll offrent selon nous encore une bonne opportunite en 2015 notamment sur le Trueview avec des CPV abordable sur le marche Francais. Depuis la creation des ses premiers sites web en 1998, Florent n'a eu de cesse de developper ses experiences dans le web en travaillant dans le secteur du e-commerce chez l'annonceur, puis en agence, jusqu’a devenir conferencier pour Google. You must be connected to the internet for this feature to work as you need to access YouTube to find and download videos. Click the Downloader App Icon [Purple Box] in the Home Section Browser to run the YouTube Downloader App.
If this is the first time you are running YouTube Downloader App, you will see another page explaining what YouTube Downloader App does.
In this example we are looking for the "Big Underground Explosion 4" video, so we preform a search for it which takes us to the next screen. You will not be able to download videos from other pages like the YouTube homepage or search results.
It be automatically added to iTunes if you chose the "MP4" and "Add MP4 to iTunes" options. I occasionally get it sometimes in Chrome, just randomly, and it completely ruins the way I browse subscriptions. The whitespace isn’t ideal, but works fantastic when I have more than one window open and need to resize the window.
I want a list of what all of my subscriptions are uploading (uploads only), like it used to be.
Simply check the box at the top and hit the dropdown arrow – there is an option to apply the change to them all. I won’t be very upset with this change as long as I am still seeing everything that is being upload and ordered by newest first, which I believe I am. When I’m not logged in the new UI is shown, but when I log into my account i switch back to the old interface which is messed up on some places. Weiterfuhrend dazu haben wir hier nun 7 wertvolle Tipps zu den optimalen Einstellungen Eures YouTube Kanals. Auch eine Content Strategie fur die Videos, sowie weitere SEO-Faktoren sind auf YouTube wichtig. Denn der Kanal ist uber den Namen auffindbar: In der Suche, aber auch in den Kanalkategorien und den vorgeschlagenen Kanalen, in denen Nutzer stobern konnen. Hier sehen die Nutzer schnell, welchem Zweck der Kanal dient, um welche Themen sich die Videos drehen und von wem der Kanal ist.
Bei dem Kanalbild handelt es sich um ein quadratisches Bild, welches nach den Angaben von YouTube eine optimale Auflosung von 800×800 Pixel hat.
Es sollte als optische Erganzung zum Kanalbild verwendet werden und weiter Hinweise uber den Kanalgeben. Zum Einem gibt es die Ansicht fur abonnierte Nutzer und zum anderen die Ansicht fur Nutzer ohne Abo. Der Kanal sollte moglichst Ubersichtlich sein, damit die User auch schnell finden wonach sie suchen.
Allerdings moderieren wir die Kommentare und behalten uns vor, beleidigende oder offensichtlich fur die Suchmaschinenoptimierung abgegebene Eintrage zu editieren oder gar zu loschen.

Google-owned platform YouTube is looking into acquiring new talent and improving its broadcasted content. Expectations were high for this new feature, but YouTube’s interest appeared to die down, as it retracted any mention of live event from its homepage in 2014.
The deal wasn’t signed in the end due to some antitrust concerns, and Amazon overtook Google and acquired Twitch for a surprising $1.1 billion. The issue was that the event’s broadcast was not exclusive for YouTube, which meant that a lot of viewers chose to watch the LOL Championship Series on Twitch or other rival companies.
Mais alors, Combien ca coute en 2015 de faire du preroll, Masthead ou de la chaine personalisee ? To view a larger version of any of the screenshots, simply click on the screenshot desired. Simply click the "Click Here to Start" link and you will be taken to the page seen in the next screenshot. The Stream URL textbox will change color to green when you are on a page where you can download a video.
If you selected the "FLV" format, you will need to convert the FLV file manually in Videora iPod Converter like any other video file. I like interface changes and I like everything else they did, but what I hate is when redesigns make things more difficult. I just switched to another copy of Chrome I have installed to refresh my memory on how the old system worked and it is *exactly* the same. There’s an option to select all your subscriptions at once as well (to make changing the setting super easy with thousands of channels). I will need to go through 954 subscriptions to make it like it used to be and then constantly come back to this page to modify each new subscription. Thanks, I need to settle down and take some more time figuring things out with the new interface.
The last time they randomly updated me a few months ago for like a week and it was not ordered by newest first. Here at the top click on the check box to select all your subscriptions and then click on the arrow. I tried deleting my history, cache and cookies and I still can’t get it to fully work. I tried the js code to switch to the new look, I even wrote my own code to try to update the UI, but nothing worked.
Wenn im Bild Text vorkommt, muss unbedingt darauf geachtet werden, dass dieser noch gut lesbar und nicht verpixelt ist. Und wichtig: Nicht vergessen zu uberprufen, ob die Social Media Buttons immer noch gut erkennbar sind. Es sollten sinnvolle Playlists erstellt werden, die sich nach verschiedenen Themen-Bereichen gliedern. If you get a dialog box saying that the Downloader App could not be found, you will have to reinstall Videora iPod Converter and make sure the "YouTube Downloader" box is checked during the setup process.
The only difference is that the new layout actually allows you to scroll through your list inline, the old layout did not. Beim Beschreibungstext sollte beachtet werden, dass oft nur die ersten paar Worter der Kanalbeschreibung zu sehen sind. Dieses Begrussungsvideo ist daher eine gute Moglichkeit den Besuchern den Kanal vorzustellen und ihn interessant zu machen.
Das Video sollte daher eher kurz gehalten werden, damit die Zuschauer es auch zu Ende sehen. So kann man die neuen Zuschauer kurz und knapp vom Kanal uberzeugen, und informieren worum es beim Kanal geht. Im Video durfen die Besucher auch ruhig zu verschiedenen Aktionen aufgefordert werden, so wie z.B.

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