With the year coming to an end, many people may want to revisit just a few of the viral videos of the year. While only 14 million people ever saw this awe inspiring video of a bird that somehow taught itself to sing dubstep, it’s definitely one of the cutest viral videos of all time. Coming in at almost (just 300,000 quite) short of 20 million views is Chris Hadfields rendition of Space Oddity recorded onboard The International Space Station (in space!).
It’s somewhat sad to think that one of the most viral videos of 2013 was in fact a game reveal trailer, but at 21 million views, it makes the cut.
When we first heard that Jean Claude van Damme was set to star in a commercial for Volvo trucks we had no idea just how epic it would be. A lot of people have never even heard of this particular clip, mainly because it’s aimed at a specific audience. This video clip was first published on April 8 of 2013, and over the following months received a very steady stream of shares and views. In February of 2013, a couple of teens from down under made a 30 second video that was soon the most talked about clip on the internet. While most people think of Gangnam Style when they think of PSY, the Korean singer’s 2013 video for Gentleman is one of the most viewed videos of 2013 and comes in at 600 million views. In 2013 alone we experienced at least 50 viral videos contending to be the best,A according to Daily Motion. There were few ways to share the videos we found a€” you couldn't post videos on your Facebook wall (and not everyone had Facebook yet), there was no Twitter, there was no BuzzFeed. By chance, videos like "OMG Shoes" and "The Laughing Baby" ended up being shared in AOL Instant Message conversations or at dorm room parties in college.
Estimated reading time: 3 minutes, 6 secondsIn San Jose the last few days SMX West took place. The first session of day 3 of SMX West was all about how to get your videos shared and viewed on YouTube. ZAGG sells tablet and mobile accessories online and shares a lot of video content on YouTube. And remember the Velcro theory – the more videos you have, the more people you will reach. Next up was Steve Young from SmartShoot, a marketplace connecting customers with film makers and photographers.

Email journalists personally a week before the launch of your video to get them to cover it.
A useful tool for getting contacts is Rapportive – enables you to find email addresses.
Finally, Jonah Stein from SEO agency It’stheROI shared a few other video thoughts and tips. Think about emotional triggers – you need to connect with your audience emotionally, or they won’t share it! Its all about marketing – use all your lists and existing channels to get that video seen and shared. Video doesn’t really work on Twitter- images are much prefered but other social channels like Facebook and Google+ will work much better.
Keep up with the latest digital marketing developments, views and how-tos through State of Digital’s digest newsletters. Gemma Birch has been working in international search since 2007 and leads WebCertain’s marketing team.
The video is a bit cropped, but 100% adorable if you like birds, animals being funny, or anything in between.
While Caitlin Heller later revealed the video to be a prank, it’s still pretty funny. If you have to be told who originally recorded Space Oddity then you’re too young, or you spent the entire 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s in a coma, in which case we apologize. This viral marketing campaign for K-Mart’s online shopping and delivery service is probably one of the most viral puns of all time. The trailer has garnered over 30,000 comments, and while the game is now out, is still pretty popular for anyone looking up Call of Duty online.
While the clip itself obviously appeals to a certain generation, that didn’t stop it from going viral.
Today, and 65 million views later, it’s pretty much established that no one can do a split quite like van Damme. While it’s fifteen minutes of fame were fleeting, Harlem Shake is still one of the most duplicated videos out there, with everyone from your mother to big industrial companies creating their own version. Most importantly, as of December 27th 2013, the video has over 300 million views, which is saying something when you consider that it wasn’t uploaded until September 3rd of 2013.

In 2005, the launch of YouTube was also the beginning of the golden era for some of the first and best viral videos to ever hit the Internet.
Most importantly, people weren't employed yet solely to scour the Internet looking for these things. The speakers were Jake Larsen of ZAGG, Steve Young from SmartShoot and Jonah Stein of ItstheROI and each had some key takeaways. She is responsible for managing WebCertain’s online marketing activities around the world as well as organising and programming the International Search Summit. Plus, at 14 million views and counting, we dare you to do better when it comes to making a viral video. Today and millions of comments later, the video is at 61 million views, with over 4 million shares, making it the most shared video of 2013.
The film is a bit of a concept idea, where all of the dancers see their reflections as babies. That’s more than 26.5 million views every single day since launch making it one of the most viral YouTube videos of all time! Not to mention videos that set memes into motion like The Harlem Shake and the girl who caught fire while twerking. Put your link in the top of the description, include as much info in the tags as much its the only way youtube will know what your video is about and be able to show it to the audience you’re targeting. Plus, since it features pure human stupidity, a couple of cardboard boxes, and grown men drinking from sippy cups, what’s not to love?
Looking at Google trends is a good way to find what people are searching for and publish content to capitalise on that. If they find out its actors, people will actually have less trust in your brand and the video will lose credibility.

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