Visit our Privacy Policy if you have any questions regarding our collection and use of information. YP℠ analyzes billions of unique location, search, and behavioral data points to generate 150 million highly-detailed, proprietary mobile user profiles. YP provides The Home Depot with great reach that drives further online-to-store traffic and sales with simple campaign implementation.
One of the benefits of YP is a real depth of data and understanding about the person I’m trying to interact with. Campaigns in San Francisco, Madison and Seattle saw a 6% lift in sales over national average.
Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. YP Digital assisted Metricon by designing and developing the Facebook application which easily allowed fans of the Metricon Facebook page to share the details of the iPhone application for their chance to win an iPad.

Development of a Facebook application to allow the sharing of 'marks' taken by fans at Metricon Stadium. An amazing iPhone and iPad application designed to present Metricon's impressive range new home designs. A one-of-a-kind award-winning colour selection tool and website for interior and home design information. Through co-operation with the Metricon Stadium in Queensland, Metricon Homes is running a marking competition at all Gold Coast Suns home games throughout the 2012 AFL season. Metricon enlisted YP Digital to build a supporting Facebook application that would allow fans to share the photos of their marks easily with friends across Facebook. YP Digital developed a back-end administration interface that allows self management of the applications. Our planning, design and development services have helped create the most visited home builder website in Australia.

Our data lets you target audiences with amazing accuracy, helping you reach purchase-intent consumers in ways no one else can.
An administrator can upload images and activate the relevant game to allow sharing of fans' photos. Fan data is also collated to assist Metricon in determining the fans who share the most photos.
Individual performance results will vary depending upon campaign parameters like business type, category, and geography, as well as factors and circumstances unique to each business or campaign, such as flight dates, seasonality, and consumer demand.

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