Periodically moving forward we will feature a new B2B sales, marketing or business leader here answering what have become the standard “How I Work” questions. This week I’m excited to feature Amy Bohutinsky, who has been the mastermind behind Zillow’s marketing efforts since the beginning. Alaska Airlines app – I travel 3-4 times a month, and I’m constantly checking flights, seats and (if I’m lucky), upgrade lists on it. At home: My husband and I gutted and remodeled a short-sale we bought in 2012, and we now live in it with our 2 kids.
I don’t spend a lot of time at my desk – the days I’m in the Seattle office I largely spend in 1:1s, meetings and walking around talking to my team.
When I do sit at my desk, I have two huge monitors and a stunning view of Puget Sound and the Olympics from Zillow’s 31st floor.

While at my desk – Spencer’s (Zillow CEO) treadmill desk, which is about 6 feet away from my desk in our open office. Spencer Rascoff (Zillow CEO) always says, “hire better than you.” Zillow’s marketing team is now over 70 people – and I would have never been able to do some of the things we’ve done without chucking the ego and finding people who are smarter, faster and more creative than I am. Sign up for our newsletterReceive the latest B2B news, trends and helpful how-to’s delivered to your inbox every month. FitBit and EveryMove apps – all of Zillow gets a fitbit and there’s quite a bit of workplace competiton. We installed Sonos wireless in the walls, and set up all these different audio zones that we can control with our iPhones and play Pandora, iTunes, Spotify, TV, etc. I also like to spend a little time each day in one of Zillow’s treadmill rooms, and I try to take phone calls then.

BarMethod – I’m addicted to this form of exercise and South Lake Union studio, but I have to change around my classes a lot due to my schedule – so the app is a daily visit. I then date the notebooks, file in chronological order and save them for a year, in case I ever need to look back (I rarely do).
It’s an archaic system from my journalism days that I can’t seem to shake – I feel lost without my notepad.

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