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Over these past few days I have been pissed off by ABBA fans who think it is OK to sell bootlegged material. Be warned though, the audio quality of these goodies is not that great, these are only meant to be for "sweaty, obsessed fans!" who already have everything officially released (If you are new to ABBA, then I suggest you legally purchase ABBA Gold, The Definitive Collection, Number 1's etc).
I would much prefer to buy official releases of these albums if they existed, but for now I think it is better to get them free instead of paying for them.
ABBA - If It Wasn't For The Music (Sources include TV shows, radio programs, vinyl and cassettes)NB. ABBA - Live 1981 at Dick Cavett Meets ABBAABBA performed 9 songs on the Dick Cavett Meets ABBA TV special.
The AC3 files are stream copied from the DVD files, they have not been converted or re-encoded into a different format. The Vocals and Instrumental tracks have been extracted from the 5.1 surround sound mix, and then saved in the FLAC format. 01 Gammal fäbodpsalm (live Milwaukee 79)02 Voulez-vous (live Milwaukee 79)03 If it wasn't for the nights (live Milwaukee 79)04 As good as new (live Milwaukee 79)05 Knowing me, knowing you (live Milwaukee 79)06 Rock me (live Milwaukee 79)07 Tomas Ledin - Not bad at all (live Milwaukee 79)08 Chiquitita (live Milwaukee 79)09 Money, money, money (live Milwaukee 79)10 I have a dream (live Milwaukee 79)11 Thank you for the music (live Milwaukee 79)12 Gimme!
01 Voulez-vous (live in Stockholm)02 If it wasn't for the nights (live in Stockholm)03 As good as new (live in Stockholm)04 Rock me (live in Stockholm)05 Tomas Ledin - Not bad at all (live in Stockholm)06 Money, money, money (live in Stockholm)07 I have a dream (live in Stockholm)08 SOS (live in Stockholm)09 Why did it have to be me (live in Stockholm)10 Intermezzo No. ABBA - Live Sydney 3rd March 1977, AustraliaBlurb from fan who provided me with this -The rainy concert, complete with Bjorn addressing the crowd!
TRACKS 14 - 23VISITORS INTERVIEW WITH BJORNBjorn was interviewed by British Forces Radio around the time The Visitors was released in 1981. TRACKS 24 - 26DUTCH FAN CLUB INTERVIEW WITH BJORNA Dutch fan travelled to Polar Music Headquarters at Baldersgatan 1 in Stockholm to record an interview with Bjorn very early in 1981.

TRACK 27 - BONUS TRACKI AM AN A (A SIMPLE FOUR LETTER WORD)LIVE IN MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA, MARCH 1977From the 2.30pm performance on Saturday. ABBA - "Just Like That" PackHere I have collected all the ABBA versions of Just Like That into one neat little RAR file.
Copyright (c) 2009 - 2011 ABBA Just Like That!Powered by: Best Web Hosting and Affiliate Programs Directory.
Pour voir et imprimer ce score, vous devez installer gratuitement la visionneuse de partition de musique gratuite Scorch. I have been busy re-uploading these CDs to other download sites such as rapidshare and mediafire.
The quality here is quite rough, but it's excellent considering the terrible weather (at some points you can actually hear how strong the wind is). RCA (their Australian record label) arranged an exclusive telephone interview to be recorded with all four members of the group.
This interview was played to British military staff stationed in various overseas locations. The discussion is about the new ABBA album Super Trouper but also covers the (then) recent death of John Lennon. This behaviour is totally disgusting and I do not have the time to deal with this scum behaviour.
Please note that mediafire has a 200 MB upload limit, so multiple mediafire links may appear for one CD. There is no stage chatter and minimal audience noise between songs, and many tracks fade in a bit late or fade out a bit early though.

This interview was conducted by DJ Ray McGregor and pressed on to a special promotional-LP issued to Australian radio stations. Bjorn discusses each track on The Visitors, talks about ABBA's future and dismisses those rumours about Agnetha appearing in TV's Dallas. Original 12' Remix02 Lay All Your Love On Me - Canadian Remix03 The Visitors - Special DJ Remix04 Chiquitita - Original Maxi Version (Just the normal version, no differences at all)05 Waterloo - German Version06 Ring Ring - US Remix07 Hole In Your Soul - Live 1979 on Argentinia-Only 'Pro Siempre' Album08 Why Did It Have To Be Me - Live Australia 197709 Waterloo-Money Money Money-So Long - Live Medley 197710 Ring Ring - Prev. A copy of this LP surfaced earlier this year and is brought to you on this CD for the first time in 25 years! This is a complete and uncut version of the never released ABBA song I Am An A (also known as A Simple Four Letter Word). I hope that true ABBA fans will spread the word about this page and thus making their money making scheme a failure. FLAC is a lossless audio compression format, meaning that while the audio file is smaller than WAV files, the sound quality is exactly the same.
Massive highlights here include a brilliant He Is Your Brother, complete with the instrumental break edited out of the movie, and Frida's kick-arse ad-libs on Dancing Queen. Despite the man talking and the shaky quality, this is, without doubt, my favourite ever version of Dancing Queen. Dream world (previously unreleased) (Note this version came from the 1986 Radio Special)14.

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