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I’ve listened to Abraham-Hicks Getting Into the Vortex General Well Being Meditation 8 times over the past month. My life purpose is to embody the Spiritual teacher that I was brought to this planet to be. When I started Season 1 over again at the start of November 2011, I felt gutted and all of my excitement for life was muted. I am using this 100 day reality challenge and the support of the people here to get back on my feet and back to where I was 10 months ago, when I was motivated, in the vortex, and ready to take on the world, and my now-dead friend was cheering me on actively, every day.
Val (AbrahamFan29) commented on Jazz D's videoDay 23 - Caloundra with Cat!"Yay someone who has longer videos! Hello everyone!I'm new to the 100 Day Reality Challenge site but have been an Abraham Hicks fan of the avid variety for three years now.

Also that I have a Mission and a Purpose that is Worthy Valuable  and Icould be the Best me I could be, and Enjoy my Life..
So letting go of old ideas, thoughts and behaviours sometimes is challenging, I find for me to grow I need to to that.. I listen to it on a rotation with the other 3 meditations in the Getting Into the Vortex series of meditations at the start of each day.
My goal is to share timeless, eternal wisdom through writing, teaching, consulting, radio, television, iPod players; by any means available with any and all ready and willing to learn, heal and grow. The positive comments, the sharing of stories, and the videos and blogs others post about their adventures attracting what they want into their lives. Date and find someone where there's enough chemistry and mutual attraction for exploring the possibility of something long term.

It is a magnificent thing to have such a forum for so many like-minded people to come together in support of one another on our paths of creation!! I learned how the Law of Attraction and Law of Allowing can be used to ease a dying loved one's transition, but still felt gutted when the experience was over. Excellent to get your talents out there, having other people put your stuff out there is so great!
I wish you the best in your 100 day challenge, and we all look forward to hearing about your manifestations!!!

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