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FREE Instructional Driving VideosTeens have 4 times more crashes than all other age groups COMBINED! Below is a list of coaches who are members of ADD Consults and who listed themselves on the ADD Consults Coaches List. I believe that ADHD coaching should be an integral part of the treatment plan for many individuals with ADHD. This is when I coach on strategies that help you get to work on time, balance your checkbook, sort the mail every week vs every six months! 3) The "All those years of dealing with my ADD buried my deepest dreams - now I want them BACK (if I could just remember what they were?)" phase. You know, it IS different for ADHD women - we are often more sensitive, we feel pain and pleasure more intensely, we get frustrated more easily. I had a coach who told me once "You need more encouragement than any other client I've ever coached!" At the time, I was devastated - embarrassed that I was so needy.
I speak to a variety of groups on Gremlin-Taming (parents, students, sales professionals, teachers).
Since leaving England as a young woman I have lived in Australia and New Zealand during which time I gained 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur and corporate executive.
I moved to the USA eleven years ago and established my own Professional Organizing firm working with hundreds of clients, many with ADHD; and gained government contracts to work with Adult Protective Services social workers, and their clients. If the client is 100% committed to the process of coaching and is matched with a dedicated, well trained and experienced ADHD coach then the sky is the limit!! I believe I am honest, kind, compassionate, intelligent, creative, hard working and wise; with a great sense of humor!
Always happy to have a chat about your specific situation and how coaching works in general and could work for you.
There`s nothing too difficult or impossible that cannot be improved with humor and lightness.
For more than 20 years I ran a small crafts business, producing framed painted paper cuttings which I sold to gift shops and galleries across the country. For more than 10 years I produced big events for non profit organizations here in Baltimore. I work with people who are ready to challenge themselves to do big things: small business owners and high performers in corporate settings, people on the move, people who want to make changes and get results. Tip Of The Day:Learn how long it takes to do each repeated task in your life so you can know when you really have time to do it.
Recovery from ADD symptoms should include medication as well as an ADD-knowlegeable psychotherapist.
I am also a certified sex therapist and relationship counselor, areas with which ADDers often have problems.

Teaching Skills- most ages and content, State mandated test passing- what really works as a scorer. 25 years in a school system which included 3 years teaching Kindergarten and 22 years as audiologist.
The Davis Center uses sound-based therapy to make change with how the person receives and uses the vibrations of sound received from the environment around them. Edgar Cayce says, "Life in its manifestation is vibration." Dorinne Davis says, "All vibration is motion.
The Davis Center is recognized as the world's premier sound-based therapy center because we offer The Davis Model of Sound Intervention. Tip Of The Day:Use the energy of the body to repattern how you can attend, focus, and listen.
Licensed Educational Psychologist, first ADD Coach in Israel, lectures in schools, hospitals, Learning Disabilities clinics. I have more than 25 years of experience working with families, individuals, and students who struggle with learning and challenges related to ADHD.
Nancy holds a master’s degree in Administration Planning and Social Policy from the Harvard Graduate School of Education and is a Master Certified Coach.
20+ years of extensive work n a national level in both the personal and professional Life Coaching field. Energetic, intuitive, compassionate, insightful, driven, relentless, committed and passionate to helping people succeed, good sense of humor, courageous.
I understand ADD from the vantage point of spouse of ADD husband and of three (now young adult) children. We have not verified their background, experience or other statements and urge you to do so before retaining the services of any professionals. It's the "tips and tricks" phase and often comes in tandem with medication management or other ADD treatment. I coach on coming to grips with the fact that ADD isn't going away, but that you are a worthwhile and magnificent woman in spite of -- or because of -- your ADD.
I coach women to dig deeper, to unlock their purpose and passion so they can live the lives they were always meant to live. I have set up and run a variety of businesses internationally, both for myself and as a consultant. This hands-on experience combined with 5 years of study culminating in my graduation from two prestigious coaching institutions; Coachville and the ADD Coaches Academy, has equipped me to be a compassionate and highly skilled ADHD life management coach. He has helped me to understand on a gut level basis the paradox of ADD – the great gifts it gives and the roadblocks it can create in relationships.
First: coach from a sense of deep understanding and compassion for how ADD has affected the person's life.

I believe my therapy background is useful in addressing coaching issues, as we explore as a team, what the roadblocks are that one experiences. I have three near adult kids: one computer programmer, one in the Peace Corps and one in college studying architecture.
She directed the first mental health clinic in development towns in Israel, worked as a school psychologist and behavior coach with students, families and teachers, and represents children with special needs in school placement committees .
ADD Coaching helps people leave their fears and negativity and move toward who they want to be. My purpose is to serve and assist you to create possibilities and the action steps to achieve your desires. This goal is ultimately accomplished by using strength-based strategies and the client's own innate creativity to solve problems. By using the ADD Consults Coaches List, you agree to hold ADD Consults harmless from any and all claims which may arise as a result of your using the information provided. And enjoyed corporate roles working in public relations, banking, travel and the film and television industry. Second: Help clients become more aware of how their thoughts and beliefs shape their perception of the world and the mood and emotions they bring to their life experiences. Coaching is not therapy, but having worked with ADD adults, I feel my experience in this field offers a special sensitivity to my clients` needs. Lisa began a private ADD Clinic in Israel in 1996,and has been in the forefront in the development of a format for evaluating and treating learning disabilities in Israel.
The coach provides structure, feedback and encouragement to keep the learning process a dynamic one. Think of linking the 'installing' with several common actions you do many times a day; answering the phone, pouring a cup of coffee or drinking a glass of water, leaving a room, getting in or out of a car. If you take into consideration the 8+ possible co-morbid disorders, there are over 6,000 possible variations of ADHD. Together, we take the journey to achieve new levels of awareness, hone your communication skills for increased effectiveness, and make the transition from where you are now to where you want to be!
That means that in a room of 6,000 people, they could each have ADHD and each be entirely different. Plus the BONUS REPORT – “10 ‘Must-Dos’ to Crash-Proof Your Teen Driver” Don’t leave your teen driver stranded!

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