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In medieval or Tudor times, court jesters communicated using jokes to relay thoughts or ideas without fear of retaliation. Attention and ADHD coach Jeff Copper reveals the secret to managing attention in this 30-minute downloadable video workshop. Experience and witness the anatomy of attention and learn the fundamentals to manufacturing your own ADHD Aha! Knowing that ADHD impacts focus, follow-through, memory, listening skills, time management, and addictive behaviors, it’s easy to see why even the smartest people with ADHD can struggle in college and university. The Perfect Career For ADHD brings you the collected knowledge of leading Adult Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder experts. On the other hand there are tinges of sadness and frustration flavored with a weary melancholy.
While waiting for my flight to Chicago to board, I wander into a shop selling everything from chocolate bars to native sculptures to I Love Arizona key fobs.
But the truth is, if we’re willing to be honest, we do find money for the things that matter to us. The same edition of Harpers magazine notes that Americans spend $2 billion a year on mayonnaise.
And that return could be almost anything: fun, pleasure, safety, security, excitement, joy, love, weight loss, inner peace, better health, cool toys, simpler lives, more friends,  or washboard abs.
The potential ROI on your investment in coaching can be, well, almost anything you can imagine. Hey, I’ve got a dozen voices in my head at times, I might as well create voices that are way smarter. My Smartphone was $85 and with my ADD and direction issues plus forgetting appointment times and such it is an invaluable tool for me, like an extra brain, my little executive.
A year ago I left a job because of some bullying and narcissistic behavior from my ex-boss (who also was supposedly a friend). After what happened with that long-term therapist, my ex-boss, my family of origin… I am loathe to give up any control over my life to anyone else. If coaching works so well maybe we should be lobbying to have at least some of the costs covered by health insurance. As for finding a therapist, I refer you to our coach’s directory and repeat that the person does not have to be in your area for coaching. I’m not a therapist, but I do know that when I simply took care of myself and gave the person who was struggling my support and love, without conditions, things changed. The other practice I took on was to simply look beyond the behaviour and get into the persons head. The joke is, I could dismiss other people’s upsets about relationships ending, or failing at work, or school… and yet when I was that age and I broke up with my first girlfriend or two…. So, this is a long way to say that the best thing you can do for anyone who is struggling is simply love them, without conditions, without judgement, without offering advice, or nagging, or trying to control, convince, or coerce them into something.
That being said, I *am* in the process of looking for somebody close by me (about an hour away is as close as I’ve found). It is with regret that the Learning Disabilities Association of Nova Scotia is no longer operational as a Non-Profit Organization.
The LINKS Children’s Literacy Program has been transferred to Chisholm Services for Children and is still in operation. You can also contact your family physician or pediatrician for a referral to an educational psychologist at the IWK or another local hospital if you are an adult looking for testing.
You can search for the right organization or community service to support you with the help of Nova Scotia 211 service. LDANS would like to send our sincerest thanks to everyone that has participated in, benefitted from, and helped support us as an organization for the past twenty four years. If you could find a coach who able to work with my son, who is now 18 before he ends up in jail and homeless and on drugs.
Just a quick note for anyone who is in Canada: Contact your local branch of the Learning Disabilities Association of Canada. Recently, I finally got to the point where I decided that I should be doing for myself the same things we are trying to do for our son to make life easier and have started taking meds. Many ADDCA Coaches-in-Training charge lower rates, while acquiring the required practical coaching hours to qualify for their final exams.
And I agree- coaching is the essential and often missing piece in the treatment of adults with ADHD.
Even in my groups for women, which are incredibly cost-effective, I hear from many that it’s simply too expensive. When I was diagnosed, the doctor placed me on adderall, I didn’t like the quiet in my mind, so decided to stop taking it, at the time I was dealing with a plethora of other issues, and thought to myself, well, I’ve lived this way for 40+ years! BBC navigation News News Sport Weather Shop Earth Travel Capital iPlayer Culture Autos Future TV Radio CBBC CBeebies Food iWonder Bitesize Travel Music Earth Arts Make It Digital Taster Nature Local Menu Search the BBC Things To Do. As a business person and as an individual I thrive on BHAG's - Big Hairy Audacious Goals.

It unfolds layers of meaning, using simile, metaphor, irony, and symbolism in verse and rhyme, evoking emotions, inspiration, and HOPE!  It is HOPE that those with ADHD need most! Earning A Degree With ADHD guides you through the risks and challenges ADHD students face as they enter college – away from home, on their own, without the structure of parents and high school. If you have questions, concerns about cost, or simply never thought an ADD Coach could be valuable, this video will show you the magic of having a partner who gets ADD and can help you get—and stay—on track. On the one hand I’m glowing and optimistic, the result of being in the presence of scores of people who have dedicated their lives to transforming other lives. While skeptical, and yet reluctantly admitting that this whole business and life coaching can make a dramatic difference. A famous study done at Harvard suggested we earn between 8000 and $14,000 less than our non-ADHD peers every year. I know of people living in fairly dire circumstances who have the latest smart phone and video games. No mention of the cost for angioplasties, cholesterol medication, and strokes.  Do you see where this is going? But most coaches will do a free session so that newcomers can see how the process works, and discover the difference it can make. Clearly coaches, especially ADHD coaches, need to explain not just how coaching works, but the potential benefits, the return on your investment. And I switch roles, hearing what I’ve just said and imagining what a coach, therapist, or friend would say. While therapy has been helpful for me in the past, it didn’t help me discover my ADD or help me with my reaction once I realized what I had been trying to deal with all my life.
My career was derailed and my income has been reduced dramatically (meanwhile a year before I thought I was on track to advance significantly, which I was, but that got derailed). Summer time is tricky because most people are on holiday, travelling, taking care of kids, etc.. If my wife Ava is upset about something, or has had a bad day, and I start offering all kinds of solutions, it simply leaves her feeling like her upset isn’t valid. Let me know if you need another guinea pig, and THANK YOU for everything you and your team does!
We are unfortunately not able to provide any of our previous services and supports to the individuals and families in Nova Scotia that are dealing with Learning Disabilities and the various challenges and daily struggles that accompany them.
We greatly appreciate your support and are deeply saddened that we will no longer be a contributing participant in the communities of Nova Scotia. And just the perspective I needed…I try to keep myself as well informed as possible about ADHD and strategies for managing it, understanding it, and trying to learn how to find my strengths through podcasts, webinars and reading.
I did that and was able to access a reassessment and coaching, all paid for with funding they found for me.
This is similar to the articling done by student-lawyers, and the interning done by medical students. That way, the service is still seen as valuable, even though the client isn’t actually paying for it. It *is* costly for most, but it’s possible that coaching can be a short term investment for learning strategies to help with organization, time management and all the rest. Yet…my fees are purposely *extremely* low so that it is truly affordable to almost anyone.
In New Hampshire, coaches are few and far between and so far, I haven’t even found a therapist who is knowledgable in ADHD. It’s our modern-day way of communicating and making light of an otherwise awkward or embarrassing moment. Those with ADHD face a higher risk of being fired, earning less money, going bankrupt, quitting a job, and being under-employed. Why are so many of the sessions about finding ADDers, not actually reaching people who would benefit hugely from coaching? I felt paralyzed and my credit rating plummeted because I was unable to advocate for myself at the time. It is difficult for me to read information, especially a lot of it, and a lot easier to learn and retain it from a video. This is black and white thinking where I am either giving up too much power to other people or deluding myself into thinking I can do it all myself without ever needing any help.
In our video on Holistic Solutions to ADHD we explore a lot of different things you can do to manage ADHD and reduce the struggle… but creating new habits requires patience, sticking to a routine, repeating something until it becomes automatic… In other words, not how I naturally operate with my ADHD mindset. On mornings when we are low energy Caroline puts on music and has us up and dancing and moving. They knew the consequences, at least on some level, but young people don’t really get it. Helping them to see what it is that has them in such pain is likely to be much more effective. And I know enough about human nature to understand that it simply triggers an even stronger push-back.

With heavy hearts we inform you that the Learning Disabilities Association of Nova Scotia office is closed effective immediately. He was such a talented athlete and has been a smart student but always struggled with goals, tasks and self diespline.
I was the child of a child psychologist and a psychiatrist, neither of whom ever had a clue that I had ADD. I valued all of it very much and was able to get a number of things sorted through coaching. And yet, so many ADHD students are unsure of so many things: courses to take, how to manage the workload, and where to get help.
But if I gave up my smartphone I would lose time trying to print and write everything out and then risk forgetting those papers on my way out the door. I don’t think that career was the best choice so in hindsight it all worked out, I am happier now, even in the poor house.
The therapist shows you your life, you have an insight, and that automatically leads to change. Having been through some stuff with my own family members I finally realized that people were going to choose what they were going to choose.
And as hard as it must have been for my friend to not express all his fears and terrors over the child he loves dearly, he simply came from a place of love. Some of the programs provided by LDANS have transitioned into the Chisholm Services for Children network of services. I only went for a few months, but they were valuable and I learned some skills that have been helping me a lot ever since. I also have a lot of credit card debt due to issues with managing my money and living in a high cost area. Forget it, I am barely getting through the day.” It is hard from this perspective to see the big picture. Maybe we can learn why coaching works, how it works, and see some data showing that it works. Even after several years, I always went into the sessions thinking it was going to be a waste of time, or that I should simply figure it out on my own.
Please see below for more information on those programs and for tips to get assistance in other ways. He choose to self medicate with drugs and alcohol which has put him in a no win situation with his future in all catagories: family, college and job.
I have known at some level for a long time that coaching could be the missing component to finding the way to make some real changes in my life, but have always thought that it was too expensive and not something I could afford.
I am sick and tired of knowing how well the synapsis in my brain don’t work, and would love some coaching on how to handle my new found understanding and best possible practices.
I can attest to this and I blamed myself for not “getting it” all those years, I was furious when I realized what a waste it was.
I think coaching can help a lot here because it seems coaches have a specific training and methodology. This will help us get an informed opinion and perhaps lead to an informed leap of faith that it will work for us. And I’d always leave feeling much better, glad I went, and certain it would have taken me years to figure out what my therapist had been able to filter out of my babbling brain dump.
I am also dealing with a rare cancer (slow but relentless) that nobody knows anything about and spend a lot of time researching, trying to get all my doctors and protocols on the same page, fight ADD and manage each day, all of which is exhausting, expensive and paralyzing. I am about to try Adderall to see if it will stop the inner hamster wheel from spinning long enough to get my home, papers, medical protocols, dust bunnies and laundry and even fun projects into some kind of order and schedule. Intuition and expertise are good but I think therapists should also be checking with current science and with other colleagues for factual information and practical solutions. I think coaching could be the one lifeline that could pull me out of the quicksand, so why haven’t I done it?
In this must-see video, 17 ADHD experts explore the hidden dangers and surprising consequences of disclosing your diagnosis. I can find a zillion reasons to avoid putting my money where my mouth is and money is only one of them. It’s a typical ADD story, running away from opportunities for fear of failure and the inability to stick with things. No, I don’t fly the big ones, I just ride them onward, upward, out of the box into another adventure. I was always a jack of all trades and never mastered anything, but I did have some good times!. My job now is to survive, thrive, and somehow find a way to navigate the ADD maze that is my life.

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