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ADHD coaching is similar to life, sports, music or executive coaching in that they help clients reach their peak potential and performance. An adult ADHD coach, or one that specializes in coaching children, helps clients identify short and long-term goals and provides individualized strategies to increase chances of achieving those goals. The ADHD Coaches Organization (ACO) represents one professional group that seeks to standardize the profession of ADD coaching. Those interested in locating a qualified ADD coaching expert can search the directory of certified coaches on the ACO website. This does not mean that adults should not consult a family physician about their concerns, simply that the doctor may refer them to a mental healthcare provider with more experience dealing with adult ADD patients.
While self-diagnosis is never a wise move, it may prove helpful to ask yourself the following questions to determine if you do need to seek a specialist who provides adult ADD help or if something else could be responsible.
At the initial visit with your physician, he or she may ask similar questions to the ones above.
The most important thing you can do for yourself is to seek help and talk to a health care professional about your concerns.
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When I see parents whose children and teenagers are exhibiting obvious signs of ADD my personal viewpoint is to at least let them try medication under proper medical supervision.
The women whom I coach, especially those in the corporate world, are lawyers, doctors, or advertising and marketing executives. Being effective in modern life requires a consistent stream of energy throughout the day and week. They came about as a compilation of my years coaching clients and helping them discover what worked for them as well as my own experience in trying to self manage. I’ve coached artists to lawyers to engineers to doctors to women who run home businesses, the most important thing no matter what, across all boards, is loving what you do. Vitamins and coffee, those are substances that you are putting into your body to change chemicals so what is the difference except that prescription medication is put out by a pharmaceutical company. Rheba EstanteSF Women's Health ExaminerRheba Estante has written on health and wellness topics since 2009.
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Homemade frugal solution to mirror and window cleaningThere are hundreds of products on the market that can and also claim they are great cleaning agents. I’d like to say that I was enlightened and supportive… but that wouldn’t exactly be the truth.
I realize that this may seem like a very simple realization, but believe me, it was one that had been hidden from me and getting it was huge. As we traveled and interviewed experts for the show, we began to understand the dire need for good information and help for people with ADHD, their families and their friends.
Our vision was for TotallyADD to be a safe place for people to learn about ADHD in a really fun way and to be part of a community that supports and empowers them. If it’s important to you as well, please contact your local PBS station and let them know that you want them to run it! On the other hand there are tinges of sadness and frustration flavored with a weary melancholy. While waiting for my flight to Chicago to board, I wander into a shop selling everything from chocolate bars to native sculptures to I Love Arizona key fobs.
But the truth is, if we’re willing to be honest, we do find money for the things that matter to us. The same edition of Harpers magazine notes that Americans spend $2 billion a year on mayonnaise.
And that return could be almost anything: fun, pleasure, safety, security, excitement, joy, love, weight loss, inner peace, better health, cool toys, simpler lives, more friends,  or washboard abs. The potential ROI on your investment in coaching can be, well, almost anything you can imagine. There’s a great article in ADDITUDE Magazine about how to deal with people who don’t understand ADHD, or dismiss it, or deny you have it.
Or if we can’t think of a brilliant riposte, we fantasize about the uninformed loudmouth being crushed by a falling piano, lying there, pinned under a Steinway, begging for our help… And we lean over them and coo, “Piano?  What piano?  I don’t believe in Pianos. And now, through their own pain, they realize how hurtful they’ve been, and they apologize for their ignorance and beg for our forgiveness.  Which we grant them, because ADDers are often generous and kind and empathetic and quick to forgive. Now because the perception that ADHD is a ‘myth’ is less than it was even a few years ago, we might think it’s not a big issue. And yes, for some ADDer, who have supportive people around them, resistance is never a biggie. But I knew from my own experience, and from what people are sharing in the Forums about their Emotional Journey, facing skeptics is a hot topic. I drew up a list of a dozen nasty statements, then I wrote some rather clever rebuttals, and trimmed it down to the five nastiest ones.
And now, a few years later, and a bit wiser I’ve learned that sarcasm will silence someone.
There were even a few who bought tickets just to enjoy a fun evening with, “the guy who plays ‘Bill’ on The Red Green Show.” Heaven knows what those ‘Bill’ fans must have thought by the end of the evening. But as a number of people told me in the ‘meet and greet’ after the event, what is surprising is not that there is a great deal of liberating laughter at these talks, it’s that there are also tears of sadness. Standing onstage, seeing people tearing up, sobbing quietly, or slipping an arm around their partner to comfort them… I felt like I’d done something wrong.
For a while, when someone would choke up, I would try and recall what I’d just said that had set them off. We made our original documentary, ADD & Loving It?!, to create some lightness and freedom around what can become an intimidating, hugely significant, and scary topic.
And though I used to think of them as polar opposites, now I see it’s the same thing—a release of pent up fear that allows people to move forward.
If there are only two choices, RIGHT or WRONG on average, you can only be right 50% of the time. In fact, I’m going to suggest there are as many ‘right answers’ as there are people on the planet.

If you are a teenager, (or you have been a teenager at some point,) you know how teens feel about their parents. But then your friends would meet your folks and say, “Gee, they seem okay.” And you had to explain that, “Sure, they seeeeeem nice, but that’s a big act. If you are past your teen years, perhaps to the point where you have teens of your own, at some point you may find yourself telling them to take care, drive safely, and don’t have an accide… “Oh my God!  I’m turning into my parents.” Delivered in a tone that says, “I’m a monster! If you’re lucky, at some point you’ll actually realize that you’re telling your teenager, “Don’t have an accident!” because you had an accident not long after you got your licence. Frequently, ADD coaches do not have the same professional credentials held by a psychologist or licensed counselor, but employ highly effective tools and strategies to help adults and children manage the issues and challenges that come up in their daily lives and routines. According to the ACO, qualified ADD coaches should have a minimum of 72 hours of ADHD coach-specific training. The Institute for the Advancement of ADHD Coaching also has a directory of credentialed coaches on their website. Things like daily planners, whether electronic or paper-based, can help adults cope with their chronic tardiness, tendency to lose things, and forgetfulness. While Twitter link shares certainly do function in this way, they also have another benefit of which you may not have previously thought. Today, much of the strength of the web is derived from the fact that it allows people to share all kinds of ideas, facts, and opinions easily. Few people could have predicted the overwhelming success of social media sites, or how critical they would be to promoting a business online.
Note that approximately 65 percent of social media users are learning more about products, brands, and services that they are interested in. If I had been given the benefit sooner of being on medication I would have avoided some of the challenges the condition brings upon a person much earlier in my life.
These are high levels professionals who are expected to perform at very high levels cognitive function. It’s not until this point that they get themselves together enough to get in action towards completing the goal of calling a coach. Where can someone find the right ADD coach in their local area as well as a physician who can correctly diagnose them? Otherwise they will experience, again, what it’s like being in a classroom with a teacher who doesn’t understand the symptoms of a neurobiological based disorder. I want to be clear that those issues brought up in coaching are dealt with to the extent that coaching can. Understanding how ADD impacts, acknowledging and accepting, and the right environment and people. I would say, even though I can’t prove it, that there are many undiagnosed people out there.
In my opinion, there have been some research that showed that the medicated ADD kids were not as prone to getting into trouble, such as drugs, risky behavior, oppositional conduct, etc.
Do you recommend particular support groups for those living with ADD who want to be surrounded by an external reinforcement social community? People have spent endless amounts of money on alternative medicine to relieve their symptoms.
What are the specific coaching strategies you most recommend ADD sufferers develop to success in the workplace if they are unable to work with a coach on a regular basis but are highly motivated and on medication?
No, instead, I questioned the validity of an ADHD diagnosis and asked Rick to stop taking the pills he’d been prescribed.
And, in 2008, he pitched a television special idea that would become ADD & Loving It?!  which has since won awards and has been seen on PBS by millions of people. Because sometimes it can take time for the people we love to understand and fully support us.
On the one hand I’m glowing and optimistic, the result of being in the presence of scores of people who have dedicated their lives to transforming other lives. While skeptical, and yet reluctantly admitting that this whole business and life coaching can make a dramatic difference.
A famous study done at Harvard suggested we earn between 8000 and $14,000 less than our non-ADHD peers every year.
I know of people living in fairly dire circumstances who have the latest smart phone and video games.
No mention of the cost for angioplasties, cholesterol medication, and strokes.  Do you see where this is going?
But most coaches will do a free session so that newcomers can see how the process works, and discover the difference it can make.
Clearly coaches, especially ADHD coaches, need to explain not just how coaching works, but the potential benefits, the return on your investment. And it explains everything from The Conflict in The Middle East to why many people in Toronto still support Rob Ford. But even when they are spreading lies, or terrorizing people or attacking their fellow human beings, it’s because they have decided that their beliefs; political, religious, or whatever, are more important than the other person’s freedom, or their right to choose, or even their lives.
And if, perhaps they are willing to admit that what they aren’t doing isn’t exactly honorable, or worse, that they are doing something kind of nasty, or even openly wrong, they find a way to justify it. As in, “Hey, I don’t want to cheat people, but if I tell people about the problem with the sewage, no one will ever buy this house. If you are open to seeing a better explanation than, “I’m turning into my mom,” perhaps something like, “I love my kids more than anything,” well, then eventually you may come to a different belief about your own parents. ADHD coaches (ADD coaches) specialize in helping their clients meet and deal with the challenges associated with the disorder in healthy and productive ways. Essentially, they take the tools and behavior management systems the patient learned from their mental health care practitioner and help apply these tools and skills to their individual lives. The coach must have received training from an International Coach Federation (ICF) credentialed Master Certified Coach (MCC) or Professional Certified Coach (PCC).
Alternatively, some of the best referrals come from friends and acquaintances who have found a coach, experienced in ADD coaching, who helped them. While these physicians may feel comfortable diagnosing and prescribing ADD treatments to a child patient, many may not feel comfortable diagnosing adult ADD patients and prescribing ADHD drugs to adults. Counselors, who specialize in designing tools to help with adult ADD, will come up with a strategy and skill-set geared especially for your primary ADHD-related issues. Essentially, you share links by posting them as part of tweets, status updates and the like. In fact, The Huffington Post, which originally began as a blog much simpler than it is today, sold for more than $300 million. Today, about 89 percent of marketers believe that the use of social media can generate more business exposure! Social media users follow brands, talk about the ones that they like, and make recommendations to other users. There are needs to be structure in a person’s life, behavioral therapy, regular physical exercise, routine in lifestyle, daily rituals to organize the internal mental chaos. The book and the A-N-S-W-E-R method I write about in “The Disorganized Mind” is powerful because it leads you through the stages of gauging whether you are ready or not to self coach.
Coaching looks at things from the viewpoint of how a person can move forward to their goals in a consistent manner. I more or less have a roster of therapists whom I refer people to or I ask my professional network of national coaches in certain locations for good referrals. It would be interesting to look at the people in jail, teen pregnancies, adoption, car wrecks, insurance, unemployment, all those are huge issues.
Do you have advice on how they can avoid the trap of being misled by ineffective treatments?That may be a symptom of the condition itself – the looking for a miracle cure.
The book recommends programming a cell phone to beep every hour on the hour to do a self check in. Why are so many of the sessions about finding ADDers, not actually reaching people who would benefit hugely from coaching?
Even at last week’s event, as one woman was weeping quietly, I paused to ask, “Are you alright?” She nodded.
So if you believe that ADHD is made up and the medications are dangerous and in the good old days kids just got a smack on the head and that was that… Well, then you’re going to say things that other people might find hurtful, cruel, or pig-ignorant. But if you have to courage to try it on, as an idea to consider, it may actually give you a great deal of power in dealing with people who appear to be crazy, or drive you crazy, because they believe in something other than what you believe. Much like a sports coach, ADHD coaches identify your strengths and weaknesses in the game of life. Those practicing ADHD coaching who received certification as a Professional ADHD Coach from the Institute for the Advancement of ADHD Coaches may also qualify for ACO membership. While family docs have access to specific criteria for diagnosing and helping children with the disorder, no clear guidelines exist for family physicians providing ADHD help for adults.

If your business is based online, or could benefit from an online presence, then it is important for you to jump in, get involved, and share links! Taking part in this online social sphere can give your business the opportunity to benefit from word of mouth on the internet, and also free advertising. ADD and ADHD is a controversial diagnosis for some who believe that its just bad parenting, poor diet, or lack of motivation in people. They are always walking around with the fear of being caught so they work twice as hard to compensate. So during a coaching session I know what kind of structures, strategies, and other adaptive mechanisms are needed for a person’s to take control of their condition. Usually it comes when a gun is to their head figuratively speaking like a critical deadline or emergency.
Some say that they have been on medication for six months and was only able to get so far on it. The key to making any changes is accepting and acknowledging that you have a problem or challenge. I can tell you once thing that fact, a person with ADD who does not love their job and does not work with supportive people, or have negative co-workers, no matter if its the right position for their skill sets, they will not survive. Many adults go through a lifetime without a correct diagnosis and not understanding it until one of their kids is diagnosed. But I think it’s critical to talk to others so you don’t feel along and isolated, This helps to “normalize” you and make you laugh at your foibles instead of yourself! If I want to do the work that I do and be effective then I must take medications and it’s just that simple. There is the parking lot (piece of paper) approach of “parking” idea that randomly comes into your head. If I don’t need medication to focus, why would you?” And, of course, “I’m getting tired of searching for your keys, aren’t you?!” I was transposing my experience of life on to Rick. The odds that I’m going to be 100% right about everything I think and do, now that I’m not getting marked for it… Awkward, right? Once identified, you're taught strategies designed to capitalize on your strengths and improve specific areas of weakness, such as organization skills or time management. With so many blogs out there, it can be quite difficult for even the most talented writers to get their content noticed.
With mother’s day fast approaching I asked Nancy Ratey to dispel some of the misinformation out there on the condition. A coach is someone they can confide in and work in partnership with to develop effective strategies.
Then and only then can you move yourself aside, remove the self blame, etc and stand back far enough to objectively look at your situation.
Working together with someone to eliminate their destructive behavior is the work of a therapist. Another misconception is that everyone has a little bit of ADD or that people just want to be on the medication to gain an advantage.
Otherwise, I would be an amazing farmer somewhere out on the Savannahbut if that’s not what I’m doing. It’s like a people trying to find the right planner for something when it won’t make a difference. The parking lot can also list the impulsive or distractive thoughts that you would otherwise act on or forget. What a relief!—it garnered disbelief and some downright snide remarks from friends and family.
I was listening to people who knew as little as I did instead of having a conversation with Rick to fully understand his experience. I mean, I have ample proof that I haven’t been right about choices I’ve made way more often than I’ve been right. He’s wrong!” And you may already have 150 objections and arguments to prove I’m insane and you’re right. In order to boost visibility and gain popularity, they might have to use social media and share links on Twitter and other pages. Ratey is an international master coach specific to ADD and ADHD diagnosed adults who are themselves mothers of children with the condition. Left untreated, all the misbehavior and negative internal self talk from being yelled at, the shame and blame from inappropriate conduct, gets so ingrained in a person’s psyche that It becomes hard to change over time. Having someone they can tell their struggles to and who have an understanding of the root cause of those struggles is therapeutic.
You can use the gun to the head strategy like in high school, college, singlehood, and in an early career. I forget the name of the study done a few years ago where scientists looked at the effect of stimulants on ADD versus non-ADD subjects. In order to sit down and focus and prepare for my job while taking care of the house, then I need to be on medication. Those patterns of negative thinking and self-abuse that entails leads to chronic lo self esteem which can drive a person crazy. For many people not being on medication is like not wearing glasses if you are near or far-sighted. Major life events such as parenthood means that you cannot wait until an emergency happened to get your brain jacked up. Just like in the field of life coaching this is a self regulated field and a person has to interview each coach and learn about their background.
So if an issue comes up in coaching that is therapy related I request the client to take it with in therapy.
Even on the medication, I have to implement so many strategies because it’s so pervasive and affects every single aspect of my life. And that led me to a big a-ha moment: Not everyone thinks the way I do or experiences things as I do. The women I coach seem to have a much harder time with that, possibility due to females being able to hyperfocus better than men. It’s about being able to access executive functioning on a regular basis without an urgent deadline. I also never a coach a client without a release form that allows me to speak or introduce myself to their therapist. The non-ADD were given the medication and showed no significant in performance while on it. Ratey has been frequently interviewed by various media on her coaching style and methodologies. Women who have put themselves in risking situations due to their condition may have ended up facing the life consequences of irresponsible drinking, driving, or poor boundaries due to their impulsivity. They get sucked into something like the Internet and go into tunnels of information making these broad connections about data in their brain.
Most of the coaching is done over the phone but if someone wants a local practitioner then the directories I mentioned lists providers by region. I tell my women clients, we mostly run the household, so put things on calendars, delegate, don’t hold everything on your shoulders. All of a sudden, three hours have gone by and they missed a meeting or are late for an appointment.
Otherwise they put their health at risk by the stress of all nighters that can doom their families and careers. I always carry a notebook to “park my thoughts”, and keep notepads in every place possible.
So a strategy for a self-check via a pop out on their computer screen or a cell phone that vibrate every 30 to 60 minutes can interrupt their activity and prompt them to ask themselves: what am I doing or am I working on my top priority right now.
When I collect my multiple to do list I then go through all my actions and put them in their right timelines and act appropriately. I might as well do this right now is my natural inclination so collecting my notes and going through a proper process is imperative to managing my thoughts. Again, nutrition and diet adjustments are individual but it can help to cut down on coffee, exercise, balance.

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