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The cost for the Adult Anger Management class is $165 if paid in full at the time of registration.  You may choose instead to pay a non-refundable deposit of $90, with an additional $90 payment due by the fifth week of class, for a total cost of $180.
The cost for Anger Management for Teens is $135 if paid in full at the time of registration.  Participants may choose instead to pay a $75 non-refundable deposit, with an additional $75 due by the eighth week of class, for a total cost of $150. Please call our office at (559) 229-3561 to obtain information on the next class schedules.
Participants must attend and participate in all sessions in order to successfully complete the class. Participants who successfully complete all sessions of the class and have paid in full will receive a Certificate of Completion on the last day of class. Services are available to all eligible individuals regardless of race, gender, age, ethnicity, sexual orientation or income level, and are entirely confidential.
An 8, 10 or 12 hour anger management class that you can stop and start anytime you want - on your time schedule! Or, instead of taking the online anger management class, take the anger management class by mail with our workbook. Our Online Anger Management Class was developed by Master's level experts with over 17 years of real world experience and is based on The Psychology of Anger. Having to take anA anger management classA is difficult enough without taking time away from work, life's obligations or having to take expensive classes. Anger Management Online is the first completely online quality anger management program available to you in the privacy of your own home at an affordable price and with a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. Anger Management Classes will coach you into making positive changes in your life and re-focus you toward effective problem solving skills. Anger Management Classes Online has been a reputable anger management program for years and it is a name that people equate with quality education. Courts and Human Resource departments across the country and around the world have accepted Anger Management Online as a credible, professional program of anger management.
Anger is a very normal natural reaction to situations that may cause disappointment, hurt, frustration, sadness, confusion, shame or other negative emotions.
Finding help for anger management is not easy and choosing an anger management class can be just as confusing and frustrating as the anger itself.
If you need me to review your records, send letters to the legal system or psychotherapists, talk to probation officers, to the courts, email records, mail records, research questions, anything outside of services that I have preformed for you, I charge 100.00 per hour and I can bill in 15 minute increments. Our New Anger Management Webinar is a perfect match for those who want to take the class from the comfort of their home. If you miss a class you will be able to catch up by listening to the recorded lesson saved on our archives.

How many times do you lose control over your emotions and act in a way, which you will regret later on? You may be inclined to start an argument by saying or doing something you don't mean, and regret later. Anger management classes will help you understand your inner process, the emotional triggers that lead to angry reactions, and teach you coping skills to more effectively deal with stressful circumstances.
Adult Anger Management Classes - Where adults will learn how to manage stress, anger, improve communication and gain emotional intelligence skills (these classes can be self-referred or court mandated). Adolescent Anger Management Classes - Classes specially designed for teens and delivered according to their age. Executive Coaching - For those who want privacy and individual attention with an exclusive schedule, we offer Executive Coaching.
New Anger Management Teleclass - You can attend classes over the phone from the comfort of your home. In a moment of despair and anxiety over a failing marriage of 40 years I found Cristina on the web and contacted her concerning anger management. More than half of the services provided by CYS are delivered in the community – on school campuses, at resource or community centers, and in the homes of consumers.
This Anger Management Class is completely self-paced, sign out and come back later, the computer will take you back to where you ended. Our anger management class is offered by the reputable Offender Solutions® series of online classes and was developed by experts. Our online anger management class sets an industry standard as one of the nation's premier provider of online anger management classes. Take either the online anger management class or the workbook anger management class - not both. Once the last chapter has been completed the Certificate of Completion is activated and available for you.
Anger Management Online is the program people are choosing for help in learning successful new behavioral techniques in anger management. This anger management program is widely accepted by the Courts and Human Resource Departments Internationally.
We will meet for 10 consecutive weeks online, and as in our regular classes, you will learn skills to reduce stress and manage anger productively. How many times do you promise yourself you will no longer lose control over a very stressful situation? This is a powerful training that will improve your stress management, anger management, communication and emotional intelligence skills.

By learning anger management strategies, employees and managers can improve their communication skills and gain emotional intelligence, reducing the overall level of stress in the workplace. These classes are only for self-referred adults who want to learn how to improve stress management, anger management, communication and emotional intelligence skills. These programs are an excellent method for team building, improving relationships, and increasing interpersonal skills. That's right, work on your anger management class a half hour at a time, more sometimes, less others - you choose.
Our anger management class is an 8, 10 or 12 program and can be taken on your timelines in the comfort of your own home. Or, if you want an embossed Certificate to verify your online anger management class completion, no problem, no charge- just ask! Anger Management Online will teach you the appropriate tools to manage your anger for a life time by helping you to understand that anger is an emotion and not a behavior.
Because there are currently no set standards on anger management requirements it is always a good idea to have ANY anger management program approved by whoever requested you to complete a program. Uncontrolled anger can make you feel as though you're at the mercy of an unpredictable and powerful emotion. The instructor will be lecturing through her webcam, but it is up to you whether you want to use a webcam, a microphone, or just use our instant message system. Anger management classes will teach you skills that will help you become aware of your emotions, and will help you navigate difficult and stressful situations in a peaceful way. They will learn to develop and maintain relationships as well as to manage their emotional intelligence and communication skills, which are very important in building a foundation for their future. Learning how to communicate our needs to our partners will help us to change patterns of passive, aggressive, and passive-aggressive communication into an assertive communication, which will lead to a more stable and rewarding relationship.
For a variety of reasons, many people can not attend in-person anger management classes, or cannot find an anger management class that is located in their area. You can log in and out as many times as you like from any computer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to complete the class at a price you can afford.

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