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IPERMS is an acronym that stands for Interactive Personnel Electronics Records Management System.
IPERMS is designed to eliminate the need for stockpiling paperwork and records at the unit level. During my six years in the Maryland Army National Guard, I learned a few tips to manage you personnel file effectively.  I believe that all successful Army officers and NCOs proactively manage their career.
On a side note, if you have experience working with IPERMS, I would love to hear from you.  Please share any tips or suggestions you might have to keep your records accurate.
If you have any questions about IPERMS, just ask and I will do my very best to provide an accurate answer. We worked with a similar system and I have to say that it was far superior to the old folder in a dusty drawer somewhere. I made it a habit when I showed up for drill to check my personnel record, pay and my medical stats. Affiliate DisclosureI make money on some products and services that I talk about on this website through affiliate relationships with the merchants in question.
AMSC Mission:Develop civilian and military leaders for leadership and management responsibilities throughout the Army and conduct timely and relevant research that addresses personnel, installation, and organizational management challenges throughout the Army. ATS Digital Workbench? automatically prices your custom design, and you get Free, Unlimited Access, 24 hours a day!

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ATS MAPSNOW, gives customers an online solution for custom map generation and printing direct from your browser. When you are looking for a perfectly smooth finish, custom aluminum metal signs project a first class image.
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Vinyl banners are one of the most popular and versatile types of signs available today, and are well suited for both interior and exterior use. Shop now for our large selection of army merchandise, mugs, pins, cups, ceramic tumblers, throw pillows and more. It also makes it much easier for the individual Soldier to access his or her personnel file from anywhere in the world. You can access your file by logging into your Army AKO account.  Once you do that, review your IPERMS file to see if any new documents have been added or removed. Find out who the NCOIC or OIC is or find out which person is responsible for managing files for your unit.
Treat them nicely.  Ask if you can set up an appointment with them to learn about the IPERMS process and go through your records.

No matter what, mistakes can be made, and that is why you need to check your IPERM consistently. Even with the steady price increases world wide in the raw cost of aluminum, this metal sign material is still quite cost effective and remains in high demand for its unbeatable qualities. It electronically stores evaluation reports, some medical documents, college and military transcripts, awards, diplomas, and much more.
If you do check IPERMS at least once a month you can find mistakes and fix them immediately. I’ve found that if you have a healthy working relationship with someone (regardless of their rank), they will be more willing to help you out when a problem arises. Effectively managing your career and planning for growth as Army Officers means making sure all the information about you is correct. By checking your records once per month, if there is a mistake, you can get it fixed quickly.

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