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Whenever you hear what “automotive instruction, ” what type of student would you picture?
Dispatchers learn to use the actual two-way radio along with other tools from the trade from dispatcher-specific programs offered within the same type of establishments as focus on aspiring technicians. Why auto training assists dispatchers: Dispatchers who continue to work with trucking businesses will be asked to use a number of sophisticated logistics software programs. Some auto service specialist training programs can be found alongside applications for salesmen. Official website of Automotive Training Centers created specially for prospective students. Opportunities in the Fixed Operations department are the best kept secrets in the automotive industry; these are often the jobs that are 'under the radar' for most people, but pay great money ($40,000 - 70,000+ per year) and are key to the success of repair shops, dealership, and other automotive companies. This program covers all three of the Fixed Operations areas: Auto Body Collision Estimating, Service Consultant, and Parts Specialist.
Auto Body Collision Estimators pave the way to repair - a must on our increasingly busy roads. Automotive Parts and Warehousing Automotive parts have become increasingly technical and the industry relies on trained, knowledgeable Parts Specialists to keep everything running smoothing.
This program is designed to prepare professional, service-oriented individuals for a front line dealership position providing excellent customer service.
The BEST Automotive Training Center and Most Unique Auto Technician Support System in the Auto Repair Industry since 1989!
See our Calendar Page for the ALL of the classes we offer including our CLASSROOM training at our training center. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
The demand for highly skilled and well-trained automotive technicians is growing due to advancing technology in the industry. Healthy individuals with good stamina, creative flair, attention to detail, aptitude in basic math skills, good hand-eye coordination and manual dexterity. Job opportunities exist in a variety of capacities, from forklift mechanic, farm equipment mechanic, heavy duty mechanic, outdoor power equipment technician, recreational vehicles service technician, automotive service technician, commercial transport vehicle mechanic, diesel engine mechanic.

Tax Receipts (T2202A): were mailed with the final report cards for Adult Students and School Age Graduates for the 2015 Tax year. Ministry of Education Transcripts will be mailed from the Ministry at the end of July 2015.
PicoScope automotive oscilloscopes are specifically designed for use only in automotive applications. PicoScope automotive oscilloscopes offer unrivalled performance, and are suitable for use in the most demanding automotive applications. Our core software product, Diagnostic Assistance, has been developed with the main aim of helping technicians make a quick and accurate diagnosis, and get a first time fix.
This year, for version 12, we have added a host of new features, and are bringing it to a wider audience.
The latest addition to the Launch CRP range, the CRP229 CReader is a powerful diagnostic tool designed to provide its user with all the information pertinent to a vehicle's health quickly and in an accessible, reader-friendly format. Official Launch workshop manuals are packed with essential information which will save you time and money. Signup to our newsletter and receive regular updates on the latest Predator related products and articles directly to your inbox! Woodford Diagnostics was formed in 1994 by Robert Keith who has been working within the motor trade from an early age. Initially the company's main business was workshop based and carried out diagnostic work on motor vehicles.
My interest in cars began at a young age, and that interest was mainly influenced by a close friend.
My instructor was very helpful, teaching me the different systems and parts of an automobile , how they work and also the correct procedures in which to test and diagnose different problems. Learning all of them in school can provide new work applicants a genuine edge within the competition, because this gives them an opportunity to try away new skills inside a more slow paced life where failure doesn’t translate in to money dropped.
It’s a business, as well as, as this kind of, garage proprietors and supervisors must understand how to manage their own automotive specialist team in order to best function their clients. As a Fixed Operations professional you'll be respected and valued by the industry and by customers.

If you are a keen problem solver, highly motivated and are interested in mechanical and electrical troubleshooting, choose a career in Automotive Technology. All hands on work will be performed and inspected to current automotive industry standards.
Applicants must attend an information session prior to submitting an application to this program. Many hundreds of garages, workshops, mobile technicians and colleges already benefit from using earlier versions of Diagnostic Assistance. CARS has an extensive database with a very good coverage for the vehicle brands on the market.
Growing up on the Caribbean Island of Antigua, drag racing is what led me to my obsession with cars. The staff at ATC made my time here very pleasant, I could not have asked for anything better. The truth is that numerous auto colleges provide a wider selection of courses, with regard to dispatchers, supervisors, salespeople as well as truck motorists alike. Customers rely on them to help, whether it's with finding the correct part, estimating their vehicle after an accident, or being the liaison with technicians that will be fixing the car. As Woodford Diagnostics grew the workshop business was seperated from the diagnostic equipment sales. The experience and knowledge I have gained from my school has made me fully confident to make my way in the Automotive Industry. I gained some experience working in a few shops, but I still wanted to learn more and hoped to one day become a professional Automotive Service Technician. I am now a proud graduate of The Automotive Training Centre, and on my way to fulfilling my dream. Thank you ATC for all the knowledge I have gained, and the encouragement and the great learning environment which helped me to become successful in this program.

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