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Midge was initially confused by Skipper, Stacie and Chelsea due to their use of modern-day slang.
Midge and Teresa similarly got off to a rocky start, however Midge acted more condescending than jealous when the clueless Teresa mispronounced the word 'macrame' as 'mac and cheese'. Midge and Summer disliked each other in the beginning, but they started to see that they aren't that different and they like activities that they are both skilled at.
Likes Baking cupcakes, good karma, vintage clothing stores, tall waves at the beach, tall boys at the beach!

Always there for her friends (just maybe not on time), Teresa is the mellow, live-and-let-live type. Thanks to Barbie, she’s gone from flashback to flash fab in no time, but when she gets nervous (especially around Ryan) she reverts back to slang like groovy and threads. After Barbie moved to Malibu, the two lost contact with each other due to the fact that Willows is 'stuck' in the 1960's. Skipper showed her how to use modern day appliances such as laptop computers and smartphones during the course of her makeover.
She acts flustered and dorky around him, causing her to revert to using slang from the 60's.
They set aside their differences, however, after Barbie confirmed that all of her friends were her BFFs.

They are seen talking to each other in Cringing in the Rain so it may be possible that they have become friends. Sarcasm is lost on this boho-chic gal, who subscribes to as many conspiracy theories as she does gossip magazines. She is arguably Barbie's best friend as the two have known each other since they were children. Raquelle suena con fotografiar a Barbie haciendo algo ridiculo y colgar las imagenes en internet,Tampoco le importaria robarle el novio en un capitulo ella le dice a barbie que le ensene a ser igual que ella solo para conquistar a Ken pero nunca a logrado conquistar a Ken porque aunque Raquelle lograra captar la atencion de Ken , Ken aun estubiese enamorado de Barbie porque Barbie tiene elegancia y es muy hermosa , siempre esta a la moda y ademas es su novia nunca la dejaria .

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