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God, give me joy and peace, I will share your great blessings, I will share your love, your goodness and compassion. TOMBALL, Texas (Yahoo News) — A father who was released from jail after facing charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon says his actions were committed purely out of love.
George Pickering’s son had a history of seizures when he suffered a massive stroke in January and was put on life support at Tomball Regional Medical Center in Tomball, Tex.. Dear Reader, our hearts are deeply grieved by the ongoing devastation in Iraq, and through this we have been compelled to take a stand at the gates of hell against the enemy who came to kill and destroy.
They rush to harvest organs today and do not give enough time for a person to possibly recover.
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1 Peter 4:13 But rejoice that you participate in the sufferings of Christ, so that you may be overjoyed when his glory is revealed.
Threats to our faith are always present and, as Christians, our fight is against the powers of this world that call us away from God. Free christian card with image, christian quotes for last year and  new year, thanksgiving, Thanks to my family, postcard.

The hospital ordered that Pickering’s son, George Pickering III, be put on a “terminal wean,” which would slowly take him off all life-sustaining machines. Bibles for Iraq is a project to put Arabic and Kurdish audio Bibles into the hands of Iraqi and Syrian refugees—many of whom are illiterate and who have never heard the gospel.Will you stand with us and make a donation today to this important effort?
Our objective is to present the news with the word of God as our lens, and to bring to light what is hid in the darkness.
When we put on the armor of God’s word,  and remember that Jesus goes with us, we can face down every enemy and rest assured that we will come out victorious. They need precious time to get better, but the rising medical costs, the need for organs, and society’s devaluing of human life means more people will die who could have recovered and regained their health. He sees the wars that rage within us and has an endless supply of strength for those who turn to him. When we are overwhelmed by the fight in front of us, we can take heart that God is with us.
Wars are won by those who throw up their shields and slowly, but surely, push back against the enemy wall until it is to weak to stand any longer.
When we hold up our troubles against his truth, we are shielded from the worry that so often defeats us. When we grow weary, what is important to remember is that God has a far better grasp of our capacities than we do.

If we are to be true soldiers in Christ’s army, we have to full knowledge of just how strong we are in Him.
May the give you strength to fight on, peace in knowing the outcome, and refreshment from the joy of certain victory. Take heart mighty warrior, you are fighting on the winning side.Article by Jada PryorI am a married to my best friend, the proud Momma of the world’s coolest kiddos, and so in love with God that it brings me to my knees. I don’t always understand Him, sometimes argue with Him, but am eternally grateful to have been saved by Him. I have a blog called A Nap and A Prayer where I blog about my adventures as a God Girl and Stay at Home Mama. Subscribe by email to Christian Crier Follow Christian Crier!Popular at Patheos Evangelical What is Pentecost?

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